Top 9 Stylish Basement Remodeling Ideas For Your Next Renovation

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Many homes around the country feature a basement that is waiting to be finished, and all that they need is a homeowner with the will to take on a basement remodeling project. But no great basement remodel has ever started without some great ideas for basement remodeling.

In case you are someone considering basement finishing ideas or even some basement remodeling ideas, we have created this list of the top nine most stylish ideas for basement remodeling. You can use these basement remodel ideas to give you that final push to start your project and turn your basement ideas into a reality.

Cinema Theme

Red basement theatre

One of the most natural remodeling basement ideas is to make your space into a miniature movie theater. Because of the fact that basements are underground, they can provide more darkness and sound proofness than other parts of the house, so they make a great atmosphere for a home cinema.

This can be nice if you don’t want to have to worry about adding extra windows to make the basement brighter. By just adding a few finishing touches, your basement can be a great small movie theater where you will enjoy some great hours watching your favorite films.

Separate Apartment

Basement living room

With the housing shortage making life difficult, some alternative methods of making more housing are becoming more mainstream. Making your basement into a separate living space can be a great way to put your space to good use.

You will need to work with your contractor to follow all local codes for making a separate dwelling unit. This could include installing a separate circuit breaker, heating system, entrances and exits and possibly more additions to make it a fully permitted living space. 

Build a Patio

Elegant basement with fireplace

Some people find that basements are just too dark to be comfortable as a living space, but you can solve this problem by excavating more earth by the basement to create a great patio. This could be connected to the basement by large, glass doors that will let in plenty of daylight to make the basement more comfortable.

This can be a fairly large project to take on, but one that could make your basement a lot more habitable. With the right contractor, doing a project of this scale will be no more difficult than any other home improvement projects you could take on.

Custom Cabinets

Basement room with sofa and TV surrounded with cabinets

You can add some more storage functionality by having some stylish cabinets installed into your basement. This can help you keep a basement more organized and will look great at the same time

You can work with your contractor to design the optimum storage cabinets that will fit your basement perfectly. This way your storage space will be maximized at the same time as making the basement really good. 

Without great storage cabinets, a basement can start to get really messy when people just throw things down there because it is only a basement. Storage cabinets will make it so that all of your items can have a place that is hidden from view.

Modern Furniture

Basement room with sofa and gym equipment

There are many people who end up just buying whatever furniture they can find at a garage sale into their basement, but thinking long and hard about basement furniture ideas could be the key to making your basement an inviting space. 

You could find a local furniture store who will help you to pick the perfect furniture to give your basement a modern look. They might even offer furniture design and build, which would add an extra amount of elegance to your basement that you could be proud to show off. 

Recessed Lighting

Basement room with fireplace, and sofa

Some basements suffer from a low ceiling, but you can help that by having recessed lighting installed. This way most of the light fixture is hidden inside of the ceiling so that there are no objects coming from the ceiling making the room feel any more crowded, smaller, or lower.

You also want to be sure you are consulting with your contractor about adding adequate lighting to make sure the basement is easy to see in. Having ample recessed lighting in your basement will make it a lot more stylish and fun to be in.

White Theme

White basement with carpet

Using white in your basement as a base color is a solid choice because it will make the space brighter and will also have an effect of seeming bigger. White is also a very trending color right now that interior designers everywhere are employing with great success.

White also has a clean feeling that works well in a basement. You just want to be sure to add a touch of warmth, like some wood accents or golden brass hardware. White can feel a little cold if it is not balanced out. 

Install a Wet Bar

Basement wet bar

Some building codes will not allow you to have a kitchen in your basement so easily, but there is room to create a wet bar with a sink and counter space for mixing drinks and entertaining friends. This can be a great way to make your home the first choice for gatherings that will make your life a lot of fun.

You can add bar seating where people can sit and enjoy some tasty beverages in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. You can include some couches or tables and chairs to really give lots of opportunities for some great times.

Under Stair Bathroom

Cabinets under the stairs

The stairs leading down to your basement can take up a lot of space so finding ways to use the space under the basement stairs is a smart move. There can sometimes be just enough room to fit a toilet and sink under the stairs so that you won’t have to go upstairs everytime that you need to use the restroom. 

Working with your contractor you can turn this small space into a surprisingly stylish and comfortable bathroom. Your friends might be really amazed when you show them what you have accomplished in such a tiny spot. This is one of our favorite basement remodel on a budget ideas because it really does a lot to improve the comfort of the basement without taking up extra space. 

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