How Small Bathroom Remodeling Adds Value To Your Home

Are you thinking of renovating some areas inside your house? Renovating your bathroom is one of the best things you can do for this matter. If you’re planning to do this to increase resale value, then here are some bathroom remodeling tips to increase home value.

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In this article, we’re going to help you understand what remodeling increase home value, and that’s specifically about bathroom makeovers. Stay tuned to find out more.

Does remodeling increase home value?

When done right, it surely can! All the things you will improve inside your bathroom must enhance the function and beauty of your home. It must also blend with your home’s overall design.

For a mid-level bathroom remodel that costs $20,000, you will have a return on investment of 67 percent. If you go for a luxurious bathroom makeover, that’ll cost you $65,000 and more. Your return for a luxurious bathroom renovation is around 50 to 70 percent of your total renovation cost.

Below is a sample computation for a bathroom redo and estimated ROI:

  • A bathroom renovation cost of $20,500 will give you a recoup of $13,717.
  • A bathroom renovation cost of $64,743 will give you a recoup of $38,900.

So, just how much does remodeling a bathroom increase home value? Roughly, that will be around 50 to 70 percent of your overall remodeling cost.

Does remodeling a bathroom increase home value?

The average return on investment for your small bathroom makeover is around 56 to 64 percent of your total renovation cost. That said, you need to make all changes count in enhancing the value and saleability of your home.

What bathroom renovations add value to your home?

There are many things you can do for your bathroom redo. This will leave you confused about which ones are suitable for your lifestyle, or the purpose of this project. We like to help you by sharing some of these tips for bathroom remodeling that increases home value.

Lighting fixtures

Proper lighting is important in the bathroom, especially if you have children and seniors in the house. This helps prevent accidents and for users to easily find things inside the bathroom.

You can opt for light fixtures that have sensors. It may cost higher but for the convenience of the user, it’s worthwhile. This is also helpful for your elderly family members.

Exhaust fan or windows

Proper ventilation is necessary to ensure your bathroom is free from molds and mildews. You have two options for this: active ventilation (exhaust fan) or windows. By doing this, you are ensuring your bathroom is hygienic and cool.

Re-tiling your walls and shower floors

You have not obliged to tile everything inside your bathroom. But the obvious place to retile will be your shower floors and bathroom walls. You can choose white subway tiles for your shower walls and floors. It cost less than glass mosaic tiles.

New bathroom cabinets and vanity top

Upgrading your bathroom cabinets is important for your bathroom redo. It helps improve the storage and aesthetics of your space. Your bathroom cabinets are one of the central highlights of this project.

For your vanity top, you can go for white marble or quartz countertops. Choose a neutral slab to invite a clean and cool ambiance.

Heated flooring

Installing heated flooring is also good. It helps prevent cold feet once you get out of the walk-in shower. This adds function and value to your bathroom redo. As for the flooring material, you can have vinyl, laminate, tiles, cement, or rubberized flooring.

Home Remodeling to Increase Home Value

Renovating your home will increase resale value since you are updating the function and beauty of your property. Home buyers are more willing to purchase your house if they know that you’ve newly renovated a portion of it. This tells them that the house has been well-maintained by the owners.

We can also attest to that since we’ve helped many homeowners with their home renovation needs in preparation for listing their homes on the market. By planning, you are more confident in making the right improvements to your home.

Why do home buyers like to buy houses with newly renovated bathrooms?

The bathroom is one of the best places homeowners like to check out when they are shopping for new homes. It serves as a relaxing place for people to take a bath or answer the call of nature.

When you make significant improvements to your shower, tub, and toilet, home buyers will have the perception that your home has been properly maintained. Besides that, new fixtures and adding smart innovations like touchless faucets and sensor-activated lighting will increase the resale value of your property.

A newly renovated bathroom also tells your prospective buyers that storage has been improved. They’ll expect new interior designs and a more refreshing ambiance in your newly renovated master bath.

Don’t forget to consider your budget

Bathroom renovation is not cheap. Even if you choose stock or affordable materials, still, it’s going to cost you sufficient money. But to resolve this, you just have to prepare your budget for this project.

We can help you prepare for this through our free estimate service. Just tell us what you want to happen for your bathroom redo, and then, we’ll make a budget plan for this. You can also include that during our free consultation session.

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