Walk-in Shower Remodeling Ideas For Small Bathroom

Having a walk-in shower in your bathroom can add beauty and value to your home. You don’t need to have a huge space to have one. All it takes is careful planning and execution from a reliable remodeling company to achieve your dream walk-in shower.

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Let’s take a closer look at the different bathroom remodeling ideas for walk-in showers you can try today.

Best Ideas for Remodeling Walk-In Shower 

Make it doorless

elegant bathroom with brown cabinet and shower

Whether you have a large or small bathroom, considering not having a door for your walk-in shower is workable. It makes your space more seamless and flowing. You can just have a glass wall to separate your shower from the rest of the bathroom or the toilet on most occasions.

When working with a shower remodeling service, you need to let them know to make the shower still visible so that your children and seniors can see them right away. It would also be best, if the tiles of your shower are different from the bathroom floor so that there’s a distinction.

Subway tiles and wall-mount sink

Spacious bathroom with 2 long white vanities, and walk-in shower

Subway tiles are a classic choice among small bathroom remodeling ideas with a walk-in shower. It gives a timeless classic beauty to your shower area. This works well when paired with stainless steel accessories and glass walls.

To save floor space, we recommend that you have a floating pedestal sink. This allows you to have more footprint to place your baskets for storing extra linens and toiletries. The plumbing underneath the sink gives an industrial chic appeal to your white bathroom remodel.

If you go for white subway tiles for your shower walls, you can choose a different pattern for your shower floor. It could be those hexagonal or pentagon-shaped tiles. This gives a distinction and adds beauty to your shower remodel.

Sit and relax with a foldable shower bench

Old style bathroom with floating seat

Adding a shower bench gives a spa-like feel to your walk-in shower. When you have a bench, you can sit and be more relaxed with your hot or cold shower. For your seniors, this is a good feature to add to your walk-in shower. Installing a grab bar on the shower wall is also good since it makes your shower more user-friendly for all ages.

Some options available for you are to have a wooden shower bench. This is not fixed to the wall or floor, so you can easily move it around your shower space.

Get the right shower pan

Farmhouse bathroom style with open shelving cabinet, shower and toilet

If you want a more spacious shower pan without compromising elegance, you can choose a rectangular shower pan. It gives you the needed space for your walk-in shower. You can also request a customized shower pan from your contractor so that it’ll surely fit. If you have enough budget for bathroom remodeling, might as well take this into account.

Let natural light come in

White bathroom with shower, vanity

You can also decide to let natural light come in by adding a large window or a skylight in your shower area. This is one of the latest bathroom remodeling ideas you can find. If you decide to have a skylight or a window, you need to ensure it has been properly sealed, otherwise, expect water to drip from those cracks.

Transitional layout

Beige bathroom with floating vanity, and tub

If you still have ample space left beside your walk-in shower, you can install a freestanding tub. The white glass shower wall or glass enclosure will be the one dividing the two. Having a transitional layout is great since you have the option to either take a quick shower or a full bath. Investing in bathroom cabinets would also be a good idea. 

Play with tiles

Walk-in shower with glass

Tiles are one element you can manipulate for your small bathroom remodeling and walk-in shower ideas. Choosing the right tiles can make an impact on the overall aesthetics and value of your shower remodel. Below are the best tiles to choose from for your shower and bathroom makeover:

  • Mosaic Tiles: This tile is great for decorating your shower walls. These are small pieces of tiles that you can arrange to create an art masterpiece on your shower wall.
  • Marble Tiles: This classic stone is undeniably effective in making your shower more elegant and valuable. There are different kinds of marble tiles you can try for your walk-in shower. So far, the in-demand marble tiles are Carrara and Calacatta. White marble or those with neutral palettes are best for modern and small bathrooms.
  • Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles: Both materials are durable and affordable. They come in different stains and colors, so you can pick one that best fits your bathroom. Porcelain tiles can be matte or glossy finish. If you want your shower to be more brilliant and spacious, we recommend those with a glossy finish.
  • Limestone Tiles: If you want a naturally-toned shower, limestone tiles are a great choice. You just have to seal them before and after installation to make them more resistant to stains and moisture.
  • Glass Tiles: Besides shiny porcelains, glass tiles are also good for improving the brightness of your bathroom. They are naturally resistant to water and require low care and maintenance.

Curtain as your divider 

Small hall bathroom with toilet, and shower combination

Besides having a glass wall for separating your shower from the rest, you can also consider having a shower curtain. This is more affordable, yet there’s less privacy since it can be easily moved aside. But if it’ll be for your master bath, that would be less of a problem. 

You also have tons of selections for shower curtains. Oftentimes, going for white or blue is the common choice since it blends with the vibes of a bathroom.

Skip the tub

Bathroom with blue shaker cabinets, toilet, and shower

To save more floor space, you can also skip the tub, and just leave the shower. That way, you can allocate the space for a bigger vanity and countertop. Having more storage inside your bathroom is also necessary for keeping things organized and clean.

Need help with your walk-in shower redo?

There are many steps to remodeling a walk-in shower, yet tapping a professional can be of great help to you. At Mega Kitchen and Bath, we help homeowners get their dream homes through smart renovations to their kitchen and bathroom.

Do you have questions about walk-in shower renovation? You can reach out to us for a free consultation. Book an appointment online, or call us at (301) 812-3965.

You can explore more shower remodeling ideas on our website. Otherwise, visit our showroom in Silver Spring, Maryland. We’ll assist you there, and show our products and designs for bathroom remodeling.

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