What To Consider Before Your Bathroom Remodeling

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You might get too excited for doing a full or budget bathroom makeover that you tend to forget the essentials. We also remind our clients that planning is the most critical factor in securing everything will be done according to your plan and budget.

Once you are done listing the important factors you need to take note for your bathroom renovation, the next step is deciding whether you need to hire a licensed contractor or not. This dilemma is included in our discussion in the latter part of the article.

Below are the practical things one must take into consideration when planning to do a makeover in their shower and bathroom.

How much are you willing to spend for bathroom remodeling?

Oftentimes, most of our customers are price sensitive but we always remind them of the quality they wish to have in renovating their shower and bath. For you to say that price is cost-efficient, you need to match that up with the quality of material and service employed in your bathroom renovation.

The average bathroom remodel cost is $10,400 which can range between $6,000 to $15,000. To save more, you can go for minor updates rather than upgrading essential parts inside your bathroom. A possible small bath remodel cost is around $3,500 to $7,000, while master bath remodel cost can go up to $25,000 and higher. 

Labor takes a huge partition of your full bath remodel cost, that is, 50% based on bathroom remodeling total cost. If you wish to have a reasonable price for remodeling your bathroom, you can contact us today.

Accessibility and Dimension of your Bathroom

No matter how fancy your newly renovated bathroom looks, if accessibility and convenience is compromised, then the overall impact is low. Take note, your bathroom serves like an oasis where you can relax and refresh from your exhausting day of work.

Accessibility is a top concern among homeowners and this includes how convenient and safe it is to utilize every amenities and fixtures inside your master bathroom. For instance, a walk-in shower is highly convenient and safe for all ages.

Some useful features you can install in your bathroom to increase accessibility include safety handrails, hassle-free lever faucet handle, handheld shower, foldable shower bench, and arm-reach adjustment for shower temperature and pressure.

Meanwhile, the dimension of your full bathroom space totally depends on your preference and budget. A larger bathroom space provides better convenience as you have more space to move around. Whereas, a small bathroom area will be easier to maintain and more affordable to renovate.

Asking Free Estimates

This can be linked to your planning stage where you plan to hire a licensed general contractor to help you out with bathroom renovation. Your full bath remodel cost can vary from one contractor to another, and there are other factors influencing price.

To ensure you have a good estimate on your master bath remodel cost, never hesitate to gather at least three quotations from different contractors. If you wish to get a free quote from us for your bathroom remodeling, contact us today. We provide free estimates and meaning insights on how to economically spruce up your old shower and bath.

Do I Need to Hire a Licensed and Bonded Contractor

It is a common misconception that hiring a professional contractor will be unnecessary and expensive. Indeed, remodeling either a small or master bathroom, requires a substantial amount of money. The main reason why some homeowners would take a loan to finance their renovation.

Truth to be told, bathroom renovation is chaotic, time-consuming, expensive, tiring, noisy, and space consuming. However, despite its messy process, with great patience and perseverance you are able to reap off the beauty from a newly remodeled shower and bath.

Hiring a professional contractor is necessary to ensure you get things accurately and properly done. Leaning to our professionals is never a sign of weakness, rather a smart action to move things efficiently.

You can still save up while hiring a licensed contractor when you do some of the tasks for your bathroom makeover. Some of the things you can take over include demolition, painting, wood staining, sealing, installing moldings, and constructing storage shelves.

Leave the difficult and highly technical works to the contractor while you do the light to moderate tasks. Overall, our licensed and bonded technicians have the right skills, experience, and tools to efficiently do their job.

Do You Plan to Retain or Change Existing Layout

In general, if you wish to keep your full bath remodel cost low, then you would have to retain the current layout in your bathroom. With that, you do not have to alter the plumbing and electrical works in your master bathroom. You have better savings for labor and material for this situation.

Invest in Bathroom Countertops

Most of our clients would invest more in their bathroom vanity tops because it serves as the focal point of your bathroom remodeling. In choosing for the right material, aesthetics is of higher priority than the durability of the material.

White or neutral color bathroom counters are the trending tones for a refreshing and chic curb appeal. Some of the top materials used today include granite, quartz, marble, and solid surface.


For an affordable price, you can readily avail our premier services and materials for your full bathroom makeover. Our helpful staff are highly trained with vast experience in renovating kitchens and bathrooms. You can also follow us on facebook.

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