Timeless Small Kitchen Remodeling Styles To Choose From For Your Home

Our designers at Mega Kitchen and Bath share with you ideas for remodeling a small kitchen on a budget. These are spectacular ideas for a classic kitchen with timeless beauty without breaking the bank.

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We understand that many homeowners are on the fence about renovating their kitchen, even if they have to, because of the project cost. Say goodbye to that worry since we are sharing some unique ideas that won’t make you spend more than what you can afford for your classic kitchen remodeling.

Go for cabinets with neutral colors

A white shaker cabinet is the go-to choice of most designers and homeowners when it comes to a classic kitchen. There’s nothing wrong with this, but if you want other colors, you can go for any neutral palettes. Aside from white, other cabinet colors you can try are sky blue, beige, cream, light gray, coffee brown, and more.

Cabinet remodeling is critical since your cabinets are a focal point of your kitchen. If the cabinet style and color you chose are off, your guests and family will easily notice it. That said, you can ask a professional to help you with cabinet refacing or cabinet renovation.

Marry old and new things

When it comes to your classic kitchen remodel, we are not limited to using old-fashioned items and accessories. We encourage our homeowners to mix and match old and new stuff in their kitchens. That way, we’re keeping fresh and updated looks even when you’re aiming for a classic kitchen redo.

That said, you can have a classic shaker cabinet and new modern kitchen appliances. Antique-looking pendant lights are mixed with your modern kitchen island. These are some of the things you can do for your kitchen makeover.

Adding those modern things helps improve the functionality of your kitchen while getting the historical vibe.

Don’t forget the kitchen work triangle

Even when we’re doing kitchen remodeling for small kitchens, we never forget about the work triangle. This comprises your sink, oven, and fridge. These are the essential areas you need to focus on for your kitchen redo. Functionality must be on top of your mind while design comes second.

The distance between these sections must be ergonomically planned. That means it must support work efficiency inside your kitchen. Adding a kitchen island is a fantastic idea for adding functionality and design to your timeless kitchen remodel. We have a lot of things in mind for your kitchen island. So far, the trending ones are waterfall countertops, butcher blocks, and stone countertops.

Our designers can customize the layout of your kitchen remodel, one that makes sense with your needs and budget. We can go deeper into that during our free design consultation session.

Think about long-term

The average period that you need to renovate your kitchen is ten to fifteen years. But that depends on how you use and maintain your kitchen. There are many signs to tell that you need to renovate your kitchen, and here they are:

  • Storage capacity is not enough
  • Plenty of damaged things inside your kitchen
  • You want to add a kitchen island or cabinet
  • The design and appearance are outdated
  • You’re having a hard time working around your kitchen

Those are the telltales, giving you that buzzer that you need to reconstruct your kitchen and cabinets. That said, it goes off the mind of homeowners that they also need to think about the long-term when planning for their kitchen makeover.

Yes, you need to save on this one, but you also need to prioritize quality. If the cabinets are cheap but it won’t last for a year, then why would you go for it, right? That’s a complete waste of money. You may find yourself wanting to invest more in quality products that can last for ten or fifteen years. That’ll be worth it, right?

Go for countertops with subtle colors

A timeless classic kitchen always uses neutral subtle colors for the majority of its items. Your countertop is one of them. Typically, white or any neutral palettes for your stone countertops is ideal for this matter. You can always go for white with speckles of color and veining patterns.

The in-demand materials for kitchen countertops today are marble, granite, and quartz. Wood is also a good material and you can treat them to improve its resistance to moisture and stain.

We can also have your countertop color contrast with your cabinets. It makes your countertop pop out and brings elegance to your kitchen. We have many remodeling ideas for small kitchens, and we can talk more about that in a free consultation. We can customize the layout and color of your classic kitchen to speak of your personality.

Update your lighting

Installing new light fixtures must be part of your plan. This not only keeps everyone safe in the kitchen but also adds beauty since it helps highlight the design of your surfaces. Here are some of the areas where you can add new lighting:

  • Underneath your upper cabinetry
  • Inside your cabinets
  • Hanging pendant lights over your kitchen island and dining table
  • Pantry
  • Near your hood

Rustic metallic fixtures

Adding rustic metals to your kitchen is also good since it helps give an antique vibe. Brass, copper, and bronze are some of the common metals you can have for your kitchen remodel.

These metals can seamlessly blend with any color in your kitchen redo. Having a rustic color for your bar stools or chairs around the kitchen island is ideal. Especially if you have a white quartz countertop, your chairs elegantly pop out.

You can also have rustic finishes on your faucet and cabinet hardware in achieving a classic feel in your kitchen.

We Love To Hear Your Thoughts!

We hope you had a great time reading through the article. There are more things you can do in achieving your dream kitchen. You can view more small kitchen remodeling pictures in our gallery or projects. This can be the basis for your classic kitchen makeover.

If you need anything else that can help you plan and prepare for your kitchen remodel, feel free to reach out. You can book an appointment online for our free consultation.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and relatives who might need it.

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