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After a long day of work or even before going to bed, you want to have a warm or cold shower to ease your stress. If your shower area has never been updated since day one, then it is about time you decide to plan for your shower bath remodeling.

Fortunately, you are in the right spot, if you are planning to renovate your shower fixtures and area. Mega Kitchen and Bath is going to share with you our stunning tips and ideas for your affordable shower remodeling.

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Common Questions To Ask Yourself Before Shower Remodeling

These are the important questions we ask our clients before we dig into the details of their shower makeover. It is best to ask these FAQs to yourself, so you can gauge the extent of your shower redo.

  • Are you renovating for comfort and functionality, or is it to increase the resale value of your property?
  • Are you for getting a larger shower area or just updating a few fixtures?
  • Do you want a foldable shower bench?
  • Do you want to install recessed shelves or cabinets for storing your bathing materials?
  • Will you hire a professional remodeling contractor?
  • Are you willing to do some tasks of the remodeling to save on cost?
  • What is your target budget for remodeling your shower?

Creative Ideas for Budget Shower Remodel

Below are some of the innovative and modern inspirational designs for your small shower remodel. We hope that you will be able to choose one after reading this portion of the article.

For Easy Access – Sill-less Showers

For many years, it is a popular choice among homeowners and remodelers because it strikes a balance between functionality and aesthetics. You can feel the seamless modern appeal from this shower design. Likewise, it is user-friendly for all age categories.

You can pair this design with a waterfall showerhead and a side glass pane. The glass wall panel can also be frosted to exude privacy when you are taking a bath. We can also install a recessed open cabinet above your shower adjustment knobs. It will serve as a storage compartment for your bathing cosmetics.

Doorless Shower Area

It is another shower style that supports easy access for the user. It can have a glass wall panel or the entry path is in between two waist-level concrete walls. We can include a foldable or permanent shower bench inside for more convenience.

Sauna Style Steam Showers

It is one of the luxurious shower designs that we can install for you. You get to enjoy a soothing steam bath at the comfort of your home. We will replace your small shower head with tall steam showers and a folding bench.

Industrial-Chic Showers

We can make use of the industrial looks of bolts and nuts in creating a cool and chic appeal in your budget shower remodel. Our designers and technicians will maintain a great balance with the use of industrial fixtures in achieving this shower remodeling theme.

Bright Minimalist Shower Remodel

Honestly, there are hundreds of architectural designs that we can think to splurge elegance in your shower remodeling. Getting a bright and modern minimalist approach is one popular choice among our clients.

The majority of the things we are going to upgrade inside your shower and bath are light and pale colors. Some of the typical palettes we use include beige, white, light gray, and other neutral tones.

Moreover, we are going to use space-saving fixtures and designs for small shower areas to increase its spacious ambiance.

Different Shower Styles

Meanwhile, here are the various types of showers we can install for your small shower renovation. We also included the estimated cost and benefits of each shower type.

Walk-In Showers

The average price for walk-in showers is between $750-$7,000. We usually adopt a sill-less design with textured bathroom floor tiles for safety and easy access.

The transition from Shower to Bathtub and Vice Versa

Most homeowners who opt for bathroom remodeling change their tub to a modern shower area. However, we still recommend that you let your tub stay, and we will just install an affordable shower style.

The usual cost for this task ranges between $1,200 to $3,600.

Cost-Efficient Shower Stall

When you want a stylish and affordable shower, then this is the right option. It typically costs between $700 to $1,600 to install a beautiful shower stall. Besides lower prices, you can save more footprint inside your bathing station.

Moreover, we can add modern fixtures to spruce their elegance and aesthetics.

Estimated Costs for Small Shower Remodel

The average running costs for installing a shower is between $450 to $4,200. The price of your BUDGET SHOWER REMODEL can increase when there are major changes in the electrical connection, plumbing works, and installation of luxurious fixtures.

Below are some of the standard fixtures we can install for your modern shower makeover.

  • Folding or permanent shower seats
  • Integrated sound system
  • Installing more shower heads
  • Installing a waterfall or rain showerheads
  • Steam showers
  • Recessed open cabinets

Shower Tiles

Besides the vanity tops and showerhead, your outdated shower floor tiles need a fresh look. For the safety of the user, we strongly recommend that you go for smaller floor tiles with a textured finish. This design promotes better foot traction, so there will be fewer incidents of slipping.

Meanwhile, we have various materials and designs for your shower tiles that can fit your preference and budget. The cheapest material will be ceramic tiles ($1-$12 per square foot), while the best choices include polished stone ($10-$12 per square foot), granite ($4-$7 per sq.ft.), and travertine ($3 per sq.ft.).

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