Shower Remodeling Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

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When dealing with shower bath remodeling, you must be particular on every detail of the process to ensure you will not commit any mistake. Unfortunately, it will be more costly and consume more time when there are missing or wrong details during the remodeling process. And no one wants that to happen. 

Luckily, you can still get the best shower remodeling you dream of by hiring the best shower remodel contractor like the Megan Shower and Bath. 

For the meantime, let’s check on some of the shower remodeling mistakes and what you can do about it:

Mistake#1: Failure to plan ahead of the project.

Most people usually decide to go ahead on the shower remodeling project without careful planning first. The process takes longer, and the expenses are getting higher when it isn’t supposed to be. 

To start the project, you have to consider especially making the most of your budget shower remodel to make sure you meet your needs and the space availability you have. Designing gives you a thrilling feeling, but it is essential to remember that every step is a significant decision.  

Mistake#2: Failure to consider the maintenance schedule that works for you.

While some can clean their shower area regularly, others haven’t enough time to clean it thoroughly. Whatever the maintenance time and style that usually works for you, it is another thing to consider the shower remodel. 

If you have a hectic schedule, remodeling it in a low maintenance style is an excellent option. If you want a standing shower but not a glass door, creating an enclosed space can be a good idea. 

Mistake#3: Choosing trendy styles versus the classic ones.

Trendy styles and items are some of the reasons why some people want the shower renovation. Though there is no issue with this, it should not affect the major decisions because of the trendy styles. If you choose stylish over everything else, you will find your shower area changing all the time. 

Regardless of the trends in home improvement and renovations nowadays, it’s better to choose the style that speaks to you. Consider what will be convenient for you and your loved ones. Also, do not forget that this renovation is something that is in the long-term, no matter how big or small shower remodel it is. 

Mistake#4: Neglecting the harms behind using grout.

It seems that tiles and grout are one of the powerful combinations, especially in the shower area. Despite their partnership, grouts aren’t useful in getting the moisture out of the bathroom. Moreover, there are molds and mildew that give an unpleasant appearance and harm to your health. Unfortunately, using harsh chemicals to get rid of it isn’t an excellent solution. 

If you consider a no-grout walling to your shower area, you have these alternatives:

  1. Laminated wall panels- One good thing about these thick panels is it is easy to install since you will click it together. 
  2. PVC composite panels- With some good designs to choose from, these panels are accountable for its sturdiness and thickness. 
  3. High gloss wall panels- If you prefer to have modernity in your shower room, this is a great choice.

Mistake#5: Buying a standardized shower pan because it’s cost-effective.

Sometimes, buying a standard shower pan will not save you and your pockets. Worse, it will make you suffer. For instance, the drain isn’t on an approved location, and the plumbing has to be moved to adjust to the shower pan. Unfortunately, it costs you more than you expected. Good thing, there are customized shower pans to choose your needs.

Customized shower pans may sound quite expensive, but it’s cheaper than the standard ones. It can save you labor costing and additional materials because it is suitable for the drain location. 

Mistake#6: Forgetting the shower’s storage area. 

Storage areas like cabinets and corner shelves are another vital thing to consider in renovating your bathroom area. Unfortunately, some get overwhelmed in planning the design without any place to store their bathroom items. 

The proper spots and spacing allotted to your storage place should never compromise your shower room’s overall setting. Furthermore, another thing to check in bathroom storage is your preferred maintenance on it. There are various storage cleaning tools and accessories that you can also avail of to make it convenient for you.

Mistake#7: Improper spacing and positioning of the bathroom parts and accessories

Another thing that distracts us from planning and getting the best shower renovation is designing the whole area. Instead of checking available space versus accessories, we think of what to put on every corner. If the appearance matters more to you than the functionality, this will be a recipe for disaster and stress. 

To achieve success in your bathroom remodeling project, leave the decoration phase later. Consider the overall layout and spacing first to check if it will be convenient for you. Choosing to do the designing before checking the spacing will inevitably compromise your comfort in your everyday shower use. 

Mistake#8: Neglecting small mistakes occurred.

Details like small glitches or minor damages are often neglected, thinking it will not compromise the whole area. Unfortunately, besides the discomfort it can cause, remember that these small mistakes can affect the entire area in the long run. 

During the renovation, do not forget to check even the tiniest issues. Also, make it a habit to fix errors as soon as it is discovered during the remodeling. Remember, your eyes will never fail to look at those mistakes every single time you use the shower area. Save yourself from those compromises as early as possible.

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