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One of the biggest desires of many homeowners is to turn their boring bathing routine into a magical, spa like experience, and the first step to gaining that is to get some shower remodel ideas. Taking on a shower remodel is a really exciting time and you will have a lot of things to think about.

Finding as many shower renovation ideas as you can will ensure that you get the best results from your project. You don’t want to leave any stone unturned when thinking about bathroom shower remodel ideas so that you can make sure to get everything your want out of your new shower.

In this blog post we will present the best shower remodeling ideas we have seen from our vast experiences in the industry. We will explain to you the remodeled shower ideas that have been proven to work and make our customers happy.

Common Questions To Ask Yourself To Get Shower Remodel Ideas

These are the important questions we ask our clients to make sure that they can get the best shower remodel ideas to suit their needs:

1. Are you renovating for comfort and functionality, or is it to increase the resale value of your property?

This is a critical question because you have two directions you can go in, you can make a specialty shower that is just the way you want it and how you want to have it for years to come, or you can consider a shower that will be more attractive to the average buyer.

2. Are you desiring a larger shower area or just updating the old fixtures?

Creating a bigger shower could be a lot of extra work and money. If you are happy with the size of the shower you may just need new fixtures and maybe new tiling to make your shower a whole new and better experience.

3. Do you want to install recessed shelves or cabinets for storing your bathing supplies?

Adding built in shelves or niches brings a lot of charm to a shower, but this will also end up costing you more.

4. Will you hire a professional remodeling contractor?

Most homeowners find that remodeling a shower is best left to the experts. It can actually be faster and cheaper to let the pros take care of it.

5. What is your target budget for your shower remodel?

Having a shower remodeling budget in mind will help you to do a lot of the planning to make sure that you have enough money to actually complete your shower remodel ideas. 

White bathroom with walk-in shower

Sill-less Showers

A popular choice among homeowners and remodelers because it strikes a balance between functionality and aesthetics. A sill-less shower fits well with a modern design aesthetic and gives you easy access with no tripping hazard.

You can pair this design with a waterfall showerhead and a glass enclosure for the ultimate, modern look. You can also install a niche below the shower head to store some soaps and lotions. 

Elegant bathroom with walk-in shower, toilet, and sink

Open Shower 

A shower with no barrier is becoming really popular right now as it makes a bathroom feel more open and airy. An open shower is great for a modern urban bathroom design that will save you some construction cost because you don’t have to build an expensive shower enclosure.

With an open shower, you need to make sure all bathroom fixtures in the spalsh zone can handle some water. This makes everything in the bathroom super easy to clean.

Shower with wood bench

Sauna Style Steam Showers

A steam shower is a truly luxurious choice for your bathroom. For this style of shower you build a tight enclosure that keeps steam in your shower area which will keep you hot and feeling relaxed each time you use it.

Steam showers use a lot less water than a normal shower, but they use more electricity to make the steam. They are more expensive to install, but really turn your shower into a spa.

Elegant dark bathroom with vanity, and shower

Industrial-Chic Showers

To create an industrial look in your shower, we can leave copper piping exposed with the walls made of finished concrete. This is a really great look in a loft house, where you will feel edgy and cool each time you shower.

Bathroom with small shower

Bright Minimalist Shower Remodel

A minimalist, zen approach can really help you to deeply relax in your shower. A great option with this is to install a sky light over the shower to let in glorious natural sun that will get you charged for the day.

Putting some plants into your shower area can also be very calming and peaceful. They will love the humidity if the shower area and will make some fresh air for you to breathe.

Elegant bathroom with dark brown vanity, and a walk-in shower

Walk-In Showers

The average price for walk-in showers is between $750-$7,000. We usually adopt a sill-less design with textured bathroom floor tiles for safety and easy access.

A walk in shower can be customized in any way you like, we can even install a shower bench for a more comfortable bathing experience.

White bathroom with walk-in shower

Pre- Fabricated Shower Stall

If you are looking for an affordable shower, then this is the right option. It typically costs between $700 and $1,600 to install a beautiful shower stall. Besides lower prices, shower stalls also come in compact sizes to fit any bathroom.

Small bathroom with tub shower combination

Estimated Costs for Small Shower Remodel

The average costs for installing a shower is between $450 to $4,200. The price of your shower remodel ideas can increase when there are major changes in the electrical connection or the plumbing. 

To save on your shower renovations, try to keep the shower in the same location so that you don’t have to move any pipes or replace the electrical outlets.

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