Planning a Future Basement Remodel? Consider These Important Questions

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Either your basement is unpolished or crammed with multiple boxes, it still has many excellent potentials. If you are in need of extra space, remodeling your lower level is an awesome way to have an extra room without the same expenditure as the higher ground.  

A lot of people may love to turn this underutilized area into a more functional space but a project this big is not everyone’s top priority, especially in this time of the pandemic. The current COVID-19 crisis has given us no other option but to stay more at home. This impacted the financial capacity of many households. For those who don’t have any cash flow issues, shopping for basic supplies and family’s health is the main concern.

Others may need a separate home office where they can focus on their tasks. Others may just go with the flow during this period of change. So if basement remodeling is still in your mind, you need to have a concrete plan. Here are some of the things you need to think about before looking for the best basement remodeling services.

Will it add value?

Remodeling your basement will increase the total value of your home. Best basement remodels are evaluated differently than the rest of the house. Having a fully furnished and well-finished basement will surely impress the family members and potential buyers. You might be asking yourself, “Can I remodel my basement using D.I.Y tutorials?”. Of course, you can! But can you properly do that? Are you sure you won’t mess up? If you are sure you can put everything in control, then you can do it on your own as long as it can add value to your place.

Remodeling your basement can surely attract buyers that will pay a bit more for this special feature of your house. It is proven that if there are two identical houses and the only difference is the unfinished basement, 95% of the buyers choose to buy the house with a fully furnished basement. If you’re planning to sell your home with an unfinished basement, it can somehow damage the chance of having a greater deal. If you don’t have another choice but to sell it that way, then you can just at least provide ideas and designs for the potential buyer to look over. Sometimes painting the whole concept can help them see the amazing potential of the basement.

How will you use it?

If you see it that your current home will be your residence for the next decade or so, then creating a plan to improve your basement is such a great investment. Of course, you need to consider your lifestyle. The interior design and its functionality should match your daily routine and desires. Maybe you need a guest bedroom, a bigger laundry area, a home office, a fitness room, or an entertainment place for the whole family. 

On the other hand, if you are planning to vacate the area but still proceed to basement remodeling, you must know that your needs may not be applicable to others, it’s better to keep the basement simple, elegant, flexible, and functional to any unique ideas. The more a basement provides an above the ground vibe, the more likely you are to enjoy it, and the better chance it will attract potential buyers. You must keep a neutral layout as long as possible. 

Pay attention to the lighting, heating and cooling, flooring, and other specific details. Lighting is the number one factor. Basements are often imagined to be an indicator of some top-selling Hollywood horror films. If you have a walk-out basement or garden-level basement, you can have the advantage of natural light. However, if you have the standard low ceiling with one small window, then adding as much as artificial light is highly recommendable. Recessed lighting is a great way to lighten up a basement without causing visual issues and low-ceiling clearance.

Another thing is that you must think about convenience. If you want a home office or an extra bedroom, adding warm light and neutral paint colors will get it a go. There should also be a little pantry cabinet where you can store some snacks and drinks to avoid the hassle of getting up and getting down in your house. 

Are there other considerations?

Finalizing the layout and interiors is the most exciting part of basement renovation. But before that, you must check other basic details that won’t damage your ultimate make-over. It is important to double-check the water pipes and water moisture. Humidity is also important because this can fasten the mold build-up during certain times. These precautions will help you a lot to get ahead of any high damage expenditures.

When you already have a concrete plan, complying with local ordinances and obtaining proper permits is absolutely necessary. Depending on the degree of your renovation, each of them has its own requirements. Electrical and plumbing have their own compliance. Ceiling heights have their own rules and regulations. Don’t take these as a hindrance to your dream basement because these requirements just make sure that everything is done properly without sacrificing your safety. 

Should you hire a basement contractor?

Basement professionals have years of experience in home improvement constructions. Of course, anything done by a professional will have a great result. But it can only be applicable if you will take time in finding and interviewing numerous contactors. Finishing your basement is a good investment that will cost you time and money. Hiring professionals will lessen the chance of having a poorly done basement which can lead to more future expenses. Set a budget, tell the contractors what you want your basement to be, provide some design inspirations, and let them do the job. 

Maximizing the value and functionality of your home is possible through basement remodeling. The extra space below can be turned into a multiple purpose area and almost anything you can imagine. Do you want extra storage or maybe a privacy area? The basement allows you to turn it whatever you want to be. The most important thing about this whole renovation is that it must serve is the purpose from the very beginning.

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