Latest Kitchen Remodeling Trends and Ideas in Bethesda, MD

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When you are looking for some inspiration for a kitchen remodel, getting to know some kitchen remodeling trends in Bethesda, MD can help you understand what you would like or not like to include in your plans.  Understanding the top kitchen remodeling trends in Bethesda, MD will give you something to strive for with your kitchen remodel.

There are some really interesting modern kitchen remodeling trends in Bethesda, MD that might give you some great ideas for your kitchen. If you are doing some kitchen remodeling in Bethesda, MD then it will certainly help to look at a lot of sources of inspiration.

For this article we will explain some of the latest kitchen trends in Bethesda, MD to help you get some great ideas of your own. Going over these kitchen design ideas in Bethesda, MD will give you plenty of inspiration to make your dream kitchen come to life.

Colored Kitchen Islands

Kitchen island view with white countertop, and blue cabinets

Having a kitchen island installed as part of your kitchen remodel can add a lot of counter space and have several other functions. The latest trend is to use your kitchen island as a bright, eye catching centerpiece of your kitchen.

Many kitchen designers are using happy colors like deep blue, purple or even yellow. These colors really make the island stand out in the visual field and bring a lightness to the atmosphere of the kitchen.

Black Cabinets With Golden Hardware

Kitchen with black flat cabinets and gold handles

Contrasting the always popular white kitchen is a kitchen featuring black cabinets. You may feel this could be too dark for your taste, but adding some golden hardware warms up the kitchen enough that you don’t have to worry about the black cabinets feeling too ominous.

This is a great modern look not only for homes but for big restaurants in Bethesda, MD too, that you will really enjoy your kitchen and feel proud to show it off to friends and family. You can choose a few finishes for the hardware like the traditional glossy, matte, or even go for spun gold.

Terracotta Tiles

Kitchen with white flat cabinets, and dark brown countertops

Some kitchen designers have been finding success in installing terracotta floor tiles or backsplashes this year. It is a different sort of look than we are used to, with the warm reddish tones of the terracotta usually associated with outdoor spaces.

Terracotta tiles look great with some mint or olive green kitchen cabinets. This brings an earthy feeling that can make a kitchen feel very cozy.

Recycled Cabinets

Classic kitchen style with oak wood cabinets, and granite countertop

There are several cabinet manufacturers offering some cabinet styles that are made from recycled or sustainable materials. This could be from reclaimed wood, bamboo or even from recycled plastic bottles. 

Being eco friendly is quite popular right now, so kitchen remodelers are employing earth friendly materials where they can. You can even work with a cabinet maker to have custom made cabinets built from recycled material that will look beautiful and be good for the planet.

Wallpaper In The Kitchen

There are some great choices available now for some interesting kitchen wallpapers. You can choose all sorts of colors and designs and these can make your kitchen look really beautiful.

You can even have a local artist create a pattern for wallpaper and then have it printed and shipped to your home. This is a great way to get a unique design element into your kitchen at the same time supporting a local artist.

Plate Racks Are Back!

U-shape kitchen with white shaker cabinets, and wood countertop

It was common in older kitchens to have plate racks where the dishes could be stored. This was a bit more secure so that the nice plates that were difficult to replace could be stored in safety.

This is a great look if you are proud of your dishware and would like to feature it as a part of your kitchen design. You can have a plate rack mounted on the wall or it can sit on a countertop. 

Open Shelving

L-type kitchen with white cabinets, and oak countertop

Using some open shelving instead of traditional kitchen cabinets allows you to leave your kitchen feeling more open and light. This is a great way to make a smaller kitchen feel a little bit bigger.

You can also use your open shelving to show off some of your fancy plates or bowls, as well as keep some decorations to liven up your space. Open shelving works particularly well around kitchen windows as they won’t crowd out and block the natural light that enters.

Incorporating Textures

Luxury kitchen with gray shaker cabinets, and granite countertops

You can think about more than just the colors of your kitchen remodel, you can also consider the texture of the materials you choose and how they will look together.

Something to consider is louvered kitchen cabinets, which have slats for the doors and make a really interesting texture. You could also consider some handmade tiles which tend to have more rough or uneven edges and can be interesting to look at rather than a perfectly smooth tile floor.

Consider The Ceiling

Classy farmhouse style kitchen with gray shaker cabinets, and open shelving

Remodeling Contractors in Bethesda, MD have been making sure that the ceiling is more than just an afterthought this year and have been coming through with some great results. You can go with a contrasting color for the ceiling to create a very interesting look that is subtle, but quite striking when you examine it more closely.

Ceilings have been overlooked for far too long, and you might consider doing something to spice up your ceiling and make your kitchen more interesting. You could even consider having a painting on the ceiling.

Butcher Block Countertops

Traditional kitchen style with glass-front cabinets, and wood countertops

You don’t have to go with stone to have a beautiful and impressive kitchen countertop. Plenty of remodelers are going with butcher block countertops this year and are loving this warm and enchanting look.

We really like this look in a white kitchen where the warmth of the wood will help to balance what can sometimes be a sterile look. With a good clear coat finish, butcher block can be a great material to make your kitchen countertop with.

Two Tone Cabinets

Kitchen base cabinets in white and blue color

To spice up your kitchen a little bit, two tone cabinets are a very interesting choice that you will almost certainly enjoy. You can go with different color upper and lower cabinets, or you could choose one color for one wall of cabinets and another color for another wall.

Getting away from monotone cabinets can be a way to make your kitchen a bit more interesting. Choosing the right two colors will be critical, you can consider complimentary colors, or even contrasting colors for a sort of yin yang look.

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