Steps For A Successful Basement Remodeling

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Basements are usually the most neglected area in our home. This area is also where we put all of the stuff that we are not using anymore. But if your family needs additional space for various reasons, this is the best time where this ignored area will shine and have its moment. BASEMENT REMODELING is a more practical and ingenious idea than constructing another area requiring more time, money, effort, and space. Either DIYing using BEST BASEMENT REMODELS or hiring BASEMENT REMODELING SERVICES can make this project more manageable.

Regardless of various ideas of REMODELING YOUR BASEMENT, this task is an easier said than done job. One of its challenges includes the existing fixtures like electric wires, water pipes, and gas lines that can obstruct making the basement look better. Among these challenges, this article will provide you essential steps to ensure the success of REMODELING MY BASEMENT.

Steps for a Successful Basement Remodeling

Decide what will be the purpose of remodeling.

Will it be for your children’s playroom, office room, a hangout place for friends, or any of these combinations? You should have a clear objective in remodeling your basement. The purpose will serve as the basis of everything that your basement renovation will go through. You can contact a professional remodeler in helping you have a more explicit purpose or suggest better ways you can do with your basement.

Plan out your preferred design.

Another thing to work out before the basement renovation is the design you want to have. You have to make sure that it will not cause you unnecessary work or mistakes that can cause you additional hassle in the next months. Consider waterproofing and insulating features in creating the style and design for your renovated basement. If you do not have any idea on how to start, you can look for a professional contractor to guide you in planning and designing the renovation.

Check if there are required building permits and codes for basement remodeling, and be sure to submit those.

Just like in building an entire house or establishments, you have to check if there are requirements needed to comply with legitimizing your basement remodeling project. Research if there are particular building codes and policies regarding ceiling height, basement dimensions, and a standard number of exit points. If you check that your preferred design is not suitable for the requirements, reconsider your plan and have other approaches to restyle it.

Once you prepare the necessary documents and comply with the standard policies, apply for the needed permits to start working out on other details of the basement project.

Clean out the area.

Before making that design a reality, another essential thing is to clean out the whole basement. Remove all the junk in the area and clean it thoroughly. Clean away unused items, boxes, trashes, and bins before starting working on the project.

Conduct a moisture test in the area.

One of the problems that most basements have is the leakages and flooding problems that can worsen once the area will undergo renovation. Renovating this area is an excellent opportunity to fix those water problems. Check and inspect any signs of dampness and leaks and do something about it to prevent more water problems during and after the basement remodeling. Identify the root cause or source of the moisture like wet soil underneath, drain tiles, or cracks on the foundation, and fix it right away. Again, you will need a professional leakage expert to check these leakage sources and solve it. Also, you can do the following quick ways to waterproof your basement:

  •  Ensure to redirect the downspout away from the basement foundation.
  • Downgrade the slope of the lawn to drain the water from the basement.
  • Consider a waterproof coating and painting on the interior walls of the basement.
  • Put some additional drains that can lead to a storm drain.

Once the fixations are done, conduct another moisture test to confirm if you fix the leakage problems.

Gather the tools and materials needed.

The number of tools and materials you need will depend on the project size and appropriate finishes you want to achieve from the circular saw, hammer, and framing nails. Measuring the basement dimensions is very vital to know the materials and their sizes to purchase. Also, never forget to avail of safety tools like safety glasses and dust masks.

Consider having insulations.

Besides leakages, insulation is another essential factor to check and ensure to have, mainly if the basement is never used. It is crucial because, aside from maintaining the cool temperature inside, better insulation prevents forming condensation in the basement’s interior walls. Proper insulation can separate the warm air from the area from the coolness of the walls.

Put some air circulation features.

When remodeling the basement, consider the air circulation in and out of the area by adding some openings or windows, if necessary. Moreover, you can also install a carbon monoxide detector to perceive problems that can happen quickly.

Consider the lighting and furniture to place in the area.

When it comes to lighting, nothing is more excellent than those that come from natural sources, and you can maximize it by putting new windows or expanding the existing ones. Artificial lights still never fail to give your remodeled basement the light that it needs by putting some in creative and practical ways.  The furniture can also affect not just the spacing but also the lighting that comes in and out of the basement. It can also block the natural air, creating a more comfortable and relaxing ambiance in the basement.

How to Finish the Basement Project

The following are other things you can check out that you might need in fully furnishing your basement:

1. Install insulation- you can add some polystyrene foam insulation straight to the founding walls.

2. Frame the walls

3. Install drywalls – can be done vertically or horizontally, but most homes prefer horizontal hanging because they will need fewer seams, which is easier to finish.

For the Basement Floor

1. Choose a new flooring type- you can choose from vinyl, tiles, or carpet ones.

2. Install the subflooring and the flooring.

For the Ceiling


1. Choose the ceiling type- you can choose from either a drop ceiling or drywall ceiling.

2. Install the preferred ceiling type.

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