Top Kitchen Remodeling Ideas To Achieve For Summer 2022

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The kitchen is the most memorable space in a home since it’s where you enjoy the company of your loved ones along with sumptuous dishes. Despite being the most used space, it doesn’t have to look dingy and old. Keep your kitchen updated and beautiful by renovating it.

Do you need direction for your kitchen remodel this summer? We’re featuring a few kitchen remodeling ideas that’ll bring elegance and value to your home. Whether you want a contemporary or countryside theme for your kitchen redo, we can help you with that.

We want you to achieve your ideal kitchen remodel that’s suitable for your budget.

Invite the summer vibe in

The warmth of summer doesn’t have to stay outside, you can bring in some designs and decors inside your kitchen. You can bring in some ornamental plants inside your kitchen. Place them near the window area of your sink so that they get enough sunlight.

You can also place some flowers on your kitchen island to bring in the outdoor vibe. Adding organic accessories like area rugs, wooden furniture, and baskets can create a homier ambiance inside your kitchen.

These are just some kitchen remodeling ideas you can take in. If you want a custom design, you can book a free consultation with our designer.

Warm Metallics

Besides the organic accessories, you can use warm metallic accents for your kitchen remodel. This can be any appliances or fixtures made of copper, bronze, or gold. These metals give a warm vibe that compliments the summer vibe.

It also creates a classic aura on your kitchen redo. You can also get creative with your ideas for remodeling kitchen for the summer. For instance, you can add other decorative items like candle holders, lampshades, vases, bowls, and frames that marry with other warm objects inside your kitchen. When combined, all these items create a homey summer ambiance in your kitchen.

Bring back the Bohemian Vibe

Having a boho chic style for your kitchen is also trending this year. Many kitchen ideas remodeling to achieve a boho vibe. Mostly it’s a balance of warm colors and organic materials inside your space. It’s perfect for the casual summer theme you want for your home.

Be creative in mixing and matching decors and colors for your bohemian kitchen. Some of the common things you can add are woven fabrics, dreamcatchers, guitars, area rugs, wooden furniture, plants, wooden frames, and warm lights.

Pick Bold Designs

You can never undermine how patterns can make an impact on your kitchen remodel. Whether it’s geometric, floral, or abstract patterns, it can affect the overall design of your space.

You can have bold patterns of flowers or any shapes on your kitchen walls and there’ll be two colors used for it. It grabs the attention of your audience while the other accessories in your kitchen compliment it.

This idea works best for minimalist interiors. If you need help generating the best kitchen ideas for remodeling, you can chat with our designer. We are open to a free consultation to help you pick a suitable theme for your kitchen makeover.

Scruffy Classic Interior

A throwback of vintage on your kitchen interior is a timeless winner. Bring back those woven fabrics, old-looking lampshades, and frames along with your centerpiece plant. Altogether, you get a homey and classic interior in your kitchen.

You have endless means to get creative by using rustic accessories to achieve a vintage kitchen theme. Add warm metallic fixtures made of bronze, copper, or gold to your kitchen. This marries well with your granite countertops and other vintage-style accents.

Repaint your cabinets and choose statement seat fabrics

For the summertime, repainting your cabinets with pastel colors is a go-to choice. You can have beige, sky-blue, coffee brown, or off-white for your kitchen cabinets. Then install copper or bronze hardware to get a warmer feel.

Kitchen cabinets are one of the highlights of any kitchen redo, so doing this change can make a huge impact on design. To get fancier yet not going over your budget, you can have statement fabrics on your chairs. This can have a similar color to your countertop or cabinet, but with abstract patterns to attract more attention.

Café curtains and wallpapers

Hanging café curtains on the windows near the sink invites a homey ambiance without blocking natural light. You can stick wallpaper with a similar color to your curtain on your glass-front upper cabinets. It creates an interesting vintage look while blending with other organic accessories on your kitchen countertop.

Cool Summer Blue Interior

Whether you want navy blue or royal blue, this is a popular choice for kitchen remodelers for the summer. Blue is a cool color choice for the summer, and it marries any warm palettes and accessories in a summer-inspired kitchen.

You can have a two-tone blue kitchen for this year. Light blue for your base and upper cabinets while royal blue for your kitchen walls. This makes your cabinets pop out freely from the background. Then we can have a brass bar or arch pulls for your cabinet hardware.

As for your kitchen island, that can be a white marble countertop. The seat fabric for the bar stools can be white or white with shades of blue. Overall, this makes a perfect summer blue kitchen for you.

Need more kitchen home remodeling ideas?

Hope you had a great time reading through the article. We are happy to share those ideas with you in helping you achieve the best summer look on your kitchen redo. At Mega Kitchen and Bath, we are passionate about helping homeowners bring more value and style to their homes.

If you need more ideas for your kitchen makeover, don’t hesitate to book a free design consultation with us. We are ready to suggest ideas for remodeling a small kitchen on a budget. Our team is capable of renovating small or large kitchens in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC.

Start planning today! Contact us.

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