7 Modern Before and After Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

When planning a bathroom remodeling project, it is great to see what a bathroom remodel before and after looks like. It can be difficult to imagine remodeling a bathroom before and after, but with pictures you get an idea of the entire project.

Seeing bathroom remodeling before and after photos helps you visualize all of the potential you can accomplish with your bathroom remodel. Looking at some before and after bathroom remodel pictures inspires you and ensures you get all the best ideas for your project.

To help you get ready for a bathroom remodel, we are showing you some bathroom remodeling before and after ideas from our expert bathroom remodeling service. These bathroom before and after makeover ideas will get you excited to start your project and get the bathroom of your dreams.

Fix Bathroom Elements That Bother You

This bathroom wasn’t looking too bad before, but the owner was ready for some personal changes. They were also having difficulties keeping the tile floor grout looking as clean as they wanted it because of years of buildup.

The homeowners wanted to keep the white bathroom look, but bring it into the modern age more by opening up the bathroom. This bathroom needed a little update, but the homeowners had no idea how great their bathroom could be.

This bathroom remodel achieved everything the homeowners wanted, and then some. The smaller size of the shower door frame makes the bathroom feel more open and modern, while providing a beautiful enclosure for the walk in shower.

The darker tiles used for the floor in the shower will not show as much dirt as the old white tiles, which was a huge relief for the homeowners. The mosaic pattern in the middle of the shower walls makes a nice break in the white bathroom, without making it feel too busy for the eyes.

Turn A Boring Bathroom Into A Place You Love

This shower/bath combo was looking pretty outdated when the decision was made to do a bathroom remodeling project. The tile walls around the bathtub had started to be difficult to clean and the homeowners were not happy with the color. 

The shower curtain here feels too cheap and the homeowners wanted to make their bathroom look like it belonged in the modern age. The floral prints on the top of the walls were not helping things in this bathroom, and it was about time to update this space.

This bathroom certainly came into the modern era and maybe even could blend in for a space age movie set. The walk in shower feels more mature and functional for a modern person to use than the old shower/bath combo that was here before. 

The bathroom remodeling service saw a great opportunity with the wall next to the toilet, and decided to carve out some extra shower space there. The walk in shower is now much bigger and more comfortable because of the keen remodeling skills of the design team.

Be Adventurous With Your Tiles

This bathroom vanity left a lot to be desired, in more ways than just one. There is not much counter space to work with on this vanity, and it looks like it didn’t offer much storage underneath either.

The pink tile wainscotting looks nice, but certainly old fashioned with the rounded top tile. The homeowners inherited this bathroom from the previous owner, and wanted to put in a bathroom that fit their style and matched their modern design philosophy. 

Not only did the counter space get a big boost from this bathroom remodel, but the sink is bigger and there is a lot more storage space underneath. The second vanity on the opposite wall is icing on the cake here and fits the needs of the homeowners much better than before.

This is a great example of a modern shower/tub combo and works so well with the interesting tiling that the design team selected. The rubbed brass hardware gives this remodeled bathroom a sophistication and is coordinated throughout the bathroom for a unified look.

Give Yourself Some Counter Space

The before image here shows how this bathroom felt pretty cramped because of its layout and the lighting. It just wasn’t easy to feel comfortable in this bathroom before and the homeowners were ready to have a modern bathroom they could feel proud of.

The vanity top really needed an update, as it was a simple laminate top that added no beauty to the bathroom. The floors were also a concern for the homeowners, who asked for a cleaner look that they could enjoy walking on.

This bathroom got a true opening up treatment and looks so modern and stylish, especially considering where it came from. That huge vanity is loved by the homeowners who just can’t believe how incredible their bathroom remodel turned out. 

The plank floor tiles matching the shower walls and floor makes this bathroom truly special. The frameless glass enclosure is a little touch that helps this bathroom remodel feel so open, airy, and modern.

Open Up Your Bathroom For A Modern Look

This vanity and sink were feeling a little too close to the wall, which made the homeowners feel cramped when they were using the sink. There wasn’t much room for skin care, makeup, or all of the necessary activities for getting ready for a day or a night out.

The lighting in this bathroom wasn’t doing much to help the homeowners see what they wanted to and the window was awkward in its position next to the sink. That medicine cabinet was taking up a lot of space in this smallish bathroom.

The designers put on their thinking hat and decided that the window could work amazingly inside of the bath enclosure. Those subway tiles around the bathtub are making this bathroom look and feel like a modern design accomplishment.

The medicine cabinet is taking up much less space and the bigger mirror is much more useful than the old tri-fold. This nice, big vanity top gives the homeowners plenty of workspace and the cabinets on top of the vanity are a clever storage solution.

Get Creative and Spice Up A Guest Bathroom

This was a guest bathroom that was just a bit on the boring side. It is a simple bathroom, but its simplicity is brought down by the track lighting taking up a lot of visual attention.

This bathroom got a whole lot more interesting with that incredible wallpaper. The sink is still not taking up a lot of space, but it is offering a lot more than the old pedestal sink did.

Transform an Unused Bathtub Into A Modern Walk In Shower

This large bathtub looked pretty good, but the homeowners weren’t using it as much as they would have liked and it was time to get something more useful for their lifestyle. The black tiles were supposed to be a contrast for the white tiles around the tub, but it wasn’t quite working out like it was planned.

This walk in shower is a master class in modern luxury. Lots of space, beautiful, muted colors and a frameless enclosure that keeps the bathroom open and airy. 

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