Remodeling a Bathroom in Rockville? These Are the Top Trends Right Now!

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If you are hoping to do a little bathroom remodeling Rockville MD, you are probably wondering what kinds of bathroom remodeling trends in Rockville there are. It is good to know what is happening around you with bathroom remodel trends so that you can make the best decisions for your bathroom design Rockville MD.

To help you with your bathroom renovation Rockville MD, we have created this guide to the latest bathroom remodel trends in Rockville MD. Through this guide you can get to know bathroom trends Rockville so that you will have plenty of ideas to share with your bathroom contractors in Rockville MD to make getting your dream bathroom that much easier.

Soaking Tubs

Small bathroom space with bath tub in center

Space saving soaking tubs are a huge hit this year. These tubs have a smaller footprint than a normal bathtub, and because they don’t have a shower in them, you don’t have to worry so much about splashes. 

Soaking tubs just look super elegant as well, their clean lines make a heavenly focal point for your bathroom. Manufacturers are making some really great soaking tubs that take up so little space, you will just be amazed.

These soaking tubs are also convenient because they take less time to fill and they use less water. This is not only great for saving some time, but you will also be saving money on your water bill.

Huge Showers

Elegant bathroom with dark brown shaker cabinets, and shower

Plenty of folks want a big old walk in shower this year, where they can really feel like they are in a spa. Having a big space that fills with steam just makes you feel so relaxed and will make you happy every time that you use your shower.

Some designers and homeowners are actually just forgoing having a limit to their shower by having an open shower. This way you don’t have a barrier that makes the bathroom feel smaller. 

You have to be careful with an open shower that you make everything in the splash zone waterproof. This look can be really great, no matter what size your bathroom is.

Floating Vanity

Classic bathroom with tub, shower, and floating double sink vanity

A really great look that is a big trend for your bathroom in Rockville is to make a floating vanity. These types of vanities have really beautiful lines that make your bathroom look contemporary and stylish.

Wall mounted vanities come in a range of sizes so that you can find a set that will fit your bathroom and your plumbing just right. This look is so amazing that you just can’t pass up the chance to have this trend in your bathroom.

Gold and Brass

Elegant white bathroom with double-sink vanity, and tub

These two colors were popular a little while ago, and this year it is their turn to shine again. Using some golden colored fixtures like faucets, shower heads and cabinet hardware is a fun trend this year that we are happy has come back.

Gold colored fixtures are a great way to add some touches of warmth to your bathroom that make it feel more inviting and comfortable. A new way to use gold and brass is with matte and satin finishes, which is a totally different presentation for these normally shiny colors.

Large Wall Tiles

Small bathroom with tub, sink, and shower

Larger tiles means less grout lines for a sleek look that will be easier to clean as well especially with help from some professional cleaning company in Rockville md. While the last few years have seen a lot of designers going for small mosaic tiles, this year they are certainly making a correction and it is turning out nicely.

For tile colors you can consider earthy tones like sandstone, tan or light brown. Bathrooms are certainly going with soothing, earth tones to make us feel extra comfy.

Quartz Vanity Tops

White bathroom with traditional cabinets, and tub-shower combination

Quartz is definitely the trending countertop material this year and for bathrooms it is the same. This material is really awesome because the blend of resin and real stone it is made of is so resistant to scratching and staining. You virtually don’t have to worry about damaging quartz and it won’t need any maintenance like natural stone countertops.

Quartz comes in any color to match your bathroom design, so you are sure to find a great look for your style. The resin in quartz is anti- microbial, so you can feel safe knowing that there are no dangerous viruses or bacterias living on your vanity top.

Modern Toilets

Modern bathroom style with textured flooring, tub and floating toilet

Surprisingly, there have been some important developments in toilet technology that are really taking over the market this year. Hands free toilets are the biggest trend, which open, flush and close themselves so that you can avoid touching and spreading germs that can live on toilets

Toilets also look different this year, with a more streamlined design so that they won’t trap as much dust dirt and god knows what else. Modern toilets are much easier to clean and that will make you a lot happier for many years.

Backlit Medicine Cabinets

Old fashioned small bathroom

This fancy look which makes your medicine cabinet or mirror seem like a holy site is a trend that is helping homeowners see better while applying makeup or shaving. Having the glow come from behind the mirror can give it the effect of floating, which is a real charming look.

The ambient light of a backlit mirror does not make glare or awkward light reflections, so it is really a functional and attractive feature to add. Having a dimmer on your backlit mirror makes it so that it can be used as a safety night light as well. 

Wood Accents

Modern bathroom style with shower, and floating vanity

Another feature that is making a comeback this year is having some wood accents in the bathroom. Wooden cabinet drawers, wooden vanity tops and wood bathroom mirror frames are all great ways to add this warm and natural feeling element to your design.

Wood is great for that comfy and earthy look that is trending right now. You can pick a type of wood that you love and it will really make your bathroom a great place to get ready for your day, clean yourself and of course eliminate your waste.

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