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Small Bathroom Remodeling in 2020

You do not have to spend too much to get that oasis-like bathroom space. Creativity and resourcefulness is the key to efficiently spruce up your old bathroom space. To guide you further, read through the entire article on our small bathroom remodeling. 

Dos and Donts when remodeling small bathroom​

Remodeling your bathroom is not a simple task for it requires extensive planning to keep your expenses at a minimum. Nevertheless, do not compromise aesthetics and functionality when doing your tight budget bathroom redo.

Here are the important dos and donts for your affordable small bathroom renovation.

Dos: Careful Planning of Design and Budget

The best prevention of overspending in your bathroom makeover is strategic planning on your design and budget. Most modern bathrooms adapt neutral colors and minimalist approach.

Go for cheaper alternatives like tile floors, thinner slabs, cabinet refinishing or refacing, and affordable fixture updates. Be sure to have a checklist for everything you want to be changed in your bathroom.

Donts: Skimping on Intricate Works

Never compromise the professional craftsmanship you need for your small master bathroom remodeling. You can do the lighter works like painting jobs and removing old bathtub.

Dos: Upgrade Shower

Tubs are out and modern showers are trending for bathroom remodeling. It serves as one of the main focal points in your bathroom space.

What are some small bathroom renovations that’s not expensive?

You can create a fantastic small bathroom renovation designs without shelling out huge cash. These affordable and unique ideas are even adapted in small condo bathroom renovations.

  • Choose remnant granite slabs instead of the standard thick slabs
  • Minimize your usage of tiles
  • Refinishing or refacing vanity cabinets
  • Update fixtures instead of upgrading
  • Update and refinish your bathtub, don’t buy a new one

Ideas on how to redo my small bathroom

There are plenty of alternatives to efficiently perform your small bathroom redos on a budget. Here are some affordable and creative ideas you can adapt for your small master bathroom redo.
  • Repaint wooden floors and cabinetry.
  • Don't buy new tubs, instead refinish it.
  • Install lights behind the vanity mirror.
  • Choose hanging vanity tops.
  • Retain your existing plumbing works.
  • Install modular showers.

How to update a very small bathroom?

Doing inexpensive small bathroom updates is a practical option when you are on a tight budget. You are able to spruce up your small bathroom space without splurging your project cost.
  • You can refinish or choose a more affordable shower for your renovation. This serves as one of the main highlights in your space.
  • Invest in granite or quartz vanity tops. These minerals have excellent strength and beauty that will spruce up your small bathroom redo.
  • Don’t buy new cabinets, instead refinish or reface them. Install new hardware as well.
  • Choose light and neutral colors for painting your bathroom and cabinetry.
These are just of the typical small bathroom updates on a budget you can try at home.

How to makeover old small bathroom?

In doing your small bathroom makeover with shower, you can do some of the light works on your own to save on labor cost. However, for the professional installation and fabrication of countertops, cabinets, and others, you can count on us.

Our seasoned technicians have sufficient experience and knowledge to perform all sorts of a bathroom makeover. Likewise, we do small condo bathroom makeover.

How long does it take for a contractor to do a
small bathroom and kitchen?

Oftentimes, finishing your small bathroom makeover can go beyond the projected deadline because of other variables such as availability of material, the intricacy of the project, and manpower.

Nonetheless, the average time for completing a small bathroom renovation contractor is around 23 to 30 days. For any delays or extension, your project can be completed in 50 days.

If you are looking for a licensed and seasoned contractor for small bathroom remodel, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

How much is the average cost of remodeling a small bathroom?​

The main reason why you are planning is to keep your costs at a minimum. However, there will be instances where you need to place an allowance on the cost of your bathroom makeover.

Nevertheless, the average small bathroom remodeling cost is $7,000 or $2,000 to $15,000 for a 40 square foot bathroom space. This is approximately equivalent to $70 to $75 per square foot.

For this reasonable cost, you will have a 66% to 75% return on investment and a higher chance of making an early sale of your house.

If you need any professional assistance with your bathroom and kitchen remodeling, contact us Mega Kitchen and Bath anytime.

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