Ways in Increasing Your Bathroom Space When Remodeling

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Every homeowner or remodeler has their reasons why they want to undertake a whole bathroom remodeling on a budget. Nevertheless, the three main reasons we found out from our clients are (1) sprucing curb appeal and functionality; (2) increasing property value; and (3) maximizing storage spaces.

Among these reasons, we are highlighting the smart ways of increasing your storage spaces for your bathroom renovation at a reasonable bathroom remodel cost.

In line, we at Mega Kitchen and Bath is well-known for always offering affordable small bath remodel cost at any budget. We can guarantee that because we have different suppliers and our crew are highly creative and resourceful in this field.

Without any delays, let’s check out the latest methods of boosting the smart storage compartments inside your newly renovated master bath.

Consider Installing Shaker Peg Rails

A shaker peg rail is usually made of Maple wood which gives natural warmth and plenty of storage inside your cool bathroom.  You can either screw or nail it to your wall stud for installation, and it is a good choice for hanging towels, linens, and other bathroom stuff.

Construct Wall Corner Cabinets

If you do not want the corners of your bathroom wall to become bare and dull, then installing a corner cabinet is best. Our crew can craft a customized size and design that meets your average cost of bathroom remodel.

We have an array of materials available for you such as hardwood, medium-density fiberboard, plastic, and more.

Customized Sliding Pull-Down Shelves

Meanwhile, if you have smaller bathrooms, it is best to clear off more footprint to make it look more spacious and airy. Instead of installing the usual floor-based bathroom shelves, we can hang it on your wall.

Pull-down sliding shelves are trending smart storage ideas for modern bathroom space since it combines functionality, aesthetics, and space maximization at a smaller percentage of your bathroom remodeling total cost. 

Make Use of Your Door’s Backside

If you are not planning of having a sliding door in your renovated bathroom, then installing hangers, shelves, or peg rails on your rear door side works best in increasing storage.

We can use sturdy hardwood materials for that like Maple or Oakwood so it can carry a substantial amount of weight. Likewise, our consultants can seamlessly include that in your master bath remodel cost on a budget.

Stackable Hanging Baskets

Small bathrooms will usually have problems with insufficient space for installing more vanity cabinets and shelves, so one of our best alternatives is installing stacked hanging baskets.

It is a versatile choice since we can seamlessly do that in your bare walls by just installing an adjustable cord or cable where to stack and hang your baskets. With that, your average bath remodels cost will be cheaper than installing permanent cabinets.

Install Wall Medicine / Cosmetic Cabinets

Besides the rear side of your door or the space above it, we can also make use of the rear space of your vanity mirror. We can install a recessed wall cabinet behind your mirror, where you can place your medicine kit and cosmetics.

To make that more cost-efficient for your full bath remodel cost, we can choose a taller or wider mirror, where your wall cabinet will be of parallel size.

Recessed Storage Compartments in Your Shower or Tub

Meanwhile, if you plan to have a molded tub or shower area, then there is a small space in between your inner and outer walls that we can use for recessed storage compartments. 

Divide Your Vanity Cabinet Interior

A smart way of maximizing the space inside your vanity cabinet is when you subdivide it into smaller compartments. We can use wire shelves (with plastic insulation) to divide the space inside, so you can sort things as well.

Consider Having A Coat Tree

For a price under $50, you can buy a decent coat tree where you can easily hang your bathrobes, towels, linens, and other fabrics. You have plenty of finish and material to choose such as metal or wood.

Create A Cubbyhole Storage In Your Wall Studs

Typically, your wall can either be 3.5” to 6” deep which is workable in making recessed cubbyhole storage inside your master bath. Nevertheless, we can intentionally create a more spacious and deeper recessed compartment for storing your bath soaps, shampoos, and other cosmetics.

Make Use of Prefab Storage Cabinets and Metal Shelves

Meanwhile, if you want to save more on your cabinets and shelves, go for the pre-made ones in our showroom or other stores. We have an array of styles, finishes, and sizes that can suit the theme and size of your bathroom remodeling.

Some of the popular materials today are plastic, wood, brass, stainless steel, and medium-density fiberboard. Nevertheless, we can also customize a few of its features to spruce its appeal.

Creative Methods of Sprucing Your Bathroom

We are done with the different ways of maximizing your bathroom storage compartments, let’s move to our tips of recreating your bathroom space. Below are some of our best strategies for the renovation of your shower and tub area.

  • Updating your sink basin and faucet
  • Installing more mirrors and a glass enclosure in your walk-in shower
  • Recessed and modern lighting
  • Neutral and pale paint palettes
  • Adding ornamental plants
  • Getting beautiful patterns and colors for your bathroom floors
  • Cabinet refacing and updating its hardware

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