Top 8 Bathroom Renovation Ideas in Clinton MD this 2022

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A bathroom remodel is one of the best ways to make your home a more comfortable and personalized place. There are a lot of exciting bathroom renovation ideas for 2022 out there to choose from, making this one of the best times ever to do some bathroom remodeling in Clinton, MD.

Finding the latest bathroom remodel trends and ideas in Clinton, MD will help you make your bathroom a unique and fantastic addition to your home. Bathroom design Clinton is really on the cutting edge right now, and knowing some of the bathroom remodeling ideas in Clinton, MD is a smart first step.

We have asked our expert team of remodeling contractors in Clinton, MD to give us the best and brightest bathroom remodel ideas in Clinton, MD. You can use this helpful bathroom renovation guide to get all the inspiration to make sure your project turns out excellent.

Matte Finishes

People are using matte finishes for their bathroom fixtures and getting some great results. One popular color this year that seems cool and unique is a black matte finish.

Matte black is not a color you normally think of for bathroom fixtures, and it can be surprising when you first see it. When coordinated with the rest of the bathroom, which should probably be a white theme, it can be a memorable design choice. 

The nature of matte finishes means that you won’t be worrying about having smudges on shiny fixtures that look dirty. Matte finishes are great for a bathroom and will make cleaning a little bit easier. 

Walk In Tiled Shower

Having a custom built walk in shower is a big hit right now and it is something that you will really be happy to spend some extra money on. You can get a real spa-like experience from your shower that will make you feel relaxed each time that you use it. 

Choose a tile that has a natural stone appearance to add to that stepping into a waterfall feeling. Being surrounded by natural stone while starting your day or cleaning yourself off is a wonderful feeling that you will enjoy.

For the enclosure the most luxurious one you can choose is a frameless, clear glass door. This will also make your bathroom feel more open and larger.


Adding some natural light to your bathroom can be a huge plus that will make your whole bathroom experience much better same in doing it in your kitchen. You will get the added daylight so that you can even save a little bit of money on your electricity bill which also a huge help in budgeting your bathroom or kitchen remodel cost

Having a lot of beautiful sunlight in the morning while you are getting ready for the day will help you to wake up and be more alert all day long. Sunlight triggers natural responses in our bodies that will make you feel better all day and sleep better at night.

There is also the opportunity to see the stars or the moon at night. Imagine soaking in a bath under the glow of the moonlight!

Quartz Vanity Top

Having a bathroom vanity is a great way to add some storage space to your bathroom, and a quartz vanity top brings a certain elegance to your bathroom that you are certain to enjoy. Quartz looks a lot like natural stone, but it is made from crushed rock and resin that can be more environmentally friendly.

The resin used to make a quartz vanity top is also antibacterial, so your vanity top will stay cleaner and you won’t worry so much about germs. This is a huge plus for your bathroom where bacteria can sometimes have a great environment to live in.

You can have a single vanity or a double sink vanity to fit your needs. Whatever you are going to do in your bathroom, a quartz vanity top will bring it to the next level of beauty.

Heated Floor

Can you imagine waking up on a cold morning and stepping on to a heated floor in your bathroom? It is a great feeling that you should definitely consider having installed as part of your bathroom remodel. With With the small bathroom floor size, installing heated floors is not too expensive and makes such a huge difference to your enjoyment. Waking up with a heated floor on your feet will really put you in a good mood and will improve your entire day, hire only professional remodelers like this remodeling contractors in Clinton MD for quality service. You can even have a timed thermostat that you can set to warm the floor up in time for you to wake up. That way you are not using too much energy during the night when you are not walking in the bathroom very much.

Smart Toilets

This is a really exciting time to be shopping for a new toilet because there have been some amazing new designs that have come out recently. The look and the functionality of toilets has improved a lot and you should consider upgrading to these new toilets.

You can have a hands free toilet that lifts its own lid, flushes itself and closes the lid for you. This is a great way to stay cleaner in the bathroom and not have to worry about touching a dirty toilet and spreading bacteria or viruses around. 

The design of toilets has changed as well and they don’t have so many crevices and dead spaces that are hard to clean. This will really make your life a lot easier and your bathroom will be cleaner.

Large Format Tiles

Many people are choosing the classy look of large format tiles for their bathroom remodel. Using small grout lines between the large tiles makes for a more seamless look that is pretty impressive. Also the cost of cleaning your tile ang grout is very affordable. 

We especially love real marble tiles that have beautiful natural veining. They really make you feel like you are in a more natural space that will calm you down and make you feel totally relaxed.

Open Shelving

Using some open shelving in your bathroom remodel is a great look that also adds some valuable storage space for all of your bathroom items. We like a floating shelf that does not have any bulky brackets to take up visual space.

Not only can you keep the things you need on open shelves, but you can also add some personal items as decoration. This will help you show off your personality and if you ever get tired of something, all you have to do is change it out!

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