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Thinking about renovating your bathroom or kitchen in Randallstown, MD?
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Our designers and contractors in Randallstown MD, can seamlessly implement the details of your kitchen and bath remodel, while staying within your budget. Let’s start planning for your next home improvement work, contact us.

#1 Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling in Randallstown

Are you still dreaming of your modern kitchen and walk-in shower? Then stop dreaming and try living your dream by calling Mega Kitchen and Bath! We are the leading remodeling company and design center in Randallstown, Maryland, who can perfectly materialize all the details you want for a newly remodeled home. Our designers and contractors will use their skills and creativity in achieving the most suitable designs and layout for this project. Moreover, we will help you pick the best materials and products that’ll match your overall home decor, while giving a crisp and clean space. Likewise, we’re going to prioritize function and storage for your kitchen, while beauty and spa retreat ambiance in your bathroom. Interested to know the possible cost for renovating your kitchen and bath? Contact us today and avail of our free estimate service. Also, we give a complimentary consultation to help you arrive in a sound decision regarding your plans of upgrading your home value and function.

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Kitchen and Bathroom Design

All the inconveniences you’re experiencing right now inside your kitchen might suggest that you need to remodel it. You can always plan for budget kitchen and bathroom renovations to resolve that, and Mega Kitchen and Bath can help you.

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Kitchen Remodeling in Randallstown MD

Even when you’re using your kitchen daily, it doesn’t mean it needs to stay dingy and dated. By working with a professional kitchen remodeler like Mega Kitchen and Bath, we can take your kitchen redo to the next level. We’ll make smart upgrades on all essential elements inside your kitchen that will greatly improve its function and aesthetics.

We will help you starting from design conception down to implementation. Some of the things we can do for your kitchen makeover are installing new kitchen cabinets, kitchen island, new sink, faucet, and other fixtures.

We’ll take care of all technical aspects of your kitchen renovation in Randallstown. You can visit our showrooms to get inspired of our actual kitchen designs and products.

Bathroom Remodeling  in Randallstown MD

After fixing your bed, your next stop is your bathroom. Having a more relaxing bathroom is everyone’s dream in Randallstown. Imagine you have a cleaner and prettier walk-in shower and tub, wouldn’t that be a great improvement? Mega Kitchen and Bath can help you make that come true!

For many years, we take pride of helping many homeowners achieve their dream bathroom makeover in Randallstown. In all our bathroom projects, we always start from our free design consultation. This helps us understand what you want for renovating your space. We can also create a 3D simulation of your dream bath based on the details you’ll be sharing with us.

If you need to book for a free design consultation, contact us today.

Basement Remodeling in Randallstown MD

Are you thinking of turning your dark basement into a functional space? That’s an excellent idea to add function and value to your home in Randallstown. Our team can help you seamlessly achieve your basement remodel with ease.

We can show you a variety of options of turning your basement into a paradise. You can convert that to a children’s playroom, a mini office or gym, or a living room extension. No matter what it will be, we are here to help you. We have the skills and technology to make that come true!

Book for a free consultation now!

Home Addition in Randallstown MD

Home addition is a challenging home improvement project that needs a lot of work and planning. But you can make that an enjoyable journey by working with professionals. Mega Kitchen and Bath is your top rated remodeling company in Randallstown to work with for this request.

Our home remodeling service is your best solution to a home addition. In this additional room, we can construct them on top of another room, at the ground level, or outside your house. We’ll help you plan the best option for this endeavor.

We offer free design consultation service to help you finalize the design and layout of your additional space. We are in this together, so feel free to contact us.

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Bathroom remodel. The experience with this company was amazing. My custom shower is beautiful!!!! Ibrahim (PM) and Leo (tiler) outstanding. Great price and professional! I’m thinking of doing my kitchen.



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Definitely, renovating your kitchen or bathroom in Randallstown can lift the overall value of your house by around 50% to 70% on your overall remodeling cost. Besides, you will have better comfort and function since you’re upgrading the fixtures and amenities inside.
Mega Kitchen and Bath offers free estimate and complimentary consultation services for all the locals in Randallstown, Maryland. This helps you prepare the budget necessary for renovating either your kitchen or bathroom, or maybe both if you have the right budget for it.