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Every part of your house deserves some love and yes, that includes your bathroom too. It’s the part of the house that receives the least attention simply because people see it as a private space that needs no attention at all. Of course, everyone needs a great bathroom too so you should always consider getting small bathroom remodeling done for your home still.

There are a lot of benefits that come with getting your small bathroom redone via remodeling services. For starters, you’ll be able to reinvigorate your house with something new. If your bathroom is outdated, small bathroom remodeling services will allow you to make your bathroom be more fitting of your current aesthetic.

Another benefit to it is that you’ll be able to reorganize your house more properly. Your bathroom might be taking up too much space in your house for instance. If you want to alot more room to other places, then having a small bathroom remodel service done is the best way to do it without having to spend too much.

Lastly, getting your small bathroom redone also means having to breathe more easily knowing that you are once again another step closer into achieving your dream home. Small bathrooms may not seem much but if they satisfy your needs and your home design wants, then you should go for it so long as it satisfies you.

Of course, there are many small bathroom remodeling ideas that pop into mind when the job pops up. It’s tough being an indecisive person if you have some many things you want done for your bathroom. If you are running out of – or if you are too full of ideas, here are some 7 tips for your remodelling for your bathroom.

Let There Be (Natural) Light

The bathroom is an exquisite place to relax no matter what time of the day it is. If you want to save energy and your bathroom isn’t on the first floor of the house, then you should consider adding more windows to the room. More and more people are allowing natural light to seep into their rooms for many reasons.

For starters, it’s always good to be able to absorb natural light every now and then. The Vitamin D from the sun is good for your body. The more light comes through the bathroom, the better it will be for your health. Moreover, it’s always better to rely on natural light over artificial light too as it helps conserve energy during the morning.

If you aren’t comfortable with having too many windows on your bathroom, then make sure that you don’t do this for bathrooms that are on the lower floors. It’s also worth noting that more windows mean more ventilation for your bathroom so it will be much cooler if there are more windows in your bathroom.

Be Creative With Storage

One of the hardest parts of remodeling your bathroom will be devoted to finding the right storage for your items. This includes your shampoos, personal items, and even your items. If you don’t do this properly, you won’t have any space in your small bathroom for your personal items. Either that your bathroom will become too cluttered.

You need to be creative with how you manage your storage inside the bathroom. We suggest buying corner stands for your small bathroom. Corner stands or corner shelves are useful fixtures for your bathroom that utilizes the space that you have. You can have a stainless steel corner shelf installed inside the shower area. For the other parts of the bathroom, go with wood for a more rustic appeal.

Corner shelves are great as aside from being subtle, they are capable of holding more of your belongings. For your towels, simply install a towel rack on the door from the inside. This makes your towel rack less visible once people go inside the bathroom. It’s also less hard to forget to bring your towel in the bathroom as you can see it directly.

Floating Vanities

A common trend in modern bathrooms today are floating vanities or fixtures. What are these features mostly asked for during a small bathroom renovation? Simply put, these are fixtures that aren’t fixated on the floor. Instead, you’ll see them hanging. Floating vanities and fixtures include the bathroom mirror and the sink.

This feature adds an extra touch of fanciness to your bathroom while making your room more spacious. Floating vanities are great at making your room feel more and more special, While the space they take up is still the same, you can use the bottom part of floating vanities to store items like rugs and even dirty clothes baskets/

Wall Mirrors

An important part of the bathroom is the mirror. People commonly have a vanity mirror installed behind their sink which isn’t a bad idea. It helps you easily manage your face after washing it. There are ways to make the standard mirror into something better and with this, more and more people are picking wall mirrors for their bathroom.

Wall mirrors are basically large mirrors that seamlessly incorporate themselves inside rooms. This is perfect for the bathroom as it gives you a full view of yourself which is crucial if you are going to be a complete groom of yourself. Since bathrooms are private rooms, you don’t need to be shy about seeing your whole body.

Getting wall mirrors doesn’t exactly mean that one part of the bathroom is completely made of a mirror. You can opt to make one panel of the wall into a mirror. In some bathrooms, they make at least three panels worth of mirrors into their bathroom with the middle panel being only halflong so that there’s a place for the sink.

Install A Fancy Countertop

Believe it or not, countertop materials like marble and granite are not exclusive for kitchen use. You can also use these countertop materials for bathrooms. If you want to make your bathroom more fancy, then consider getting these fancy countertops instead. They are highly functional and they make your bathroom look and feel more valuable.

Natural stone countertops like marble, granite, and even hybrid countertops like quartz are good for the bathroom. We highly suggest picking non-porous countertops as they can’t absorb water. This means your countertop will remain fresh and nice even after years of use. It’s not going to be as expensive as you think as bathroom countertops are small so they won’t cost much.

Get Creative With The Tiles

When people think of bathroom tiles, they only think plain white tiles that are symmetrical. That is very old school though. You can get creative with your tiles during the small bathroom remodelling process. Instead of going with the plain and simple, be more creative by incorporating patterns and unique styles.

There are many types of tiles that are now available to use. Be creative by using anything other than eggshell white tiles. Go with other colors such as dark blue. You can even pick natural stone tiles for your bathroom. The veining on these types of tiles are perfect when it comes to making your bathroom look great. 

Instead of square tiles, go for something in a different shape. The most popular type of bathroom tiles currently are hexagonal tiles. Some people use hexagonal tiles to incorporate amazing patterns into their bathroom walls. It’s also great at making your bathroom look more modern and rustic too.

Less Is More

Modern homes are all about minimalism first and foremost. Whether you’re a millennial or a baby boomer, you’re probably drawn into the minimalist aesthetic that has taken over homes worldwide. Even if it’s just for your bathroom, it wouldn’t hurt to take on the principle of less is more.

Your bathroom should look as minimalist as possible. Even if your bathroom is small, it will look more spacious with the help of a minimalist design concept. How do you go about this minimalist trend? Simple. By incorporating all of these minimal design trends we’ve stated above. All of these point towards creating a minimalist bathroom.

You don’t need to bother your bathroom with intricate and complex designs. Any designer will tell you that simple is now in. Instead of going for the extravagant, opt for simpler options that can help highlight the room itself and not the accessories around it.

The small bathroom remodeling process is going to be fun especially if you are working with the contractor. The remodeling process should include your influence too as it is your bathroom after all. For the budget, make sure to prepare around $5,000-$10,000 for a full renovation. It could go for even less as it is just a small bathroom.

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