Modern Coastal Style Kitchen Remodeling Design You Can Embrace

Updating the style of your kitchen and bath design has always been exciting. Kitchen design trends are constantly evolving. However, there are some styles that never left the trend. 

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One of the timeless kitchen design styles is the coastal-style kitchen. This type of kitchen design will give your space a bright and effortlessly relaxing look. Wherever is your location, this kitchen remodeling style will surely bring a refreshing wave into your home?  Feel the seaside serenity as we embark on different coastal kitchen remodeling ideas

Bring in Natural Light

Elegant kitchen with white and gray theme A perfect day on the beach includes a beautiful sunny day. To emulate the seaside feeling during summer, allow natural light to shine in your kitchen. Incorporate windows, add some roof lights, and patio doors or install a skylight. Opt for lightweight window dressing to allow plenty of natural light to enter your space. Make sure that you discuss everything first with your kitchen remodeling service. 

Incorporate light wood flooring

Farmhouse style kitchen with open shelving cabinet Another perfect kitchen remodeling design idea that will definitely create a beachy feel is a natural choice of blonde woods. Choose light to mid-toned flooring as it helps to provide a natural canvas. Complement it with natural stone countertops that are made of quartz or marble. Pick blue or green accents and layers for your countertop design.  For a high-traffic environment, reclaimed wood or engineered wood is a better alternative. They can withstand the effects of moisture and humidity compared to solid wood. If you opt for a more low-maintenance solution, wood-look tiles can provide a similar aesthetic and effects. 

Consider adding some organic materials

Small kitchen with light blue cabinets and wood flooring Adding some organic materials such as driftwood, pastel tones of sea glass, seashells, rope lights, and woven lobster baskets is a good addition to your coastal remodeling kitchen ideas. Another potential decor would be a rattan pendant light which is paired with displays of glass and ceramic vases.  Whether you want to bring in some sea, river bed, or lakeside vibe, driftwood brings a rustic and cozy coastal retreat to your kitchen. Driftwood-inspired kitchen cabinetry can be achieved either by custom craft or in beautiful wood. You can reface the colors of your driftwood cabinets with veneers. You can check some kitchen remodeling before and after photos with organic materials used in their kitchens. 

Paneling is a must

Farmhouse kitchen style with white shaker cabinets When you think about coastal kitchen design and remodeling, a rustic feel can be associated with it, where tongue and groove paneling is an instant coastal charm. This suits very well with Shaker-style cabinetry.  You can also opt for a shipshape paneling, which is similar to the tongue-and-groove panel but with a tighter, overlapping fit. These are easy-to-install wooden panels and give a modern to rustic style to your kitchen.  Whichever type of paneling you’ll choose, don’t forget to incorporate them in your ceilings, cabinetry, and walls to bring out the breezy rustic feeling. 

Display your coastal artwork

Modern kitchen style with white and blue flat cabinets Don’t underestimate the potential of beautiful art when you are planning for your kitchen design and remodeling. Adding some kitchen art such as glorious ocean scenery, artistic photography, or abstract paintings will help you liven up your coastal space.  Adding an old surfboard next to your dining area can be a totally eye-catching piece of kitchen remodeling design tool that helps accentuate your coastal theme. 

Supplement with blue and white colors

Small L type kitchen with white flat cabinets Color is one of the important elements of coastal design. Cool blues and white are commonly used to create a seaside atmosphere in your coastal kitchen. Putting them together makes a perfect combination to add fresh and vibrant spirit to your kitchen.  Select these colors for your ceramicware or other kitchenware. Be careful not to add so many of them as your space may become overwhelmed. When they’re not in use, you can use them as decoration. Display them in your open shelving or a dresser to add a decorative coastal flair to the space. Make sure that you also check the popular paint color ideas for kitchen remodeling.

Incorporate shutters into your window

zoomed in window image One kitchen remodeling design tool that you can install in your kitchen is window shutters. This is a perfect approach to your kitchen windows as they can increase functionality in the kitchen. Window shutters can offer privacy and light control in your kitchen or dining space.  You can opt for fabric blinds or curtains in watery hues if your windows are away from the main cooking area. However, for windows next to the cooking space, pick a low-maintenance shutter. Compared to fabric blinds and curtains, shutters are easier to clean and maintain. Moreover, they don’t trap cooking odors in your kitchen. 

Opt for weathered wood

Elegant kitchen with blue gray cabinets Channeling warmth into your space is another essential for a coastal kitchen. Natural elements and earthly tones are one way of bringing this atmosphere to your space. Adding weathered wood and worn antiques creates a striking effect that elevates a cozy atmosphere to your kitchen area.

Keep the airy bright space

Farmhouse classic kitchen with dark gray cabinets and wood flooring When it comes to coastal-style kitchen remodeling, having an airy brilliant space is a key element. This is a common feature you can see on any beach-inspired kitchen makeover. You would see large windows, white chairs and kitchen cabinets, and ornamental plants. Having those things makes your kitchen more refreshing and ambient. It is conducive to making the heart of your home more invigorating and relaxing.

Pick the right color schemes

L type kitchen with blue cabinets Color is also an important element for your coastal kitchen remodel. That said, you have two main options – Boho and white kitchen. The former is known for its soft blues mixed with wooden surfaces. The cream is also a dominant palette for a Boho kitchen. Organic materials like area rugs and carpets are also prominent accessories to a Boho kitchen remodel. On the other hand, a white kitchen is a classic theme for your beach-inspired kitchen renovation. It resembles the white sand and airy beachside ambiance you want to have in your kitchen. We can help you with that using our innovative kitchen remodeling design tools. We can create a 3D simulated design of your ideal coastal kitchen. We can do the right customizations on the cabinets, flooring, layout, and color schemes to achieve the best results for your kitchen redo.

Free Design Consultation

We hope we have given you the best inspiration for your coast kitchen makeover. You can also visit our showroom or view our kitchen projects online for design ideas. Alternatively, you can book a free design consultation today. Our talented designers are here to help you plan for your adding value and function to the heart of your home. You can also call us at 301-918-5695 for inquiries or appointments, or visit us on Facebook!
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