How Basement Remodeling Adds Value To Your Property

Gone are the days when your basement is there to collect dust only. The current trend of home remodeling is eyeing maximizing the value and function of basements. If you’re looking for basement remodeling ideas that add value to your home, then you’re in the right place.

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Let’s explore more on how basement remodeling can change your perspective while adding elegance and value to your property.

How does a basement remodel increase your house value?

When an unused space inside your home becomes more functional and appealing, that adds value to your house. The main reason why many homeowners are thinking of refinishing or renovating their basements. See below for the reasons why a basement makeover can lift your real estate value.

Additional livable room

By renovating your basement, you can make it more livable and comfortable. If you have relatives or friends who are coming over and would like to stay for the night, then having extra rooms for them would be great.

We can help you transform your dusty basement into a guest lounge or in-law suite. Improving its lighting, room temperature, and appearance are the best things to do there.

You can view some of our projects for old basement remodel before and after to get inspired.

Storage improvement

Just like your kitchen, having a better way to store and organize things inside your basement would be great. By doing a budget basement remodel, you have the opportunity to install cabinets, open shelving, closet, pantry, and drawers. These things help you sort and store things easily.

We can help you pick, customize, and install cabinets and drawers in your basement. If you plan to have a mini pantry and kitchen in your basement, then we can do that for you as well. It’s like having a suite for your family or guests.

Better Thermal Insulation

Oftentimes, we encounter homeowners complaining that their basement is too cold or warm. If that’s the case, it could be that there’s no thermal insulation on your walls. Before renovating your basement, we can plan on how to insulate your basement walls so that they can retain their warmth.

By doing this, you are making your space more comfortable and livable. Also, you need to have a way of removing extra moisture. If there is more moisture, it will support the growth of molds and mildews. This can cause respiratory health concerns.

When your space has good thermal insulation, it helps you save on electricity. There’s less heat loss, so you get to use less for the heating system of your house.

Additional bathroom and bedroom

If you want a living room extension, or a guest room built inside your basement, adding bedrooms and bathrooms would be necessary. This is an additional cost, yet if you do this right, it can increase the resale value of your property.

Home buyers love to see an improvement in the functionality of the house they’re planning to buy. Adding rooms to your house in your basement is a good way to do it.

An opportunity to beautify your home

Whether you’re doing basement refinishing or remodeling, choosing the best products is a must. We can help you select and install cabinets, flooring, sinks, faucets, and tiles for your basement makeover.

It’ll be a fun experience for you and our customers. We’ll select those products that complement your home decor. If you want a modern theme, then we’ll pick those with light colors and smooth surfaces.

Transform it to any kind of room

There are endless possibilities for converting your basement into a functional space. That could be your office, a play area for children, a mini wine bar, or a gym. We can help you plan and reconstruct your space to become the room you want it to be.

If you’re planning to sell your property, you can do market research to know what home buyers want today. You can talk to a real estate broker about it too.

How much value does a basement remodel add

Are you wondering if it’ll be worthwhile to renovate or refinish your basement? Then, let’s talk about the possible return on investment for this project. So far, completing this home improvement can give you an increase in the resale value of more than 15 percent of your basement renovation cost.

Most homeowners get an ROI between 30 to 60 percent of their basement makeover cost. It also increases their chance of getting a sale since property buyers are more willing to purchase when they see improvements in the property. It gives them an impression that the current owner takes care of the house well.

What factors can impact your return on your basement remodel?

There are three main variables to consider before finishing or renovating your basement: 


You need to know your purpose in doing this. Is it for personal satisfaction, or because you’re planning to sell your property? This will guide you on what improvements you need to take to your unfinished basement.

Real Estate Market

If you’re living in a highly urbanized city with a volatile real estate market, then this is a good indicator of doing a basement remodel. The competition in selling a house is high, so you need to be unique and value-adding to your prospect buyers.

Products and materials

It’s not a guarantee that using expensive materials will give a positive ROI. If the materials you have won’t make sense with your current home theme, they would be put to waste. Also, you’ll need to consider your budget. Pick those products that match your budget while being too low on quality.

Need help with basement finishing?

We love to hear your thoughts about the topic! Your opinion matters to us since you’re the focus of our service. At Mega Kitchen and Bath, we always provide value-adding services to homeowners. We make your homes more valuable and elegant.

We hope we have helped you better understand how important basement finishing or renovation is. Regardless of your reason, we can help you plan and implement the right improvements to be done in your basement.

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