Things You Need To Consider Before Getting A Kitchen Renovation

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One of the major projects you can undertake for beautifying your home is re-doing your kitchen. It’s never an easy task, especially if you plan to do DIY ninja tricks. However, if you want it to runs smoothly, then you’d need the expertise and experience of your local remodeling contractor.

Going back, it’s a daunting task to perform your complete kitchen remodeling, that’s why we made this read to share with you some tips on what you consider beforehand. We hope you enjoy reading this while learning insights from professionals.

What Is Your Estimated Budget?

We’ve heard several homeowners getting shocked because they’ve gone overboard with their budget for a full kitchen remodel. For some, they’d say the rule of thumb for your budget must be around 10% to 15% of your house’s total value. This is workable and it’s best if you set aside a separate 10% of your modern kitchen remodel budget for unexpected costs.

Meanwhile, the running price for this effort is between $13,000 to $37,000, while $10,000 to $12,000 for smaller kitchen upgrades. Converting it to a per square foot basis, your estimate price is between $75 to $250.

Alongside this, you’d have to think ahead of how much are you financing outright from your savings, and the rest will be financed through a bank loan.

Are Your Renovating To Sell or Keep Your House?

You also need to ask yourself if you’re doing this home kitchen remodeling because you want to sell your house or not. If you’re not planning to list your house in the market, then you can inject your personality into your renovation theme.

Meanwhile, if you’re rehabilitating your kitchen for a resale, then the sale must be done in the next 6 to 12 months. With that, you need to do some market research on what’s the most saleable kitchen design and layout in your locality.

Do You Have A Timeframe?

Well, the duration of your fast kitchen remodeling will greatly depend on your contractor and how seasoned are they with this craft. Typically, the fastest timeframe for this kitchen project is around four weeks, and you can always talk to your contractor about it.

Nevertheless, if you are not in a hurry, then we can stretch your timeframe to two or three months. The duration of completing this effort will also depend on how large will be the coverage for your kitchen makeover.

Do You Need To Spend Much on Expensive Appliances?

If you have a large family size and cooking is one of your sideline businesses, then it’s worth investing in a six-burner cooktop and a dishwasher with a large capacity. Otherwise, we recommend that you go for practical options, one that is parallel to your lifestyle.

Meanwhile, it’s also wise if you go for recessed installation with your kitchen appliances, so you can save many footprints in your working area. Also, if you can afford to go for those high-tech appliances (with remote control and sensors), then that works best for your modern kitchen theme.

Invest Properly for Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

Storage cabinets, a kitchen island, and a peninsula are some of the important functional features you need to prioritize in your affordable kitchen renovations. You need a good, durable, and stylish base and wall-hung cabinets to properly store your utensils, kitchen wares, condiments, and ingredients.

Open shelving is an excellent idea for small pantries, yet not all the time because dust and dirt can accumulate on your porcelain wares, plates, and mixing bowls. For your base kitchen cabinets, we can install drawers and pull-out trays for keeping a sleek storage option.

Meanwhile, for your kitchen island and peninsula, you can go for popular materials like quartz, granite, and marble. There’s a variety of styles and colors in our collection, which we can install the right one for your remodeling theme.

Nevertheless, stainless steel and concrete kitchen countertops are also great choices for a chic appeal in your pantry.

Are You Changing Your Rough-In Works and Layout?

If you have the budget for changing the existing layout and plumbing in your old pantry, then we can readily go for it. We are emphasizing this because it entails a higher cost to move your pipes, faucet, sink, and electrical connections. Approximately, your rough-in works are 4% to 7% of your total kitchen remodeling budget.

Ensure Sufficient Lighting in Your Kitchen

We are done choosing light colors for your walls, kitchen cabinetry, and countertops, yet we can make it more stunning with ambient lighting. For your kitchen island, we can install hanging pendant lights to illuminate your lovely stone countertops. 

Underneath your wall-mount cabinets, we can install recessed LED lighting to illuminate your sink and kitchen countertops. Also, proper lighting inside your pantry is necessary to project a cleaner and more contemporary feel.

Consider Connecting Your Kitchen To Other Areas of Your House

Whether you have a small or large kitchen space, the ideal layout right now is connecting your pantry to your patio or other areas near it. With that, we are injecting a continuous flow in your kitchen, avoiding the cave-like ambiance.

By connecting to your patio, we are letting natural warmth and light come inside during the daytime. Likewise, it compliments well with your hardwood or vinyl tile floors.

Pay It Forward or Garage Sale?

You will inevitably have to take out some old fixtures or appliances during your kitchen renovation. Considering that, you need to think if you plan to sell that out to recover or simply pay it forward to help others. We will leave the final decision for this part to you.

Consider Hiring A Professional Contractor

Indeed, you have a lot of things to handle for your complete kitchen remodeling on a budget. It will include your cabinetry, doors, windows, countertops, plumbing, floor, walls, lighting, ceilings, and more. 

With that, it pays well if you can work this together with a licensed and bonded remodeling contractor like Mega Kitchen and Bath. When you work with professionals, you have a higher chance of avoiding expensive mistakes and redos in your upgrades. Call now to get your free quote.

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