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Large bathroom spaces are very attractive and lucrative to have but it does not mean beauty is directly proportional to area. Your small bathroom remodels can still look fantastic with these practical tips we are sharing.

These innovative and creative tips will completely save you on your small bathroom renovation cost. Nevertheless, careful planning is the most vital tool to have an efficient best small bathroom remodels.

Go for Brighter Color Small Bathroom Remodel

To make an oasis of your small bathroom space, you must avoid dark color tones as these can make your space even smaller. From your vanity cabinets, walls, vanity tops, and ceilings, we recommend that you go for light-toned monochromatic colors.

A lighter color tone creates an illusion of a wider bathroom space and prevents the feeling of being in a cave. Likewise, you will use less lighting inside because space already looks vibrant.

Floating Vanity Tops

With your small bathroom renovation, you can have a floating vanity top to free some floor space and widen your views inside. You can also go for a toilet bowl mounted to the wall to save more foot space inside.

The bottom of your floating vanity top can also serve as a storage compartment for your basket. You can place towels, tissues, and other vanity accessories inside the basket and place it under your floating vanity top.

Add Lightings

Aside from the bright color tones of your small bathroom renovation, you can add modern lightings inside to enhance the visual appearance. You can add small LED lightings on the rear side of your vanity mirror to provide even light source on your face.

We also recommend installing LED lightings beneath your floating vanity tops to reflect on the floor and increase vibrancy inside. Overall, a well-lit bathroom space creates a soothing and airy ambiance.

Glass Shower Enclosures

Instead of building a wall shower, we recommend that you go for a glass shower enclosure. This allows light from your vanity mirror and tops to illuminate the shower area.

This strategy reduces your cost for installing more lights while making your shower area brighter. Likewise, it promotes free flow feeling inside which relaxes your senses.

Sliding Doors

A door opening inside your small bathroom remodel will eat more space and make you feel like inside a cave. The best way to minimize space eaten by your door upon opening is to go for a sliding door.

A sliding door enables you to save much space in your vanity counter while adding more elegance in your overall bathroom design.

Large Vanity Mirrors

Even if you have a small bathroom space, the size of your mirror does not need to be small as well. You need to go for a larger vanity mirror because it creates more visual space inside. Likewise, lights can reflect on your mirror to increase brightness inside.

Install Spa Fixtures and Designs

To increase that oasis-like feeling inside your small bathroom renovation, you can include some spa-like amenities inside. These accessories can include sponges, pebbles, plants, essential oils, and others.

Space-saving and Smart Storage System

Oftentimes, your storage compartments inside your bathroom space eat up floor space. It is best if you go for smart storage compartments like stackable glass or acrylic jars, wall-hang buckets, and pull-ups drawers from your vanity counter.

These storage systems also add aesthetics in your small bathroom remodel. Choose palettes and patterns which complements the layout of your bathroom.

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