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Everyone is blessed in their own way. Though we are different when it comes to size, weight, preference or belief, we all have the capacity to improve on what has been deemed impossible. While we tend to lose hope when problems arise, we must always remember that if there is a will, there is definitely a way, and the only thing that is stopping us from achieving greatness and success is ourselves. We must overcome this and find ways to improve our lives without depending on others and be wary of the potential of each and everyone around us.

Homes go the same way. Though they serve one purpose, they are built differently and vary in sizes and design depending on the needs and wants of the owner. Some may have rooms the size of a theater while some have just the right amount of space to move around. And to be honest, small spaces doesn’t really feel good. The limited amount of area that you can move in and do your tasks is actually frustrating and inconvenient, as well as irritating and depressing. But here’s the thing, it is really not that bad if you take a look at the big picture. Once you have everything organized and planned, you can fit whatever need that you want into the tiniest places. Of course there will be a time that you will need to upgrade to bigger area but until then, do with what you have.

The kitchen is probably the least area in the house that would be built small, but of course, not everyone can afford a big one. Actually its ok if you’re a bachelor/bachelorette, living alone and don’t cook big portions. But when you are a mother or father of 3 and above, well you get my point. And to put the dagger through the heart, cooking enthusiasts will definitely scream in frustration with small cooking areas. Don’t worry, there is always a solution to any problem, and I have some tips for you on how to make the most of your small kitchen. But first take time to read these considerations first.

Size of kitchen

Before moving into any house, check the size of the kitchen before buying any cooking wares, utensils or cooking appliance. Also check if you are allowed to use gas stoves too because most of time, small kitchens are fire hazards.

Purpose of Cooking

You must be able to define the purpose for your cooking before starting to. Always remember that if an action or decision will not be serving any purpose, then it is much better to think about it twice or change the plan to a more efficient one. If you are cooking for yourself, then buy things that will fit one person. Don’t overbuy or overstock because that is when the problem starts.


Lastly, always define how much money you are willing to spend for kitchen wares as well as cooking wares. This will not only save you money, but also space as well. You wont be needing 3 pans just to cook a single meal or 5 glasses for drinking if you are living alone right? So be practical and you will be saving more than you could possibly imagine.

Now if you have a kitchen that is the size of a gnome’s house, here’s what you can do to make the most out of it.

Hangers for all seasons

The first key in saving space and making the most out of the kitchen is providing hangers for utensils and other light cooking wares. Providing hangers and hooks will utilize the vertical and horizontal spaces that are available above the sink countertop. Doing so will give you more room for cooking and preparing food, plus, you can organize them easier.

Condiment and Spice Rack

Condiments and Spices Racks are definitely space savers because you can just hang it in your kitchen wall or outside the plate cabinet. Now you can just get the spices that you need faster and more efficiently save the space that you need in a snap of a finger. Also, I recommend that you buy bulks of spices and refillable containers so that you can just refill it when needed and store the refiller in the pantry.

If you don’t use it, Don’t Put it There

Some people acquire kitchen wares and utensils from their parents or grandparents overtime and they are definitely of good use. But the thing is when you buy a new one, it will probably eat up the space intended for other stuff. That is why it is better to keep the things that you rarely or don’t use away in boxes and away from the kitchen area to save you the trouble of cramming things in small spaces.

Additional Shelves, Additional Space

Additional shelves will provide additional spaces for utensils, cooking wares and other things needed when cooking. Now if your cooking area is small, these shelves can also act as a place where you can store ingredients needed for fast cooking. Don’t over do it though, you might end up with less space if you place too many shelves.

Pan Hanging

Now this is true, Cooking pans take a lot of space in the kitchen. Why? Because they are designed to be wide. The best thing to do is hang them beneath the countertop sink or near the wall of the cooking area to save space. Stacking them on top of one another is not a good idea because they might fall anytime.

Magnet Strips 

Lastly this is a trick I learned when I was studying in college. Since I loved cooking I had these set of knives that I rarely use because I have no where to put them. Then I figured that I can hang them in the wall with a magnetic strip since they are all made of metal. Problem solved.

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