How Much Does a Shower Remodel Cost?

How Much Does a Shower Remodel Cost

We all know that living the life that is considered the American dream doesn’t come cheap. Everything comes with a price and it is not easy to get what we want. We have to work hard for it and every sweat that comes out of our body fuels the very income that we receive. Nonetheless, a motivated person will not settle for less than what he is due because he or she  knows that he can get whatever he or she wants as long as hard work and dedication is put in the plate.

Many of us think that the bathroom/shower room is a place where we can get the steam of our chests. It is a place where we repair ourselves in order to become readily presentable to the world or be squeaky clean for bed. But hey, let’s be honest, not all bathrooms are as good as they seem. Most of them, especially those in old apartments and houses needs to be given a new push to become more “people friendly”. Some are pushed to the brink of being considered hazardous and unwanted while some are well maintained and even turned into beautiful works of art. Well in my opinion, it depends on the mindset of the homeowner whether he or she wants improvement or not. That is why it is very important to know what is needed when you want to remodel your shower and be aware of how much it will cost to make such a beautiful sight. 

If you want to remodel your bathroom you’ll be needing to consider these factors:

Room size

The room size will greatly affect the cost of your bathroom remodeling. You have to take into consideration that the bigger the room, the bigger the cost of the materials because it will take more of them to complete one work. Tiles for example costs around $13 per square foot (installation included) and can go as high as $50 depending on the quality. That is why it I suggest that you plan it carefully before getting into contract and adding to carts.

Is it really needed?

Before you renovate your bathroom, always bear in mind that it won’t be a walk in the park. It will be expensive and tiring and cannot be afforded by everyone. There are a lot who may not have the financial capacity to make their bathrooms bigger and better and may cost them more than their monthly wages. On average, low end upgrades will cost around $2,500 – $5000 while high end remodeling will cost up to $50,000. So think about it twice.

Check pipes, ventilation and electricity

It is very important that water pipes, electric wiring and ventilation is checked before remodeling your bathroom since they are hidden in the back of the walls. Sometimes accidents do happen resulting in further damages and delays. These things should be check so that adequate ventilation, lighting and proper water low will still be available after remodeling. Nobody wants a bathroom that has no water and light and chokes you to death right. Also, waste plumbing is very important because you wouldn’t want to hit any pipes and cause accidental leakages right? It is going to be one heck of repair bill if you mess up in this aspect.

Will my plan fit the bathroom?

Lastly, you must think about if the design, floor tiles, curtains, wall paint and other essentials for remodeling will go with size and shape of your bathroom. It sounds fun to just shop for the things needed but you must be careful about this because blind shopping will result into dull outcomes. Think it through or consult with an interior designer or bathroom expert before planning.

Now if you want to remodel your shower room, here’s a preview on how much you will be spending for each commodity needed.


The floor tiles that you will step on will be a necessary need if you are going to remodel your bathroom. Some floor tiles may be cheap in price but will definitely cost you more in the long run because of durability while some are a bit expensive but will save you money and headaches from repairs. All in all, its about how you take care of your bathroom. As I have said earlier, floor tiles will range from $1 per square foot to $30 per square foot. This doesn’t include installation, and it will probably cost $10 – $20 per tile per square foot if you have it installed. So it is best to decide whether to go with cheap or expensive ones when you have an idea of your total budget.

Sink countertop

Sink countertops can range from $85 – $250 depending on size and materials used. You can actually use tiles for your countertop or just plain stone if you are not much of a design freak. All in all it will cost roughly $120-$150 minimum and that’s for the installation as well. It will still depend on your budget.

Bathroom walls

You can also use floor tiles as shower walls and will cost about the same. A dollar to $30 will be the price for 1 square foot  and still doesn’t cover installation. You will be needing to save some money for that too. Also it will depend on the materials of the tiles as well as design and availability.

Shower Room Doors

Shower room Glass will vary from $500 – $1500. It will depend whether you want Glass shower room doors or the plastic ones. I would recommend glass doors because they last better and are not affected by rusting or steam and does not degrade easily.


Shower Room Mirrors will range from $35 – $200 depending on variety, design, size and brand. I suggest that you get the $200 ones because they come with an anti-fog and anti-stain property and will save you from cleaning frequently.

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