10 Bathroom Remodeling Tips From An Expert

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Have you ever seen gorgeous bathrooms on websites or in magazines and wished you could get some bathroom remodeling tips to create a space like that inside your home? Undertaking this project is one of the best home improvement projects for enhancing the value, function, and beauty of your property, so you are right to be looking for bathroom remodeling tips.

Whether you have already started creating your photoshoot ready bathroom, or you have just been dreaming about it, in this article we’ll be discussing the best bathroom remodel tips and tricks from an expert in the field to ensure the success of your project.

Carefully Plan for Your Bathroom Remodel

Before you search for and call a bathroom remodeling service, it’s best to look for designs and inspirations for your bathroom remodel. There are many sites online with tips for bathroom renovations, and it is good to check out a few of them to see which one is most helpful to you.

You can also solicit ideas and suggestions from your family members and loved ones, considering they will also be using the newly renovated bathroom. Especially try and get tips for remodeling a bathroom from those who have done it in the past. Their first hand knowledge could be invaluable.

Keep an eye out when you use other restrooms and remember what is working and what is not working. Experiencing different bathrooms in person can give you a much better idea of how you want your bathroom to be.

What Bathroom Type are You Planning To Have?

There are three main types of bathrooms you may want to consider, and each has their own bathroom remodeling tips to go along with them.

Standard Bathroom

Also called a full bathroom, this type contains all the needed elements for a master bath: sink, tub, shower, toilet, vanity and cabinets. This is the main bathroom.ofnthe house, and you want to make it as awesome as it can be so that you will enjoy it for years.

Powder Room

A half bath or powder room inside your home has no bathtub but can have everything else a bathroom needs, including a shower. With that, you can readily let your guests use your powder room if they need to use the toilet or do some facial retouches and keep your master bathroom more private.

Wet Bathroom

This type of bathroom is more common in Europe and other foreign lands and is highly versatile, functional and beautiful. A wet bathroom is highly waterproof and open so you have zero worries about water damage since all fixtures, floors and walls can handle splashes.

Are you changing your Bathroom Layout?

Once you’ve decided on what bathroom type you’ll have, the next thing you need to think about is your bathroom layout. You want to think about your current layout and if you want to move your shower, toilet, sink and electrical outlets.

A very important bathroom remodeling tip is that the more pipes and wires you move, the more expensive your remodel is going to be because these kinds of changes require the work of highly skilled and high cost professional plumbers and electricians. If you are trying to save money on your remodel, try to leave the pipes and outlets as they are.

Will you install a tub for your bathroom remodel?

Adding a quality bathtub can make your bathroom a lot more luxurious, but it comes with a big price tag. You need to think about how often you will use a bathtub and if it is worth the added expense.

If you already have a bathtub, you might consider refinishing it if it is starting to look off colored or has any leaks. To have a professional refinish your tub can range from $500 to $1000.

Proper Lighting

Natural and artificial lighting can be used to enhance the beauty and cleanly appearance of your newly renovated bathroom. By ensuring there is sufficient lighting on your master en suite, those beautiful surfaces, and fixtures will look their best and guests will be impressed.

You can choose from a variety of methods to enhance the illumination of your bathrooms such as installing windows, skylights, hanging pendant lights, and recessed LEDs. Newer technology light fixtures are also more energy efficient and can save you money on your utility bill.

Don’t forget about ventilation

Moisture is a constant problem in bathrooms that promotes the growth of molds and can be bad for your bathroom finishes as well as your health. Taking that into consideration, you can install windows or exhaust fans that will prevent moisture accumulation inside your bathroom.

Bathrooms with inadequate ventilation can get pretty gross, so make sure that you get your new bathroom well ventilated so it will last longer and be more comfortable to use.

Add Smart and Luxurious Features

Bathroom remodeling is not all about appearances and you should try to improve the function of your bathroom as well. You can do fancy things that make your bathroom feel like a spa, or just smart things like creating enough room to store all of your towels.

Heated floors are easier than ever to install, especially in a small space like a bathroom. You can treat yourself everyday to having warm feet in the morning while you are getting ready for your day.

A towel warming rack is a really easy and luxurious item to install in your new bathroom that will have your towels nice and toasty for when you get out of the shower, they also aid in drying your towel faster so it won’t start to smell like mildew.

For more and better storage options, you can design your cabinets to fit the space you have and maximize it. You can consider all the things you like to keep in your bathroom and design your storage space so that everything will fit perfectly.

Invest in Quality Materials for Long-Term Benefits

Considering the dampness and moisture issues in bathrooms, you need to go for those materials that can withstand some water. Remember that while certain items will save you money now, if they aren’t built to withstand moisture and daily use, you will be buying a new one and having to do all the work to replace it.

For your cabinets and vanities, you want to make sure they are water sealed so that they won’t warp or fall apart from all the moisture. Buy good quality faucets that will last a long time and not start leaking and causing really big problems. Flooring is especially important to make sure it is high quality, as it is going to be getting pretty wet over the years.

Consider Creating A Whole New Bathroom

If you are finding that it is too difficult to try and redo your current bathroom or if your family is expanding, you might just need to find a way to make a whole new bathroom in your home. You can either add an addition to your home, or figure out how to fit a bathroom into your existing space.

This kind of project will definitely need some help from knowledgeable experts who can look at your home and see what makes the most sense for the space you have.

Make it user-friendly for all ages

Are your parents living with you right now or could they be needing to move-in in the future? If so, you need to think about safety and accessibility for your bathroom remodel. 

If you are expecting babies to come into your life, you also want to consider their needs and how they will change over the years so that your bathroom will continue meeting your needs for decades. 

You can pretty easily install safety features like grab bars that will look stylish as well. It never hurts to have added safety features.

One of the best bathroom remodeling tips we can give is to think ahead to your changing life and the changes in your family so that your bathroom will stay useful for the long run instead of becoming obsolete too soon.

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