Dreamy White Kitchen Renovation Ideas In Aspen Hill MD

There are so many kitchen remodeling ideas that one could take. However, there is some special beauty in a well-executed white kitchen renovation. This fact is because when you have the right white kitchen renovation ideas, you take the color that symbolizes nothingness, and turn it into a spectacular space.

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If you can take your white kitchen renovation ideas in Aspen Hill, MD to the next level, you will be rewarded in some surprising ways. You will not believe the white kitchen cabinet renovation before and after images that result.

To help inspire you to create the white kitchen you want, our experts in kitchen renovation in Aspen Hill, MD will guide you through everything you need to know about the process. This post will steer you in the right direction and make coming up with white kitchen ideas easy.

White Kitchen With Butcher Block Countertops

A butcher block countertop, which displays natural wood in its finest form, is a great pairing with a white kitchen renovation. In some cases, a white kitchen can feel a bit on the cold or sterile side, but pairing it with a butcher block countertop really warms the space up.

The butcher block wood really puts an emphasis on the blankness of the white. This helps with putting the entire kitchen into perspective and makes you see the room as a whole.

Add Natural Light For The Best Results

Having natural light shine on your white kitchen makes it look much more open and airy. If you have windows in your existing kitchen, consider expanding their size if that is a possibility for your structure.

You can also add windows to your white kitchen renovation. French doors to a patio are a winning idea that can take any white kitchen to the next level.

A skylight is a real game changer when it comes to adding natural light to your white kitchen renovation. You will get the magic of the sun’s rays all day and at night you might get the shine of a full moon on occasion.

Textures Play A Big Role In Bringing A White Kitchen Renovation To Life

If you can mix and match a few different textures in your white kitchen, the space will become a lot more lively and liberated. You might consider different tile backsplashes which can have different shapes and patterns.

You could also do something with some shiplap or even bead board. Both of these wall materials add some shadowing which can help to break up stagnation in a white kitchen renovation.

Another way to use textures is with differing paint finishes, such as flat, glossy, and even matte. This can help you delineate different areas of the kitchen or different vertical levels. You can paint kitchen cabinets by yourself, or hire an expert for it. 

White Kitchen Cabinet Renovation

In the grand scheme of a kitchen, the cabinets play one of the largest roles, and especially in a white kitchen. You can do a lot with your white kitchen cabinets including:

  • Mix in different textures. There are modern kitchen cabinet ideas like shakers or louvered give your eyes something to trod over.
  • Add some accent color with the hardware. You can choose different materials or finishes, such as bright copper for a warming effect.
  • Change up cabinet door length, width, and height to make some visual interest.

You will use your kitchen cabinets nearly every time you enter the kitchen, so you want to make them an integral part of the visual experience as well. A great white kitchen renovation often starts and finishes with the cabinets.

Black Stone Cabinets In A White Kitchen

Going all in on contrast in a white kitchen renovation is a bold move that often pays off huge. Putting a deep black cabinet right in the center of your white kitchen is a wonderful way to really make people say “wow!

A real stone cabinet made from granite or marble is a wonderful way to bring some solid earthiness to your white kitchen. Anyone who sees a big ol’ slab of granite in your white kitchen will be impressed.

Plants Can Play An Integral Role In Your White Kitchen Renovation

An interesting technique that many kitchen remodeling designers are trying out these days is to consider the plants that will go into a white kitchen renovation. You can work around the shapes and colors of your favorite plants to create a kitchen that fits your personality.

Plants bring a certain calming feeling to a kitchen, and you can even tend to edible herbs to use while cooking tasty meals. There is also the fresh air that plants make to keep you breathing easy.

A Range Hood To Break The Ice

People seem to be going berserk with their range hoods these days, and it is just the type of centerpiece that can perfectly balance a white kitchen renovation. You can choose from warm colors like gold, brass or, copper for your range hood.

There are many designs for range hoods that can make your kitchen feel more unique. You could even hire an artisan metal worker to design a custom range hood that would become a daily heirloom.

There are so many amazing ways to incorporate a decorative and functional range hood into your white kitchen renovation. These pieces can help to elevate your kitchen to the next level.

Hanging Lights As A Centerpiece And Illuminator

If your goal is to turn your white kitchen into the backdrop for something incredible, look no further than getting some artistic hanging lights. These fixtures can look beautiful in a white kitchen, and finding the right ones will make cooking easier for your eyes.

The kitchen looks much better with the right lighting. You can work with a lighting designer to make sure that shadows are minimal, and you get light fixtures that liven up your space.

Another brilliant idea for white kitchen cabinet is that that you can do is to hire a local artisan to create with you in mind. Blown glass makes a spectacular hanging light, and some of the best pieces in the world can be had for less money than you imagine.

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