Smart Options For Basement Remodeling

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Are you troubled of looking for extra space inside your home which can serve as an additional multifunctional room for family and friends gathering? There is no need to shell out huge cash to construct another room beside or inside your home. All you have to do is have the best basement remodeling ideas for it.

Your underused basement can be transformed into a stunning recreational function room to host different activities. Here are some smart options for remodeling your basement into an elegant space to unwind and have fun with friends and family.

What Are Good Flooring Materials for Your Basement

Your basement can be prone to water damage so you need to have the best flooring material as well. Some of the best materials for this purpose include tile, concrete, rubber, and vinyl. Meanwhile, some good materials which require extra precaution include hardwood, laminates, cork, and carpets.

Vinyl Floors

Among the different material options, this one serves as the best choice. Vinyl floors are much better than hardwood and with the advent of technology, there are tons of beautiful designs of vinyl tiles to choose from. Some of its designs even mimic that of hardwood and other expensive natural stones.

Rubber Floors

When you fear flood, moisture, and water damage, then rubber tiles is your best partner. Rubber is highly resistant to water damage and moisture which makes it good a floor for your basement remodeling. However, the main gripe from this material is its rubbery smell for a few weeks, yet this can be remedied by ensuring good ventilation.


When you do not have any solid idea on what floor to use for your basement remodeling, then go for the typical choice – concrete. The main setback of this material is when water seeps through it and causes it to break up.

A concrete floor for your basement is a great choice considering its versatility and durability which can last for more than ten years. All you have to do, to make it lasts longer is secure it is properly sealed.


For your basement remodeling, a tile floor can never go wrong because it has good water resistance as long as your subfloor is durable and properly sealed off.  However, the main setback for tile floors is its risk of cracking for various reasons. Nevertheless, with proper care and maintenance, you have the peace of mind that it can last for more than a decade.

Smart Ideas for Basement Remodeling

If your living area and kitchen do not have enough space to cater to all your friends and family for any occasion, here are some smart ideas for your elegant and affordable for the best basement remodels.

Open Flow Multifunctional Space

There is no specific theme for this type of basement renovation. The main purpose of this idea is to create a continuous flow of various activities in your basement. You have 100 percent freedom to mix classic and contemporary design for your basement renovation.

With this, you can have a large comfy sofa near the center with your flat-screen television built-into the wall. Beside that can be your little kitchen and bar for preparing snacks and drinks for everyone.

You can also have a corner section for children’s play area and the opposite corner for your musical instruments. It is a good and practical idea for your basement remodeling.

Contemporary Wine Bar and Kitchen

This is an excellent choice for those who loves cooking and drinking with friends and relatives. You can have a small replica and extension of your main kitchen in your basement. A clear glass wall can be a good divider for your small kitchen area and wine bar.

You can choose to have granite or quartz countertops to strike elegance and uplift the aesthetics of your basement. Adding modern LED lightings will also be great because it has lesser operational cost and brightness is good.

The little wine bar provides a sophisticated atmosphere for friends and relatives to have that little talks and updates with their lives.

Music and Cinema Studio

If your passion is into movies and music, then this idea for remodeling your basement is a perfect choice. Considering the structure of most basements, it serves as an ideal space to contain the sound from your instruments and the movies you will be watching with family members and guests.

You can create a room in the basement wall with wood or glass to isolate your music studio where you and the band can practice. You can further install soundproofing materials in your studio for better results.

Home Gym

If you are into health and wellness, then you can transform your basement into an elegant home gym. Bring down your weights and other gym equipment in to the basement and arrange them in a spontaneous training regimen.

You can also install a sound system inside your mini gym to enhance the upbeat when doing your workout. Once you are done burning calories, you can run to your mini kitchen and grab some electrolytes to drink.

Children’s Playroom and Art Studio

If you love kids and do not have a spacious living area for their playtime, you can transform your basement into their art studio and playroom. You can set up wooden tables and chairs where they can create beautiful artworks.

You can also place all those toys in a single box for them to choose and pick the ones they like. After playing, you can instruct them to return those back into the box. You can use pastel color hues for decorating your basement for this purpose. These vibrant colors help stimulate the mind and body of children to become creative and lively during their recreational moments.

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