How Much Does Building A Home Addition Cost in Crofton, MD? 2022 Prices

Let’s guide you on home addition costs in Crofton, Maryland for 2022. 

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Do you feel like your home needs one or two more rooms? Whether you want a balcony, a sunroom, or a bump out, you’d still need to prepare the right amount of money for this. Home addition is a costly project, yet it can add value and functionality to your home. However, you need to keep in mind that the cost of home addition is pretty much different than the cost of kitchen remodeling

We want to help you get an idea of how much it will cost to add another room inside or outside your house. You’ll get the answer in this article.

How much does home addition cost in Crofton, Maryland?

Living room with wood flooring

Regardless of room type, the average home addition cost in Crofton, MD, is between $22,500 to $50,000. That is approximately $86 to $200 per square foot for building another room in your house. This covers the materials and labor costs.

The maximum cost you can spend for this project is $155,000 while the most affordable one is $10,000.

Cost per square footage for home addition in Crofton, MD 

Classy white living room

We can also calculate the cost for addition to home in square footage. So far, the running rate is $86 to $200 per square foot. If you want to add a 100 sq.ft. room, you need to prepare $20,000 for it.

The average cost per square foot is at $128 while for a luxurious home addition, that will be around $200. For simple ones, that is around $86 per square foot. The usual coverage of this price is the basic construction process, materials, electrical works, and light plumbing. 

Sample Estimates for Home Addition in Crofton, MD

room with large gray cabinets

We’re done talking about the cost per square foot, now, let’s move forward with price estimates for specific square footage you want to add to your home. See below for estimated costs of home addition in Crofton, Maryland.

  • 200 square foot—$29,000
  • 250 square foot – $36,000
  • 400 square foot – $59,000
  • 500 square foot – $75,000
  • 800 square foot – $118,000
  • 1,000 square foot – $150,000

We recommend that you ask for a free estimate from the contractor you’re planning to hire for your home addition. Read their proposal and see if it’s a fixed estimate or a variable one. Take note of the inclusions of their project proposal, and if there’s a cost breakdown, the better.

What factors affect cost for home addition in Crofton, Maryland?

Luxurious fireplace area with office table and chair

The cost of addition to home is fluctuating. There are many variables impacting it, and it’s best if you know them. With that, you can better plan and adjust what needs to be included for your home addition.

Room type

What kind of room are you planning to build in or build out of your house? Your answer matters to the overall cost of your home addition. If it’s a regular bump out, that would be cheaper than having a sunroom addition.

If you plan to have a luxurious room outside the house, expect the price to be high. The bottom line, you need to decide on what kind of room you want to add, and it needs to be suitable to your needs and budget. If you’re planning for a kitchen and bath remodel in your house in Crofton, MD, you need to be aware of your budget. 

Electrical wiring

Having intricate electrical works for your home addition can drive the cost up. If you’ll have a home theater or an office, that requires complicated electrical work, so cost would increase for that matter.

Square footage 

The bigger the room, the higher the cost of home addition. You’ll need more materials and longer working hours to complete your room. The running rate for a standard room addition is between $30 to $100 per square foot.


If you add a bathroom to your new room, that brings the cost up. That’s because of the plumbing and electrical work needed to be done in your bathroom. This is normal, and you need to expect that to prepare extra cash for it. There are small bathroom remodeling tips you can gather around that could help you save. 

The fixtures and amenities you’ll use for your bathroom will impact total bathroom cost as well. Make sure to choose standard ones if you want to save more money.


The cost of hiring a professional plumber is around $40 to $200 per hour. That said, you can save more if you choose a plumbing layout that’s standard and simple to complete. If it’s a bump out, and you can preserve the plumbing, then don’t move anything.

The more intricate the plumbing work is, the higher the cost. So better plan ahead to avoid overspending.

How can you save on your home’s additional cost in Crofton, Maryland?

Elegant sunroom with open windows

We understand that not all have the financial capacity to make their home addition luxurious. We have some tips for you to save on your home addition, see them below:

  • Keep square footage at a minimum, maybe around 50 to 100 square feet
  • If you can build it up, rather than build it outside, the better. You save more on the cost of your home addition.
  • Buy some materials on your own. The cost of kitchen cabinets may differ if you buy it yourself or from the contractor, so make sure you check that we well. 
  • Do some of the work, like painting or cleaning your space after the construction.
  • Choose prefab materials for the things you need to place inside the new room

How much does home addition cost in Crofton, Maryland?

Elegant bedroom with carpet flooring

We hope we have given you enough ideas on the cost of adding a room in or outside your house. Should you need more advice on this, feel free to reach out. Mega Kitchen and Bath is your trusted remodeling company to call for your home addition request in Crofton, Maryland.

With our years of experience and innovative technologies, we guarantee to effectively do any customizations on your new room. We partner with trusted suppliers in the industry for your kitchen and bathroom products.

For inquiries or concerns, call us at (301) 812-4085. You can also book an appointment online for free design consultation.

You can also call us at 301-918-5695 for inquiries or appointments, or visit us on Instagram!

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