Color Trends That Are Ideal For Your Basement Remodel

Do your kitchen and bath design already please you? How about your basement? Your basement stores a lot of potential for your next renovation project. With the right paint colors and decor schemes, this unused space is incredibly versatile. It can be transformed into a playroom, personal office, guest room, entertainment area and so much more. 

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Determining a specific purpose for your basement will motivate you to start your basement remodel project. One of the important elements that shouldn’t be neglected is picking the best paint color. The hue on your basement walls will help provide its character and personality. 

Before you start looking for basement remodeling services and stroking your brushes against the wall, check out our ultimate guide on the different color trends ideal for your basement design remodels

Warm Gray

If you love a lighter basement, a warm, light gray is the best option for you. It creates a blank canvas that will fit any kind of decor. This subtle shade can be perfectly paired with neutral colors creating a relaxing and serene atmosphere in your basement. Incorporating bold details in colors such as orange, deep blue, or lime green is a perfect addition for a modern design basement remodel

Vibrant White

For spaces like the basement where natural light is limited, white paint is a great choice. Clean white paint can help brighten up the space. Additionally, this shade can emphasize the expansive characteristics of your basement by adding white furnishings and accessories. If you have enough basement remodeling budget, then make sure you consider enough furnishings and accessories that will compliment the look of the area. 

Fiery Red

A burst of red is an unexpected hue for a basement. However, coating your walls with this bright shade will immerse energy into this dull place. It is not necessary to paint your entire walls with red to make a significant effect, use this as an accent instead.  Red paint is an excellent option for your basement entertainment rooms, game rooms, and playrooms.  

Sky Blue 

One of the most common basement colors is sky blue. Painting your walls with a pale shade of blue creates a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere in your basement. Combine this palette with accents and accessories of contrasting colors to liven up the space. 

Moreover, one way to incorporate sky blue in your basement is to use a darker tone. Coating your ceiling with a night-sky blue will make the walls appear taller. You can also consider looking for the latest kitchen remodeling ideas and check paint colors and consider it for your basement. 

Stunning Green

How about brushing up on some drama in your space? Well, if you love to add a little bit of drama, dark shades of green are best for you. But, if you opt for an attention-grabbing hue such as lime color paint, it helps to create fun energy in a child’s playroom. Lastly, to produce tranquility in your basement, try emerald green as an accent color. Well, when it comes to these colors, you need to keep the area clean for it to look pristine at all times. There are simple house cleaning tips that you can always follow to motivate you. 

Energetic Yellow

This cheerful hue instantly warms and cheers up any dark basement. Yellow paint is one of the popular color solutions for small basement remodel ideas, as it amplifies the brightness of a room. Incorporating this paint color into the design can be difficult as it can intensify radiance.  Yet choosing strong gold or lemon shade can be substantial for homeowners whose basement has limited access to natural light in their basement.

Cozy Black

Using a dark color palette in your basement can be a risky choice. But the right combination of accessories and decor can lend sophistication to your space. One of the dark paint colors you can coat your walls with is black. Yes, that’s right! 

Black paint can deliver gorgeous results just like any other color paint. It can set forth drama and elegance and can also become a blank canvas for your beautiful artwork pieces or family picture frames. 

Natural Brown

Natural earth colors have gained popularity in home design. When applied in the basement, brown will deliver a warm and inviting vibe to your beautiful space. The strong earth color can either be brightened up by adding lots of white or accentuated by layering other natural woods and braided textures. 

Artistic Purple

Purple is sometimes connected with creativity. It is a preferred choice for a personal office or workplace. Other shades can alter the mood of the room. For instance, lavender is both playful and tranquil, while deep plums offer charm and refinement. 

Cool Teal

Teal is one of the in-demand basement remodel ideas you can try. Your basement walls can be painted teal and your light-colored sofas and wall decor would seamlessly pop out from the background. This palette works well with any neutral colors like white, cream, light green, sky blue, and light gray.

Cozy Cream

We understand that not all homeowners are fans of white or beige. If you want something in between, cream is an excellent paint color for your basement. This palette has been used in many basements remodel ideas we’ve done for our clients.

This hue creates a relaxing cozy space in your basement. And it can flawlessly blend with other neutral colors. Accessories having bold or darker tones can also work well with cream. Sofas and area rugs marry well with this paint color for your basement walls. 

How to choose the perfect paint color for your basement? 

It’s never easy to pick the best paint for your basement renovation. There are times your favorite color won’t work with the things you plan to add there in your basement. That said, here are some factors you need to consider:

Shape and Size

If you have a compact basement, a lighter paint color would fit best. It’ll help improve the spacious and airy ambiance of your basement. With proper lighting, you make it more elegant and cozier

Determine the function of your space

There are several ways for you to utilize your basement. You can make that into your home office, or children’s playroom. A mini wet bar would also be a good addition to your project.

Choose what shade is best

After picking the right color, you need to select the right shade to match your basement’s theme. A lighter shade is ideal to avoid having that cave-like feel in your basement. But having dark-toned accessories is still good since it’ll contrast with the neutral paint on your walls.

Let’s Wrap Up

Are you enjoying the basement paint ideas we’re sharing with you? We hope you have a great time learning all these design ideas you can apply for your basement makeover. If you need help planning for your basement remodel, we can help you. Our talented designers have extensive experience in designing basements. We’re confident to provide you with a custom design and plan for your basement finishing or remodels. Soon as you’re done with remodeling, you can go ahead and check for house cleaning services to keep your basement clean and organized. 

You can call us at 301-918-5695 for inquiries or appointments, or visit us on Instagram!

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