Hall Bathroom

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Hall Bathroom

About Project

Don’t be discouraged if you have a tight bathroom since we can always find a way to make it more elegant and functional. Our hall bathroom project is our proof that we can always make things happen for you. Using our advanced technology and skills, we can effectively work around your needs and wants for an amazing bathroom remodel.

To maximize space utility, we made sure all fixtures and designs are suitable for a hall bathroom remodel. Firstly, we used a darkwood freestanding vanity with vanity top. It makes an elegant contrast, and the chrome finish faucet gives it an industrial chic touch.

Beside the vanity, we have a standard white toilet, and then a wide glass window with blinds to let natural light come in. This allows you to save on utility by turning your lights on during daytime.

In the tub area, we placed corner smart storages where you can place your soap and shampoo. Overall, we carefully planned out the design and layout of this hall bathroom with the client. We ensure all details we’re put into action into this bathroom remodel.

You can start your bathroom remodeling journey today! Just contact us to get a free design consultation service.

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