Space-Savvy Ideas to Maximize a Small Kitchen

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Nothing can impede your glamorous small kitchen renovation, it just needs a little tweak of imagination and ingenuity to make the most out of what you have. Having a large kitchen is never a barometer that your kitchen remodel will be stunning.

It is time to break the norm about lucrative kitchens. Here are some interesting space-saving ideas that shall make your skimpy kitchen redo a show-stopper. 

Remove Old Cabinetry and Replace with Open Shelving

Retaining your old kitchen cabinets might be a bad decision, especially if you have a limited floor space. The best alternative action will be replacing your existing kitchen cabinets with an open shelving.

White open shelving provides an airy and spacious appeal without compromising storage capacity. Likewise, if your condiments come in a unique container, it can act as a creative wall accent.

Divide and Conquer with Cabinet Dividers

If you have not maximized the space inside your kitchen base cabinets, we think it is about time you divide and conquer its storage space. You can make your single storage cabinet into two tiers and divide further with cabinet dividers.

With this, you are able to efficiently store your baking and cooking utensils without any fuss. By storing your cooking pans and trays vertically, you are able to maximize storage inside your base cabinets.

Open Shelving At the End of Island

If you still lack a storage space for large ceramic or porcelain bowls, you can create an open shelving at the end of your island. With that, you have easy access with your large plates and bowls.

Drying Rack Above Sink

Constructing a small drying rack made of bamboo or hard plastic above your sink is a smart choice. After washing your dishes, you can readily place those plates and mugs on your drying rack and allow water to drip down your sink. It provides a peace of mind for some of your chores.

Wall-hung Wine Bar Cellar

For those with a studio-size home or apartment, you can still create a fancy wine and bar cellar using a wall-hung open shelving installed on the wall near your dining table. Using your space on top is a smart choice to spruce up your storage compartments in a narrow kitchen.

Pull-out Cutting Board or Breakfast tablE

If you think pull-out trays are excellent space-savers, wait until you see a pull-out cutting board or breakfast counter in your small kitchen. This is an amazing idea that you can definitely adapt so you can save on space without jeopardizing functionality.

Smart Pegboard as Hanging Storage

If you want a drying rack and a wall-hung storage, then installing a pegboard will be great. It is a simple life hack smart storage system for small kitchens. Using this, you can quickly store your food clips, tongs, strainers, frying pans, and others.

Final Words

There are plenty of furniture and accessories you can use to increase the storage and functionality of your small kitchen. If you wish to know more or hire a professional for your kitchen and bathroom renovation, you can contact us today.

We provide affordable small kitchen renovation costs without compromising aesthetics and functionality. Talk to one of our seasoned staff so we can figure out how to make your small kitchen makeover a show-stopper.

Call now to get your free quote or visit us on Twitter at any moment.

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