Bathroom Remodeling

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Bathroom Remodeling

About Project

Is white and gray bathroom remodel your ideal bathroom makeover? Take a look at this bathroom project and be inspired to plan for your own with the help of our professionals.

When it comes to bathroom renovations, we consider space, style, and function. To give more storage and countertop space, we have a dual sink bathroom vanity with white countertop. This is good for two to three people using the bathroom all at once. The copper finish faucets elegantly pop out from the white background. Same thing for the copper finish bar pulls for the gray shaker bathroom cabinets.

We also updated the design and function of the walk-in shower. The geometric pattern of its shower wall and flooring gives it a modern touch. The wall recessed storage is perfect for storing your soaps and shampoos. To give a contrast, one shower wall has a different color, that is bluish green. It has the same geometric pattern but different color to give a contrast.

All smart renovations done for this bathroom project, we’ve done it carefully based on the client’s preference. You can come and visit our showrooms to see more of our amazing bathroom designs. You can also book for a free design consultation with us today.

Project Details:

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Before and After

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