Smart Home Renovation Ideas To Stay Within The Budget

Have you been planning to start your home renovation project without breaking the bank? Kitchen and bath remodeling doesn’t have to be costly. There are so many budget-friendly options available that can help you improvise the look of your home. 

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Whether the reason for your home remodeling is to upgrade the appearance of your home or for future resale value, below is a list of cost-effective home remodeling ideas that will help you start your home makeover project. 

Home renovation ideas on a budget-

You are one step closer to achieving your newly remodeled home. You don’t have to spend so much to restore the lucrative beauty of your home. Finding the right home remodeling service is one of the best to achieve your ideas in mind. Keep reading to help you get started. 

Repaint or patch up your space

Bedroom with table and bed

Painting your room goes a long way. Repainting your room with a fresh coat can restore its vibrancy. This is generally an inexpensive home improvement idea. If you also want to focus on your kitchen, there are a lot of kitchen remodeling ideas you can check out. 

If you are on a tight budget, instead of repainting the entire room, you can go for a smaller-scale paint that will give an accent to your walls. This helps reduce the amount of paint by 1/4th or less, but still, will deliver maximum impact. 

Lay a stylish stair runner

Luxurious house stairs

Changing the look of your stair will have a significant impact on your home. Since stairs are often the first thing your guests will see when arriving at your house, why don’t you update its look? You can choose colors, patterns, and design that matches your overall house theme. Make sure you use no-slip runners for safety and convenience. 

Upgrade your furniture

Living room with cream sofa

Another way of improving the look of your home is updating your furniture. Update your vintage sofa by changing its fabric covering. Refurnish it with your preferred designs, colors, and patterns that will suit your lifestyle or your house theme. Reupholster your sofa, stools, chairs, and sofa bed with comfortable cushions. If you think your furniture are as good as new, then might as well check on furniture cleaning costs and see if you could afford to have them cleaned and maintained in pristine condition. 

Install or replace curtains and blinds

Spacious living room with gray sofa

You can make big changes to your windows by changing out blinds and curtains. Curtains and blinds reflect the color and design of one’s room as it gives a finishing appearance to any room. You should consider the overall design of your house when installing your curtains. 

And if you want to save, go for unlined curtain panels with no pleats to maximize the use of fabric you’ll need. There are affordable yet luxurious options available online. 

Add ambient Lighting

Dining area with brown table and chair

Good lighting can help transform rooms on a budget. Accent lights can turn the atmosphere of your home lively and comforting. You may add some wall accent lights or fairy lights for a touch of luxury and tranquility. While adding floor lamps and lanterns gives more balanced lighting to the room. 

Improve flooring

Compact dining area with view of living room

An alternative option you can do to upgrade your living space is to add nice laminated flooring. Adding an impressive rug is a fantastic way of transforming the interior of your house. Depending on your lifestyle, you can add striking colors or patterns that will accentuate the design of your flooring. 

Update your wall decor

Office area with wallpaper

Bring out your creative side by adding some decorative pieces to your boring and plain wall. You can use wallpapers, stickers, paintings, or any other creative home decor that suits your liking. Adding a LED light on the wall or an acrylic wall clock can also give a modern vibe to it. 

Another way would be spray-painting your walls or using the space for an attic or cupboard. This way you can maximize the space and give an artistic touch to your room. 

Install a skylight

Elegant fireplace area with view of kitchen

Installing skylights in a dark loft room or attic is a relatively inexpensive architectural idea. Adding one or two will brighten a gloomy room as they provide sufficient light in the room. This is a cool and energy saver idea which helps reduce the electricity consumption bill. 

Upgrade your Kitchen

Luxurious kitchen with white shaker cabinets

If you are renovating to add value to your home, updating your kitchen gives you an instant financial reward on a sale day. There are budget-friendly options you can do to upgrade your kitchen. These include repairing the tiles, adding a splashback, changing cabinet handles, upgrading the taps, and adding extra storage space. There are also latest kitchen countertop ideas and design you can consider for this project. 

To save time and money, you may hire home renovation contractors to install and repair any fixtures and fittings in your kitchen. Doing it yourself might cost you more in the long run. Hiring an expert will give you peace of mind and guarantee a long-lasting upgrade. 

Include smart home features

Smart remote to control your appliance

Adding smart home features gives a great advantage for future resale value. There is an affordable and easy way to transform your home. You can start by adding “smart’’ plugs or wireless plugs. It turns off your idle appliances whenever it’s not in use. 

You can also get a smart LED light bulb. They work the same as the smart plug. They have color-changing abilities depending on your mood. Plus, you can turn it on/off from anywhere in the world. 

Pair your smart bulbs and smart plugs with a smart doorbell. For added security, get a doorbell camera that you can answer while you’re away, or you can also program it depending on your needs. 

Another piece of budget smart home gadget is a thermostat. Get a smart thermostat where you can adjust settings before arrival to your home.  You can program it even if you’re away from home. 

Replace your old backsplash 

White kitchen with brown cabinets

Never undermine the beauty a backsplash adds to your kitchen. It gives a statement to your countertop. There are many ideas you can do for your backsplash renovation, and let’s go over them. 

  • Gray marble tiles fit well for white shaker cabinets
  • Tiles with multiple colors and geometric patterns
  • White subway tiles
  • Black tiles with geometric patterns
You can always ask your hired kitchen remodeling service to do this for you. 

Minor fixes on your bathroom and kitchen

White bathroom with floating vanity, and shower

Check if there are some minor problems inside your kitchen and bath. If you can fix them on your own, then do it to save on labor costs. Repainting or upgrading the hardware of your cabinets is one good example. You can also refinish some wooden surfaces in your kitchen. There are small bathroom remodeling ideas that can be done in a budget, and they could surely add great value to your home. 

Decorate your patio

Deck with round metal table and chairs

Beautifying your patio is one of the trending renovation ideas for home remodeling. You can add some sofas and a coffee table on your outdoors. It’ll be perfect for late afternoon barbecues or tea time with friends. By making sure your outdoor leisure space is clean and comfortable, you have an alternative spot to spend time with your loved ones while enjoying nature.

Need more cool home renovation ideas?

We hope you have an amazing time reading the article. Making your home comfortable and elegant is an excellent way to add value to your property. Besides, you’ll have a better time with your loved ones when your home looks fantastic and clean.

At Mega Kitchen and Bath, we ensure you have an easy time doing kitchen and bathroom renovations. We are experts in home remodeling, and we’ve been doing this for years. If you need further advice on home makeovers, feel free to contact us today. We offer free consultation and estimate services. You can call us at 301-812-4085. For more information, you can also visit our Houzz page!

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