How Often Should You Remodel Your Kitchen?

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Home remodeling is one of the famous house projects nowadays. From desiring to change the style of every area to add value to the home for a pending sale, homeowners are getting more and more reasons to remodel their houses. But when we consider the size, scope, and cost of every remodeling project, some might conclude that significant renovations can be done at least once a year. 

From these home areas, HOME KITCHEN REMODELING seems to be one of the must-remodel projects we should have. Kitchen is one of the frequently-used regions of our house in which, according to MODERN KITCHEN REMODEL contractors, most of us enter this area two to three times a day or more than a thousand times per year. Because of this, some AFFORDABLE KITCHEN RENOVATION experts recommend remodeling this area every 10 to 15 years. 

If you are unsure if this can be the time to remodel your kitchen, here are the signs of a FULL KITCHEN REMODEL or a COMPLETE KITCHEN RENOVATION.

Signs to Tell if your Kitchen needs Renovation

To fully determine if your kitchen needs even a FAST KITCHEN REMODELING, you must evaluate its structure and appliances objectively. Cracked tiles, water damage in the sink, filthy and uncleansed cabinets and drawers, and old appliances are signs that your kitchen needs a make-over. There are no general rules in kitchen remodeling, yet it is essential to check these things in your kitchen to confirm if you need to update your place. 

These are some of the factors to check to help you fully decide if your kitchen needs a massive change this year.

Your kitchen is outdated

This issue is one of the usual reasons most homeowners decide to remodel their kitchens. If you sense that there are many ways to modernize your kitchen, then this is a good sign your kitchen has to undergo renovation. Updating an already outdated kitchen provides you with modern amenities and some items that are present in contemporary kitchens like a designated coffee area and a more and better storage capacity. Moreover, modernized kitchen means lesser clutter, cleaner lines and details, and neutral color combination. If you see updated kitchen trends that you want or can integrate into your area, all of these will be possible by a kitchen remodel.

You can afford a kitchen renovation project

Everybody wants to have a more appealing or modernized kitchen. Unfortunately, this desire for a newly-furnished kitchen challenges our time, but most of all, our pockets. Kitchen renovation projects are not cheap-it may even require you to spend some of your hard-earned savings to accomplish it.

For those who are not sure if they can afford it for now, why don’t you check your existing equity and determine how much it will you cost to renovate your kitchen first? But if you can spend some amounts of money to furnish your kitchen, feel free to make the most of it!

Your existing kitchen space isn’t functional anymore

They say that change is the only permanent thing in the world, and that goes with your kitchen. Maybe a few years ago, your kitchen fit just for you and your spouse. But as time went by, a new life with either a new career or the children makes your kitchen not working for you anymore. Maybe you will need additional space where anyone can do their stuff like doing homework or socialization. Regardless, whatever you need to make your kitchen more functional can be resolved by a kitchen renovation. 

A kitchen remodeling project can help you attain the versatility and mobility you and your family members need. If you have a smaller kitchen, removing walls and other sources of hassles in the area can create a better flow in it as it also allows you to check other areas of your home like your living and dining rooms. 

Your current kitchen is either broken or damaged

As mentioned, kitchens are one of the busiest areas in our homes. With all the activities we do in the area, it is not shocking to know that it is very prone to various damage issues. Kitchen issues like broken utensils, water leakage, dysfunctional faucets, and sinks are some of the usual problems we have, and these can be fixed individually. However, there are instances that the fixations from these are only temporary, that is why most homeowners decide to renovate the whole area instead. Especially if the damage is severe, kitchen remodeling might be the best solution not only for these problems but also for improving the fixtures in the area.

Your kitchen is worn down

Another thing when it comes to an aging kitchen is the stains, dirt, discolorations, and other cleaning-related problems. Age can cause discoloration of tiles and grout no matter how much you clean and sanitize it. When all else fails, and there are no cleaning and maintenance solutions that can resolve the displeasing appearance in your kitchen, a complete kitchen renovation is probably the only option. 

In choosing the remodeling project materials, remember to stick on those that are durable yet more comfortable to clean like a good quality resin or stoned countertop. With the right way to maintain, these materials can surely stay longer for many years.

Your kitchen needs new appliances

Appliances and its features can change as well. According to kitchen experts, kitchen appliances usually last from five to fifteen years. Your existing appliance might be in good condition, but if it counts for a decade or more, there is a bigger chance that it is not good as the first time you bought it. If two or more of these appliances you have are already maturing, then this can be an opportunity to check your fixtures and see the things that can be updated in your kitchen. 

Some appliances like refrigerators and stoves use smart features nowadays, so along with the new appliances you can surely enjoy, you can make the most of these technologies that await you and your family, like energy efficiency perks.

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