Luxury Walk In Shower Remodeling Ideas That Will Inspire You

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If you are looking to add some luxury to your daily life, one of the best ways to do that is by creating a spa like walk in shower. For those with busy lives or those who are just looking to add some extra pampering to your daily routine, a luxury walk in shower is an option you should strongly consider.

Walk in showers are a feature that not everyone has in their home, and it really can take the level of comfort to the next level. Taking a shower doesn’t just have to be a mundane part of your hygiene routine, it can be a part of the day that you look forward to with some clever shower remodel ideas.

If you are wondering about making your bathroom into a luxurious area you should read these walk in shower ideas to get some inspiration and motivation. Using these bathroom shower remodel ideas you are sure to make your shower remodel a successful one you can enjoy for many years.

A walk in shower has a lot of benefits over other types of showers and baths as well as some drawbacks. Here we can go over the great things about walk in showers and point out some things you might not like. These shower ideas are meant to inspire you, so take them in the direction you want and with our help you can realize a luxurious new shower.

Maximize Space

Especially when comparing a walk in shower to a bathtub, walk in showers will use your space in a much more efficient way. Especially in a small size bathroom a walk in shower makes the room seem bigger because it can appear that you actually have another room for bathing.

A bathtub, with its concave bottom simply does not use the space efficiently. A walk in shower takes advantage of all the area your bathroom has so that no space is wasted.

More Accessible

For those with various mobility needs looking for shower remodel ideas, a walk in shower can offer a lot of ways to make bathing more accessible. Walk in showers are easier to enter, as you don’t have to step as high as when getting into a bath, or you can even make them level with the ground so there is little or no theshold to manage.

Tile floors in a walk in shower can be made to be less slippery to help keep balance. It is also easier to install grab rails and you can even design a walk in shower with seat to make bathing that much easier for anyone.

More Grout, or Less

A drawback of a walk in shower with a tile floor is that they will have more grout that you will need to clean periodically, which is not the funnest task. If that is want to avoid, you can still install flat walls and floors, in which case you would have an even easier time maintaining cleanliness.

Japanese Soaking Tub

Walk in showers often don’t give you the ability to soak in hot water, as many of us love to do. It is possible to have the best of both worlds with some creativity.

A great way to be able to soak with a walk in shower is to build a Japanese style soaker tub, which takes up less space than other bathtubs. A Japanese soaker tub is taller and thinner than other bath tubs, which saves a lot of space. You will still need a large area for your shower to include a soaker tub, but it is possible to have a bath if you have a walk in shower.

A Natural Oasis

Of all the walk in shower tile ideas, stone tiles are the most luxurious available. There is something about feeling the natural stone under your feet while in a hot shower that reminds you of a magical hot spring deep in the forest.

Especially slate tiles which are extra earthy looking will ground you and help you get ready for the day. With stone tiles in your walk in shower you will definitely feel like you get to go to a spa every day.

To go with an earthy, mud- bath spa theme, you can incorporate plants into your shower remodel. Adding plants creates cleaner air and helps you feel calm when you are in your bathroom. Plants that love humidity will thrive from the steam and mist that your shower creates.

Open It Up

A clear glass shower enclosure with minimal hardware is a great way to show off beautiful hardware and shower fixtures. It helps make your bathroom look bigger because the glass is almost invisible, but you still can keep splashes contained in the walk in shower.

One of the best bathroom walk in shower ideas to get the glass enclosure look without the expense, you could consider a barrier free or transitional shower. This style really opens up your bathroom to make it feel bigger, but you will need to be careful to keep anything that is not waterproof out of the splash zone.

Placing a skylight over your walk in shower is another way to really open up your space, all the way to outer space! There is no better way to get ready for the day than under the natural light of a skylight. If you are a night time shower person, you could enjoy looking up to the stars and moon to inspire your dreams.

Shower Head Options

In a walk in shower, you can choose a few angles to shoot your water from, hitting different spots that work for you. You can choose to have multiple shower heads that can all be turned on at once, or you can choose to only turn on the angle you want in the moment. Having more options for your shower head is a big plus of a walk in shower.


Those were just some of the walk in shower ideas we have created for our clients for their stylish and modern shower and bath remodeling. We would love to talk with you about your walk in shower ideas and become your professional bathroom remodeling contractor.

You can check out our Mega Kitchen and Bath showroom for more walk in shower ideas, also check us on Instagram anytime.

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