What Makes Galley Kitchen Layout The Best Option For Your Remodel?

A galley kitchen isn’t the easiest layout to work on. But when done properly, it can be the best kitchen layout for you.

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There are lots of kitchen remodeling ideas that you can fine. However, when it comes to simplicity while giving a luxurious look to your home, a galley kitchen is your best option. If you’re still on the fence about doing a galley kitchen remodeling, then you’re in the right spot to know why it’s the best choice for you.

What are the benefits of a galley kitchen?

There are pros and cons of having a galley kitchen. It’s not everyone’s favorite, yet there are benefits to enjoy from it. Here are some of the benefits to savor from having this layout for a kitchen remodel.

Better work efficiency in the kitchen

Because of its layout, it’s easier for you to transfer from one countertop to another. No time is wasted from running to the other end since you’re a few seconds away from grabbing things on the opposite countertop.

More countertop space 

Unlike the one-wall kitchen layout, this kitchen renovation idea provides ample work space. You have two countertops placed opposite each other, and extending the entire wall. No need to have a kitchen island in the middle, unless the distance between them is quite far.

More storage 

For this layout, a kitchen cabinet design that would work is having more on the upper portion of the wall. The base cabinets as well, there are plenty of them, considering you have two countertops. That said, you have more storage for a galley than for a one-wall kitchen layout.

Most homes with small kitchens prefer to have this since it helps them maximize space. We can help you plan and implement your dream galley kitchen remodel today.

Tips for kitchen remodeling Galley Kitchen

No matter what kitchen layout you have, whether it’s galley or L-shaped, you can always find ways to make it more beautiful and functional. Here, we’re going to share some kitchen remodeling ideas for galley kitchens.

Choose your galley kitchen layout 

There are two layout options you can choose from for your galley kitchen, depending on your budget for a kitchen remodel, you can surely find what suits you. 

Symmetrical- the arrangement of units and the length of the runs are the same on each side as much as possible, depending on your preferences.

Asymmetrical- you can mix tall and wall units along one side while with a short run on the other. Or you can add tall cabinets or different appliances on one side while wall units are on the other. 

If you’re unsure which one to have, no worries, as we can help you. Our designer can help you plan and design what’s the most feasible kitchen layout for you. 

Use Light Tones and Neutral Colors 

When space is not a luxury, lighten it up to make it look wider. Brighter colors and tones will enhance the size of your long and narrow kitchen by reflecting and diffusing natural light. 

Consider light-colored paints for your walls and bright coating for your cabinets, counters, and even flooring. It is also highly recommended to select appliances that are shiny, such as matte white or stainless steel. In terms of furniture, choose high-gloss finishes with pale colors, which enhance the impression of space.

Opt for Open Shelving

Galley kitchen remodeling layout is suitable for small or compact spaces, it can also look cluttered when not carefully planned. Opt for open shelving to give it an impression of space rather than just plain walls.  You can set the same color scheme for your cabinets and shelves. Add some colorful glass bottles and plants to keep your space airy, fun, and alive. 

Carefully select your lighting

When planning for a kitchen makeover, it is not enough to just maximize your space, but also carefully consider the lighting layouts. 

An energy-saving idea for your galley kitchen is to place skylights. This allows available natural light to enter, which allows you to navigate your space comfortably.

Another way to brighten your workspace is worktop spotlights. Aside from offering a brighter workspace, it will also help illuminate the rest of your kitchen space.

Kitchen Galley with an island

If your space allows, you can install an island. A kitchen island increases storage area and functionality. It enhances efficiency in the kitchen while you prepare food or cook. You can add cabinetry to your kitchen island for additional storage space. It also gives your guests an alternative table next to your kitchen. 

However, if you have insufficient space, you can opt for a mobile kitchen island. It still functions the same– increases storage area and functionality. The additional highlight of a mobile kitchen island is it can also serve as a serving table whenever necessary.

Close one end of your kitchen wall

When your galley kitchen leads to another room, it will cause heavy traffic as it will become a freeway. This isn’t a problem at all, nonetheless, if you have kids or pets, this can be something you have to consider. You don’t want them playing around your kitchen while you are cutting food, boiling water, or holding a pan. 

Safety must always be part of the planning for your galley kitchen remodeling ideas. You can enhance safety by closing one end of the wall, giving the cook one entry point, which will also increase awareness of others that are coming and going. 

If you worry about your wall space, let’s max it out by installing open shelving or adding a chalkboard for your to-do list or shopping list, or family pictures. Additionally, you can make use of a mirror to create the illusion of a wider space. 

Keep walls cabinet free at eye-level 

As mentioned above, safety must be on the top list when it comes to remodeling your galley kitchen. One way of enhancing safety around your kitchen is to keep your walls cabinet free at eye level. This will help you to navigate your kitchen comfortably without cabinets right above you. It gives your space enough breathing space and makes it more open and wider. 

You may also place your tall storage such as fridge, ladders, or long cabinets at the entrance of your room. This way it won’t crowd your visual space since you’ll naturally pass them. 

Need help remodeling your kitchen? 

We hope you had a great time reading the article and learning about the benefits of having a galley kitchen. No matter what kitchen layout you have, there are ways to make that more functional and valuable.

Should you require help with kitchen remodeling, you can contact us. We offer free design consultations. You can call us at 301-812-4085 or visit us on our Facebook page!

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