Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

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Kitchen Project Adams Morgan DC

This one-wall kitchen remodel in Adams Morgan, DC has a modern touch, yet its dark wooden shaker cabinets give natural warmth. The metal pulls and square knobs provide easy access. Off-white stone kitchen countertops with bold black and gold veining make an excellent contrast with the cabinets. The subway tile backsplash creates a smooth transition from top to the counter. There’s also a kitchen island with an undermount sink and pull-out faucet for additional workspace. A white wall divides the island and the breakfast counter and there are pendant lights on top of it. Ready to realize your dream kitchen? Call Mega today.

Elegance Bathroom with Homey Ambiance

This bathroom project we have in Silver Spring MD will leave you breathless because of its homey ambiance with a flair of elegance. Mega Kitchen and Bath is your trusted remodeler to call for this matter since we have the experience and skills. We used a lemon yellow color for the walls and then patterned light brown for the flooring. It gives the room a more vibrant feeling with natural warmth coming from the wooden cabinets and sink bowls. You can also feel a spa retreat ambiance with the design and accessories on the vanity counter. In terms of functionality, it has both a tub and a walk-in shower. If you want a bubble bath, you can go for the tub, while for a quick shower on the other. The shower wall and base are light brown in color, which quickly drifts from the lemon yellow walls. Overall, the outcome is fabulous and we can do the same for your dated bathroom. Simply call us to inquire about our remodeling services.

Bathroom Vanities in Annapolis MD

Bathroom Project with Built-In Shower Bench

You deserve the best bathroom remodel in Annapolis MD and it must be capable of removing all your stress and body oils. Mega Kitchen and Bath is your trusted remodeler to lean on to achieve your dream bathroom makeover. This white bathroom renovation improved the clean and refreshing ambiance of the toilet and shower area. The white hue of the vanity top, shaker-style cabinets, toilet, medicine cabinet, and window frame creates an immaculate paradise for your morning and evening beauty rituals. The doorless walk-in shower makes it easier for everyone to access it. There’s a built-in shower bench for the elderly or when you need to relax while taking your shower. All showerheads and fixtures are new, so there’s a great improvement in its function. For more bathroom remodeling ideas, contact us.

Master Bathroom with Standalone Tube

An amazing master bathroom remodel truly adds beauty, value, and comfort to your home. This one is a spacious master bath having a transitional style. We have a freestanding white tub and next to it is the framed glass enclosed walk-in shower. The toilet is alongside the same wall as the tub. Its long off-white stone bathroom countertops with bold patterns of gray, black, and gold undertones create an impressive appearance on top of your bathroom vanity. There are two vanity mirrors and a double undermount sink with cartridge faucets during peak usage. Contact Mega Kitchen and Ideas for bathroom remodeling ideas.

Gray Bathroom with Freestanding Tub

This gray guest bathroom remodel is perfect for your classic or modern home decor. It looks simple and elegant with its freestanding tub and bathroom vanity with top opposite each other. It has a single undermount sink and cartridge faucet with a nickel finish that complements the light gray stone bathroom countertops. The vanity mirror with white frame is above the sink and it pops out from the gray wall. Besides the vanity mirror is a metal ring where a face or hand towel is hung. Contact Mega Kitchen and Bath so we can realize your dream gray guest bathroom makeover.

Stunning Small Bathroom Project

Even when you have a small bathroom in Silver Spring MD, it doesn’t mean you cannot make that beautiful, and Mega can prove that to you. Here is our stunning small bathroom project that’ll motivate you in achieving your dream bathroom makeover. To save space without sacrificing functionality and aesthetics, we have a floating vanity with a stone bathroom countertop. The vanity top is light-toned so it elegantly pops out from the dark-colored vanity. The white porcelain undermount sink and satin finish single lever faucet blend well with the countertop. The alcove tub is slimmer and it contrasts with the dark blue bathroom wall. To avoid moisture accumulation, there’s a shower window. We also have built-in wall storage above the tub for keeping your shampoos and soaps. Mega can help you plan and realize your dream bathroom redo. Call Now.

Bathroom Renovation with Airy Ambiance

No matter what bathroom remodeling theme you desire, Mega Kitchen and Bath can help you make that come true. Our bathroom project in Washington DC will inspire you to choose a suitable design and color for your next home remodeling. We choose a white shaker-style vanity cabinet with bar pulls to match with the coffee brown granite bathroom countertop. The rectangular undermount porcelain sink and bronze finish cartridge faucet add elegance and function to the entire setup. There’s also a shower window for ventilation so that there’ll be no moisture build-up. The alcove tub and new showerheads can make your bathing experience more fun and relaxing. Proper lighting was installed to enhance the airy ambiance. If you need help with this project, contact us.

Natural Warmth Bathroom Renovation

Do you want a contemporary bathroom remodel with a touch of natural warmth? Our bathroom project in Chevy Chase MD can inspire you to do it, and with the help of a professional remodeling contractor, nothing is impossible. The white shaker-style cabinets with copper finish bar pull contribute to the modern beauty of this bathroom makeover. We have a coffee brown vanity top to add warmth to the shaker cabinet, while its bronze finish cartridge faucet gives a classic feel. The white alcove tub seamlessly pops out from the dark brown shower walls, and the windows help ventilate the area to avoid excess moisture build-up. All bathroom fixtures and showerheads are new so that you’ll have a better experience in freshening up before and after the day. For more amazing bathroom renovation ideas, contact Mega Kitchen and Bath.

Bathroom Renovation with Vanity in Kensington MD

Bathroom Project with Cream White Base Color

Renovating your bathroom is never that difficult, especially if you’re working with a professional remodeler like Mega Kitchen and Bath. Our designers and contractors can help you achieve your dream bathroom makeover in Kensington MD. For this bathroom project, we choose a cream white base color while a coffee brown flooring to exhibit warmth. There is enhanced elegance and you can see that on the white pedestal sink with bronze finish cartridge faucet. The overhead lighting on the vanity mirror provides enough brightness for you to see your face and enhance the focus on the sink. The white frameless walk-in shower is lined with mosaic tiles to add an accent. The shower base also used mosaic tiles for better traction and aesthetics. Are you excited to start your bathroom renovation? Call us for free advice.


Bathroom Project with Dual Lever Faucet

Imagining your black and white bathroom remodel? Here’s our bathroom project in Laurel MD that will truly inspire you to start this in your home. Mega Kitchen and Bath can help you plan and realize your black and white bathroom redo on a budget. In this project, the black vanity top, and shaker-style cabinet seamlessly blends with each other, while the white oval undermount sink elegantly stands out. The satin finish dual lever faucet gives the vanity an industrial-chic touch. The frameless walk-in shower allows you to freely access it and the built-in bench is for your convenience. Its black bench flawlessly pops out from the white subway tiles on the shower wall, and the shower base has modern geometric designs. If you need advice or help, get in touch with us.

Cooler Ambiance Bathroom Project

Choosing a neutral color for your bathroom remodel is an excellent idea since it boosts its clean and cooler ambiance. You can see that in our bathroom project in Hyattsville MD where the white and Columbia blue colors brighten it up. The white vanity top, oval undermount porcelain sink, and white shaker-style cabinet provide pristine beauty to your bathroom makeover. The stainless steel finish cabinet hardware and faucet add better function and an industrial touch. The handheld showerhead and alcove tub guarantee your relaxing time while taking a bath or quick shower. The cream shower wall tiles give soft warmth to balance with its coolness. There are also handlebars for safety and wall-mount open shelves to store your bathroom linens. Your dream bathroom redo is within reach, and we can help you with that. Get in touch with us.

Light-blue Bathroom with White Stone Countertops

Proper planning and implementation can guarantee the success of your bathroom project in Takoma Park MD. Mega Kitchen and Bath is your trusted remodeler to lean on since we have the experience and skills. In this remodel, we have two light-blue bathroom vanities with white stone bathroom countertops to splash elegance and a clean appearance. Single porcelain undermount sink with bronze finish cartridge faucet for each vanity top. The white alcove tub looks refreshing with its cream white subway tiles for the shower wall. A wall-mount showerhead and tub spout for an enhanced shower experience. To promote proper airflow, there’s a window above the toilet, so extra moisture can get out. If you need more advice, contact us today.

Classy Bathroom with Impala Black Granite Slab

Designing your bathroom remodel is challenging, and to make that easier for you, you can talk to Mega Kitchen and Bath. For our bathroom project in Potomac MD, we’ve made an old bathroom transformed into a classy and refreshing place for you to revitalize yourself from a day’s work. To make the vanity more elegant, we installed an impala black granite slab and it has a dual undermount porcelain sink and dual cartridge faucets. There are two vanity mirrors, two with three lamps for better brightness. The cloudy blue paint of the vanity matches with its black countertop and white flooring. For a homey vibe, we used shaker-style cabinets with top knobs and arch pulls for better access. There are two windows for ventilation so that moisture doesn’t build up in your bathroom. The walk-in shower with a glass enclosure looks fabulous and the mosaic tiles make it more attractive. If you need more remodeling ideas, contact us today.

Small Bathroom with Light-brown Stone Countertop

Having a small bathroom is never a hindrance for you to get a gorgeous one, and Mega can prove that with this small bathroom remodel in Bowie MD. We adapted a modern minimalist theme for this, which also matches the customer’s preference. We have two highlights for this bathroom makeover: framed walk-in shower and the vanity. The vanity top’s color blends with the shower wall and flooring, creating a smooth appearance if you switch from the vanity area to the walk-in shower. Inside the shower area, we have the wall-mount showerhead, built-in bench, wall-recessed storage. A line of mosaic tiles circles around the shower wall giving it an exciting accent. The small round vanity mirror looks great and gives more emphasis to the wall and the two lights beside it brighten up the mirror and the bathroom countertop. The light-brown stone bathroom countertop with specks of black, gold, and gray tones pairs with the undermount white porcelain sink. The satin finish appearance of the cartridge faucet adds to the classic beauty of the vanity top. The dark wood shaker-style vanity cabinet with arch pulls elegantly complements the bathroom countertops. So if you need a professional bathroom remodeler, you can turn to us today.

Bathroom Project with Modern Fixtures and Accessories

This bathroom remodel in Silver Spring MD changes the way you do your daily shower and beauty rituals since you have better amenities inside. The light-brown color granite bathroom countertop gives a warm touch among the modern fixtures and accessories inside. Its white porcelain undermount sink seamlessly contrasts with it, while the bronze finish cartridge faucet gives a boost of elegance. The toilet is placed in between the walk-in frameless walk-in shower and the bathroom vanity. There’s enough space inside the shower and a built-in bench for you to relax while enjoying water flow from your wall-mount showerhead. The light gray tone of the shower wall and floor puts a beautiful distinction from the rest of the bathroom. The white shaker-style cabinets with bronze finish bar pull flawlessly blend with the toilet, wall, and door. Overall, you’ll feel a breathable and contemporary vibe in this bathroom makeover. For more bathroom renovation ideas, contact us

Bathroom Design with Frameless Glass Style

A white bathroom remodel in Washington DC can invite a more spa-retreat and relaxing experience when you’re taking a quick shower or bubble bath. The main highlight is the walk-in shower with a frameless glass enclosure. Inside the shower, you have a wall-mount and handheld showerhead for versatile function. In terms of aesthetics, the mosaic tiles on the shower floor and wall-recessed storage are a great fit. Beside the shower is open shelving for storing your bathroom linens, tissue rolls, shampoos, and liquid soap. Opposite your shower is a white shaker-style cabinet with a white stone bathroom countertop. To complete its stark white beauty, you also have a white porcelain undermount sink and the cartridge sink elegantly pops out from the background. If a white bathroom remodel is your preference, Mega Kitchen and Bath can help you achieve that.

White Bathroom with Overhead Lighting Mirror

White bathroom remodel is still a trending theme for homeowners in Rockville, MD today. The base color is white to make the space cleaner and modern. The wide vanity mirror with overhead lighting gives sufficient brightness when you’re fixing yourself. The black stone bathroom countertop with a double undermount sink and two cartridge faucets are great for your busy lifestyle and growing family. The black countertop with white speckles graciously pairs with the light-gray shaker-style cabinets with arch pulls. It has a framed walk-in shower that helps you stay fresh before and after work. It has an off-white shower wall with fine veining, and then mosaic tiles on the shower base. Wall-mount showerhead gives you that spa retreat feeling every time you shower. For your complimentary consultation, contact Mega today.


Bathroom Project with Dual Vanity Mirrors

Our bathroom project in Bethesda MD will inspire you for your next shower remodel. There’s a better choice for your daily needs since we have a glass-enclosed walk-in shower and freestanding tub. It has all new shower fixtures and finishes for enhanced beauty and function. We have dual vanity mirrors with overhead lighting to have better illumination when you’re fixing yourself. The dual undermount sink is perfect for your growing family. The dark-toned vanity cabinet with nickel finish bar pulls contrasts with white Calacatta and wall. We also have a statement mirror for aesthetics. If you need more advice, contact Mega today.

Dual Showerheads Bathroom Ideas

When remodeling your bathrooms in Northwest Washington DC, you need to balance aesthetics and function. A frameless walk-in shower suits well and you can have dual showerheads and a shower bench inside. Small shower floor tiles are also a perfect choice to avoid slipping while giving texture to your flooring. There’s also a storage compartment built inside the shower wall for your bathing products. The focal point is the beige bathroom vanity with tops. White shaker cabinets with black top knobs give an exciting contrast, while complimenting the two vanity mirrors and pendant lights. For exciting renovation ideas, contact Mega Kitchen and Bath.


Small Bathroom with Beige Stone Vanity Tops

This bathroom remodel gives you a cozy feeling with its beige stone vanity tops and flooring. White shaker style bathroom cabinets with black finish top knobs also adds a homey vibe and better access. The double undermount sink and black cartridge faucets give a touch of elegance, not to mention it has two vanity mirrors with hanging pendant lights. You can store first aid kits inside the gray medicine cabinet in between the mirrors. Its frameless walk-in shower gives a stylish atmosphere. There is better function since it has shower bench, wall-recessed storage, and dual showerheads. Contact us for more renovation ideas.

Best Bathroom Remodeling in College Park MD

White Sanctuary Bathroom Project

For your inspiration, this bathroom project in College Park MD was designed by Sever. Mega efficiently transformed its old and gloomy bathroom into a white sanctuary of spa retreat ambiance. If you aim to perform bathroom remodeling, don’t hesitate to reach out for us. The Uptown white shaker-style cabinets from Forevermark and white subway tiles for shower walls create that immaculate pristine beauty suited for this project. To add more elegance, we also installed a Moon White granite bathroom countertop, and it also helps enhance the beauty of the cabinets. The bronze finish cartridge faucet gorgeously match with the oval undermount Brita sink, and both adds an antique but classy appeal to your vanity top. In doing your bathroom renovations, we always strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics. You can assure that Mega is your best remodeler to lean on. Call us and avail of our free consultation.


Bathroom Project with Brown Wooden Shaker-Style

Undertaking a bathroom renovation is challenging, yet everything becomes smoother when you’re working with professionals like Mega Kitchen and Bath. You can see the expertise of our designers and contractors in our bathroom project in Bowie MD. For this project, we used lemon yellow, brown, and white for the main colors. The brown wooden shaker-style vanity cabinets perfectly blend with its white stone countertops. The wooden vessel sinks on top of the vanity counter plus dual vanity mirrors create a spa-like feel. If you turn to the walk-in shower and tub, you’ll be amazed at how it looks and with better function. The white tub flawlessly pop-out from the brown tiles on the shower wall and flooring. We made sure that all new fixtures and accessories match each other to create a harmonious effect. For more bathroom remodeling ideas, send us an email or call our office.

Modern Bathroom with Dark-Toned Design

This bathroom remodel in Northwest Washington DC is designed by Katherine Bradshaw. It uses white and warm colors for this remodel. The white vanity wall is balanced by the Onyx Cobblestone Fabuwood shaker-style cabinets. The bar pulls elegantly pops out from the cabinet doors. Its MSI Vicenza white countertops marries with the dark-toned bathroom vanity cabinet. The pull-up faucet pairs well with its undermount sink for better function. White alcove tub matches with its shower wall and the Happy Floors Alpi Tortora tiles add more attention to the shower wall and floor. For more bathroom renovation ideas, contact Mega Kitchen and Bath.


Small Bathroom with Black Pearl Countertop

These simple upgrades for your small bathroom in Washington DC can make a huge difference in its aesthetics and function. The floating vanity top with porcelain white oval Brita undermount sink looks stylish and space-saving. The Nexus Slate color Fabuwood vanity introduces warmth to your place. The top knobs and Granite bathroom countertops raise the elegance of your remodel. Its black pearl countertop color promotes a dramatic vibe that goes along with your other modern fixtures. The Bardiglio Grigio flooring complements your subway bathroom tiles for a contemporary vibe. Mega help you realize your dream bathroom makeover that fits your budget and needs

Cleaner Modern Bathroom Project

To inspire you for your next bathroom remodel in Maryland, here’s one of our best projects designed by Katherine Bradshaw. When you want a cleaner modern bathroom, choosing MSI Calacatta Vicenza white countertop is great. This has a dual undermount sink and pull-up Wayfair faucet for enhanced functionality. The black Wolf Designer shaker cabinets pair well with Calacatta and nickel finish bar pulls. It provides natural warmth that flows through its Atlas Arpa flooring. There’s better function with its walk-in shower, freestanding tub, and dual vanity mirrors. Contact Mega Kitchen and Bath, so we can start planning for your next bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Project with Dual Handle Faucet

This transitional bathroom remodel in Rockville, MD used white and blue-green base colors. The frameless walk-in shower is beside its Alcove tub with white subway tile surround. It has a dual handle faucet and a vanity mirror above the tub. Corner storage and new showerheads for improved function and style. White bathroom vanity and tops with a dual undermount sink and dual handle faucet for enhanced function and modern looks. White shaker bathroom vanities and a ceiling-height cabinet make a good contrast with the wall. Travertine flooring tiles to add natural warmth to your bathroom. Let’s start working on your dream bathroom.

Amazing Bathroom Ideas with Bar Pulls

Here’s an amazing master bath remodeling in Columbia, MD, which inspires you for your next bathroom remodeling. As you go inside its french door, there are two bathroom countertops and vanities, one to the right and the other to the left. Both have dark wood shaker cabinets with bar pulls for easy access. The white stone bathroom countertops create contrast with dark cabinetry. At the end, you’ll see the freestanding tub with windows and blinds for ventilation. The hanging fixture above it adds elegance to the setup. There’s an LCD screen and towel rail near the tub. We also have a frameless walk-in shower to cater to your daily needs. A built-in bench and mosaic shower floor tiles bring improved function and aesthetics. Let’s plan for your next bathroom renovation in Columbia, contact us.


Hall Bathroom with Hanging Pendant Lights

Compact modern bathroom remodel in Annapolis that’ll inspire you. Bathroom vanity with nickel finish top knobs for easier access White stone bathroom countertops creating an excellent contrast. The undermount sink and cartridge faucet add better function. Hanging pendant lights are installed above the vanity mirror to emphasize the vanity top finish. For an easier transition, the toilet is placed in between the bathroom vanity and walk-in shower. Inside the frameless walk-in shower, you have a wall-mount and handheld showerhead for enhanced function. The mosaic tiles also add the beauty inside. Realize your dream bathroom makeover with Mega Kitchen and Bath.


Bathroom Project with Transitional Design

Having a tub and shower for your bathroom remodel is magnificent since you have both worlds in one place. This is good for a growing family and hiring a designer and remodeler ensures you get the best design and amenities. Here the freestanding tub is opposite to your frameless walk-in shower. The transitional layout gives you an option to switch from a quick shower to your bubble bath. Impressive functionality with its ceiling-mount and handheld showerhead, built-in bench, and wall-recessed storage gives more function. The black stone countertop makes a stunning contrast with the white bathroom vanity. For free consultation, call Mega today.


Updated Bathroom with Fresh Elegant Look

Updating your old bathroom can happen in multiple ways with the goal of bringing in a cooler ambiance and improved functionality. For this project, we’ve updated a few things to give it a fresh elegant look. The long grayish bathroom countertops create a stunning focal point inside. We have two undermount sinks, one on each end, and then a white shaker style cabinet on top of the counter. Then we have a frameless walk-in shower with built-in bench and mosaic tiles on the shower floor. It has a wall-mount and handheld shower head for greater functionality. Contact Mega for more bathroom remodeling ideas.


Small Bathroom with Vinyl Wood Planks

If you’re planning to do a small bathroom remodel, we suggest you choose white or any neutral colors, just like what we did for this bathroom project. The base white color makes an excellent contrast with the vinyl wood planks. Larger shower wall tiles improve spacious feeling. Here it’s a combination of a wall-mount shower head and an alcove tub. Then there’s added functionality with its curtain and towel bars. The freestanding white vanity with gray stone bathroom countertops has enough counter space for you to place your beauty products. Mega can help you realize your small bathroom remodeling ideas that fits your budget.

Hall Bathroom with Manitou Blue Color Design

White and blue inspired bathroom remodeling in Silver Spring, which you can have today. You can feel the modernity and coziness in Norcraft shaker style cabinets with Manitou blue color and top knobs hardware. This marries well with the industrial chic appearance of the rectangular undermount Kohler sink and faucet. MSI Stellar White quartz countertops are perfect for having a touch of elegance in your bathroom. This creates a smooth transition with your Happy Floor Dolomite White Natural bathroom flooring. A balanced functionality and aesthetics for your newly remodeled bathroom. Get inspirational designs for your bathroom renovation from Mega Kitchen and Bath.


Master Bathroom with Navy Blue Norcraft Shaker Style

There are endless options as to how you want your bathroom remodeling in Silver Spring to go, whether modern, classic, or transitional theme. For a clean contemporary feel, you’re always right in choosing MSI Stellar white quartz countertops. Its subtle white hue complements your wooden kitchen utensils. For upgrading your sink, the durability, and style of rectangular Kohler sink suits well. Its industrial finish marries well with your navy blue Norcraft shaker style cabinets Natural white dolomite flooring from Happy Floors improves the spacious feel of your bathroom remodel. Contact Mega Kitchen and Bath for your bathroom remodel design ideas and tips