Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in Germantown, MD

Is your kitchen and bathroom looking dated already? Our remodeling contractors will use their expertise in realizing the details of your dream kitchen and bathroom remodel in Germantown, Maryland.
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Update your home, within your budget


Mega Kitchen and Bath can help you plan and implement a budget remodel for your dream kitchen and bathroom in Germantown maryland. Take a look at our online portfolios or visit our showroom to see how versatile we are on our designs and materials.

#1 Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling in Germantown

Are you planning to remodel your outdated kitchen or bathroom, yet you don’t have the skills and experience for it? Then get in touch with Mega Kitchen and Bath today! For over 6+ years of experience in home remodeling, we’ve made 310+ customers happy with the outcome of their newly remodeled kitchen and bathrooms. We offer detailed kitchen and bathroom remodeling services for Germantown, Maryland, at the most reasonable price. You can freely talk with our designers, so we can truly understand your desires and needs for a more convenient and beautiful home. For more ideas and suggestions, avail our free design consultation.

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Kitchen and Bathroom Design

Get in touch with us today! For over 6+ years of experience in home remodeling, we’ve made 310+ customers happy with the outcome of their newly remodeled kitchen and bathrooms.

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Kitchen Remodeling in Germantown MD

Planning to upgrade the function and beauty of your home in Germantown? A great way to do it is to undergo a kitchen redo. This is a tricky feat that requires tremendous effort and planning. To make that efficient, you can work with a professional kitchen remodeling company in Germantown like Mega Kitchen and Bath.

Our professionals have the talent, skills, and equipment to implement all details you need for your brand new kitchen. Whether it’s a small or large kitchen, Mega always has a better way to do it. Start your free design consultation with us today.


Bathroom Remodeling in Germantown MD

Renovating your bathroom is a smart way to get an update on your home’s functionality and style. Most homeowners in Germantown do this since it’s cheaper than the kitchen, and effectively up the value of your home as well. To ensure the success of your bathroom remodel, you need to work with a professional remodeler like Mega Kitchen and Bath.

You can visit our showrooms to have a real glimpse of the possible outcome of this project. We have beautiful collections of bathroom vanities and fixtures we can use for you.

Contact us to get a free consultation.

Basement Remodeling in Germantown MD

Basement remodeling is a smart way to create a wonderful room for your house in Germantown. You can transform that into an office, playroom, mini bar, or anything you need.

To successfully do this feat, you can work that out with Mega Kitchen and Bath. We have years of experience in the home remodeling industry, so we can effectively complete your satisfaction.

Our team has extensive knowledge of the important things we can update inside your basement. Contact us to get a free consultation.

Home Addition in Germantown MD

You have several options on what to add to your home to make it prettier, more functional, and more valuable. This could mean renovating your kitchen, bath, or basement. It could also be updating your countertops and cabinets, right? No matter what options you want, Mega Kitchen and Bath can help you realize it.

We are a professional remodeler whom you can trust with your home addition plans in Germantown. A fully licensed and bonded remodeler to take on your kitchen and bath renovation needs. Together, we can make your dream house in Germantown.

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Mega kitchen and bath did a full remodel of our kitchen and we are 100% satisfied with the quality of work and communication. From start to finish our project was handled in a professional and friendly manner. Will use them again for future projects



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We offer a systematic and timely process for our kitchen and bathroom remodeling process in Germantown, MD. Here is an outline of our remodeling process: Initial contact via call or email so we can talk about your dream kitchen and bathroom remodel. Likewise, you can visit our showroom in Bowie, MD. Our designers will go to your location, so they can take actual measurements and provide you with initial layouts and designs for your remodel. Our staff will help you select the right materials and products. We will give you a project timeline for the entire remodeling process. Final outcome and evaluation.
You can check a contractor’s license through Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHIC).