Space-Planning Tips and Tricks For Small Bathroom Remodeling

If you are wondering how to transform your small kitchen and bath into both functional and stylish, this article is for you. There are two important keys when it comes to small bathroom remodeling: maximizing the available space and increasing storage options.

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We understand the challenge that many homeowners face when it comes to remodeling a small bathroom. Now, if you are in the same situation, keep reading to learn more about remodeling ideas for small bathrooms

Space-Saving Tips

White bathroom with floating vanity, and shower

Most complain about the limited amount of space when it comes to a small bathroom. However, there are ways to make the most of your square footage and create an illusion of space.

As a bathroom remodeling service company, we have experienced turning small bathrooms into spa-retreat spaces of relaxation. That said, square footage is never a hindrance to making your bathroom more elegant and beautiful. 

Opt for Curve Edges

Using curve elements for your vanity, shower, and sink you gain some of your space. This is space efficient and at the same increases safety in the bathroom.  With round edges, you’ll be less likely to hit yourself into the corners.

Also, curved edges don’t cut your line of sight, making you feel the space is small. That said, we can make some areas have a curved edge, like your shower enclosure, vanity top, and cabinets.

Go Vertical

This is the time you should think about your wall space rather than your floor space. This is an ideal option that helps provide plenty of floor space for moving around. You can add a hanging ladder behind your toilet for your towels. Floating sinks or shelves are great options to add space to your small bathroom. 

Choose compact versions

Reducing the space occupied by your bathroom fixture is essential to small bathrooms. Choose compact versions of appliances, sinks, toilets, and baths. This will not only leave more open space but it will also make your bathroom look cleaner. 

When remodeling a small bathroom, it is important to weigh functionality over design. If you don’t use a bathtub often, then it is time to think of something that makes space like a curbless, step-in shower or standalone shower. 

Switch to sliding doors

Traditional doors, just like hinge doors, take up a significant zone in your bathroom. To create more room in your small bathroom, it is appropriate to convert your hinge doors into sliding doors. There are myriads of options for sliding doors like the one that can completely disappear which takes up no room at all, or barn-inspired doors which are now on trend. 

Smart Storage Options

Small bathroom style with floating vanity, toilet, and shower

Another vital consideration for small bathroom remodeling ideas is to make sure that you have enough storage to make your bathroom clutter-free.  If you have more than enough budget for bathroom remodeling, make sure that you also consider investing on storage options. 

Hide the clutter

Due to the limited space in a small bathroom, it is difficult to be organized. Yet, there are ways you can be creative in your bathroom. Here are some smart strategies to hide away the clutter. 

  • Use fancy baskets or bowls to hold and hide items on your countertops or shelves.
  • Install a recessed medicine cabinet behind a mounted mirror. 
  • Make use of the space under your floating sink and use the curtain underneath storage.
  • Install secret drawers or cabinets under the bathtub, and under the sink. 

Flaunt it

If you don’t mind showing off your beautiful towels and fancy toiletries, there are numerous storage options to keep your bathroom orderly while flaunting your things. 

  • Built-in a niche on the wall next to your bathtub to hide your bathing products.
  • Use hooks, towel bars, and a small ladder to hold and display your towels. 
  • Make use of a shower caddy or install a rod where you can easily access your shower needs. 

Light and Color Ideas

White bathroom with white vanity, toilet, and tub

A good choice of color and lighting is as important as other design elements. They greatly affect the visual aesthetics and functionality of your bathroom. This is one of the crucial ideas for remodeling a small bathroom.

The trending colors for bathrooms are white, sky blue, and light shades of gray, green, brown, and off-white tone. There are amazing modern bathroom remodeling ideas you can surely check for inspiration. 

Keep your space bright

With limited room space, keeping your space bright and properly lit is vital for safety hazards and to create an illusion of space. 

When choosing the light for your bathroom, make sure to install them strategically. Install windows to allow available natural light to come in. Add flush-mounted ceiling lights or backlight a mirror or add lights under shelves or cabinets. On top of that, you can also incorporate a skylight if you don’t have any room for windows. 

These additional lights aid to illuminate the room which creates a brighter room and an impression of a bigger space. It also helps highlight the designs of your bathroom cabinets, flooring, and countertops.

Be creative with colors

Your small bathroom shouldn’t be boring. You can mix and match color designs without losing cohesiveness all throughout your space. 

Choose white or bright colors for small bathrooms. Pair it with vibrant wall colors such as turquoise or coral,  with colorful big patterns. You can also balance your bright colors with neutral color colors. Regardless of your color accent, beige or gray surfaces can help liven up the space. 

Clever Designs

Your bathroom is a place where you take your breaks after a long and stressful day. Decorating your bathroom will make your bathing time enjoyable and stress-free. Check out these clever bathroom remodeling ideas and start styling your space. 

Strategic Decor

Swap your regular shower curtains with a sophisticated drape style that you can easily tuck away when necessary. You can also surprise your guests with a small art display around your tub or your countertops. For a natural accent, add some plants that can thrive in moisture and with little sunlight.

Bench it out.

If your space won’t allow you to install a bathtub, adding a small bench area helps you relax while taking a shower. You can choose between a built-in bench or a movable one. Adding this to your shower will make a significant difference in your daily routine. 

Let’s Wrap Up!

We hope you enjoyed going through our remodeling bathroom ideas for small bathrooms. You don’t have to spend so much to make it more luxurious. Being smart with your bathroom renovations is great. You can benchmark on other existing bathroom projects on our site. Otherwise, you can call us to get a free design consultation.

We help homeowners realize their dream bathroom remodel at a price that makes sense to them. Contact us today to get a free quote.

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