Chic French Bathroom Design To Take For Your Remodeling Project

When you envision a French bathroom design, you’ll probably think about comfort, romance, and country style. The good thing about French bathroom design is that it never goes out of style. As a matter of fact, most bathroom remodeling services consider French styles in terms of designs. Typically, French country kitchens have a color scheme of blues, browns, yellows, and greens. Natural and earth tones also work well in French country bathrooms.  

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One of the mainstays of a French country kitchen and bath design is its furniture. Something about its woodworking, crown molding, and antique furniture pieces makes up its timeless and exquisite bathroom look.

Now, let us further explore the different French design bathroom remodel ideas that will add elegance and romance to your home. 

Go for wooden cabinets

modern gray bathroom with floating wood cabinet

Adding some natural wood shelving, or wooden cabinets will be an attractive and functional option for your French country bathroom. For a more classic French bathroom design, choose to go all out with timber. Honey-colored stones finished combined with brass knobs and hardware will complete its look.

Decorate with mirrors

Small bathroom with open shelving cabinets, and tub

Mirrors can work wonders in your French design bathroom. Aside from being gorgeous, it also makes your space look bright and fresh. You can choose a carved wooden mirror, a green or gold colored mirror, or as simple as a dark timber-edged mirror.  Any of these makes an excellent contrast to your white walls and light cabinetry.  If you have enough bathroom remodeling budget, make sure that you spend it on high quality mirrors.

Add some seating

White bathroom with tub and walk-in shower

Chairs and benches with ornately carved arms and legs and tufted seats are one of the trademarks of a French country bathroom. These style pieces are often adopted from the Victorian styles. You may combine them with more down-to-earth designs for benches, or use natural unfinished wood which gives a better antique resemblance from the period. 

Style it with wallpaper

Open bathroom with tub

Don’t forget to add some style to your walls. You may select from a primary color scheme or incorporate it with other design elements such as wallpaper or tilework. Wallpaper offers a great opportunity to feature pastoral or natural scenes. 

One fancy wallpaper you can add to your wall touches is toile. Adding a toilet offers a chic and whimsical spirit to your bathroom space. Combining this with natural decor like plants will make the atmosphere fresh and clean. You can look at some of amazing bathroom remodeling before and after photos and get your inspiration. 

Opt for Gold Touches

White bathroom with wood cabinet and white countertop

Choosing gold-toned fixtures will add to the luxe of your French bathroom design. Consider using this gold-tone for your showerhead, faucet, towel ring, robe hook, shower ring, and cabinet handles. 

Gold touches work seamlessly against white tiles and marble tops. Incorporating them together lends sophistication to your bathroom. 

Bring in the tub

Elegant bathroom with double-sink vanity, tub and shower

One of the ultimate french country bathroom design ideas is a clawfoot tub. This brings about the classic feel and finesses to your space. Adding a wooden ladder beside your tub and finishing it up with paneled walls, will make a perfect combination. 

To elevate the look of your clawfoot tub, try adding opulent touches such as carved feet or a bronze finish. There are many top bathroom remodeling ideas that showcase tubs. 

Let there be light

Small bathroom with floating vanity, and toilet

There’s something about a freestanding tub set underneath an elegant chandelier. Look for the most ornate chandelier and tie it up with your mirror and tapware. Placing your chandelier near a large window with views of nature makes a highly lavish set-up. 

Treat it with tiles

White clean bathroom with tub, and shower

Have fun with your tiles and walls. You can never go wrong with small and hexagonal tiles to help you achieve a fabulous design for your French bathroom. Pair this with a fancy subway tile backsplash, and a paneled ceiling. This creates a clean and classic set-up. 

Refashion Old  Furniture

Elegant bathroom with marble countertop and gray cabinets

A beautiful balance between luxury and country is the use of an old wooden table in a stylish sink vanity. Another way to give a fresh French country style detail is vintage sconces with lamp shades placed next to a freestanding tub. Make sure you get your bathroom vanities in order to complete the look of your bathroom. 

Embrace shades of white

Modern small bathroom with floating vanity, tub and shower

Along with your vintage furniture like vintage cabinets, style taps, and freestanding tub is a bathroom finish in shades of cream and white. Adding a delicate crystal chandelier will create a timeless look that would be perfect for your French country bathroom style. 

Lace it up

window with curtain

Lace is a prominent choice of clothing. It can also be used to captivate and charm your bathroom. Integrate lovely lace with your curtain or drape it around the bath. It’s even better to tie it up in the existing color of the room. 

Forgo light tones

Classic bathroom with wood cabinets and dark gray countertop

Incorporating dark touches will set a different mood inside your bathroom. You can do this by using detailed tiles and dark timber with long hanging curtains next to your bathtub. 

Another alternative will be choosing brass or black hardware or painting the walls dark gray or brown. 

Accentuate a Farmhouse feel

Elegant, spacious bathroom with double-sink vanity, and tub

A farmhouse sink is one of the ideal country French bathroom design ideas. This will work perfectly with a timber vanity and round wooden-edge mirror. 

Lift the farmhouse vibe by replacing your glass cabinet doors with screens. This adds up to the country vibe and shows off your fresh towel. 

Install a vanity top with a round edge

Elegant bathroom with white cabinets, granite countertop, and toilet

Soft touch and edge are prominent features of a French bathroom. That said, you can have a freestanding vanity with a round-shaped quartz countertop with a round edge profile. A cartridge faucet with a gold finish would complement this. Having a vanity mirror with intricate borders would also be fantastic.

Cafe Curtains

Small bathroom with vanity, toilet, and tub shower combination

For your freestanding tub near the window, you can hang a coffee curtain for privacy. This also adds a cinch of vintage theme to your white tub. You can also place a wooden chair near your tub for placing your towels.

Floor tiles with bold patterns

Spacious bathroom with white cabinet, toilet, and shower

Hanging paintings in your French bathroom is also good, yet if you don’t have one, your best alternative is to go for new floor tiles with bold patterns. This adds an elegant and cozy vibe to your bathroom and shower.


We hope we have given you wonderful bathroom design ideas that you can do for your French-style bathroom remodel. If you need help renovating your bathroom, you can turn to us. Our designers can professionally work around your preference for a brand-new shower and tub.

Our client-focused service is here to help you live your dream French bathroom. We have the experience and innovative technology to customize the details of your bathroom remodel. We can also talk more about your dream bathroom design in a free consultation session. You can book an appointment with us today.

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