Transform Your Bathroom in Just One Day with a Shower Remodel!

Is your shower looking a little tired? Are the tiles cracked or the grout mildewed no matter how much you scrub? Do you dream of being able to quickly and easily upgrade your bathroom to the spa-like oasis you deserve? If this sounds familiar, then a one-day shower remodel may be right for you!

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What is a One-Day Shower Remodel?

Well, before you hire a kitchen and bath contractor, knowing what you’re getting into is very important. A one-day shower remodel is exactly what it sounds like – a remodeling project that transforms your outdated shower into a brand-new, luxurious model in just a single day. Instead of the lengthy, messy, traditional bathroom renovation process, an experienced installer can come in and replace your shower walls, fixtures, tiles, and plumbing fittings in as little as 8-12 hours. You go to bed with an ugly, dysfunctional shower and wake up to your dream bathroom – all without having to live through weeks or months of construction mess and inconvenience.

A one-day shower remodel is an excellent choice for homeowners seeking to upgrade their bathrooms quickly and affordably.

Gray bathroom with open shelving vanity, toilet, and a shower

Why Consider a One-Day Remodeling?

There are many great reasons to consider a one-day shower remodeling:


Traditional remodels require tearing down walls, removing tiles, and plumbing work – not to mention the dust, noise, and workers tromping through your home for days or weeks. With a one-day remodel, an experienced installer arrives in the morning and your new shower is complete by the end of the work day. The convenience factor is huge – especially if you only have one bathroom in your home.


Because the work is completed quickly by a professional team, one-day shower remodels are much more affordable than a full gut renovation. You still get a brand-new, customized shower but avoid many of the shower remodeling costs associated.

According to HomeAdvisor, the average bathroom remodel costs over $10,000 in 2022, while one-day shower remodels range from $2,500-$5,000, providing an affordable alternative.


Reputable companies that specialize in one-day shower installs use only high-quality materials installed by experts, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality for convenience and affordability. Many providers offer lifetime warranties on their products and workmanship, so you can be confident your new shower will last.


Within the limitations of a one-day project, you’ll still have options to customize your new shower to match your tastes. Choose from different tile styles, grout colors, fixtures, accessories, and more. Get exactly the look you’ve been envisioning without the headache of a full renovation.

Elegant bathroom with white vanity, toilet, and shower

What to Expect from a One-Day Shower Remodel

If you’re thinking about scheduling a one-day shower remodel, here’s an overview of what you can expect:

  • Removal of the Old Shower

The installers will turn off the home’s water supply. During a successful one-day bathroom remodel, an outdated shower is replaced with new waterproof panels, plumbing, tiles, and fixtures.

  • Installation of New Plumbing

Updated plumbing will be installed according to today’s water efficiency standards. New valves, shower heads, and other fixtures will be put in place.

  • New Shower Wall Panels

Pre-fabricated shower panels in your choice of colors and finishes will be professionally fitted to create the framework of your new shower walls. These panels are waterproof and easy to keep clean.

  • Tile Installation

The Tile will be applied over the shower walls and floor according to your design selections. Grout color choice is also up to you. The installers are experts, so you can expect perfect tiles and straight grout lines.

  • New Fixtures & Accessories

Your new shower head, shower curtain, liner, taps, valves, shelving, and any other accessories will be installed to complete the one-day transformation.

The EPA’s WaterSense program advises that replacing showerheads with low-flow models can save the average family 2,900 gallons of water per year. Upgrading plumbing fixtures during a fast remodel helps conserve resources.

  • Cleanup

The installers will remove all construction debris, leaving you with a sparkling new shower ready to enjoy that very evening. The before and after pictures will amaze you.

Elegant white bathroom with vanity, toilet, and shower

Designing Your Dream Shower

While a one-day remodel sets limitations on extensive construction and plumbing work, you’ll still have options to customize your new shower to match your dream design aesthetic. Here are some  shower remodeling ideas to consider:


Do you want to enlarge your shower? Installers may be able to knock out non-load-bearing walls or move plumbing to eke out a little more space. Talk to them about your ideal shower dimensions.


Do you want a walk-in shower or prefer the classic tub with showerhead combo? Layout changes are very doable within the one-day timeframe.


From white to neutral tones to bold colors, shower wall panels today come in many options. Choose a color scheme that matches your decor.

Tile Design

Have fun choosing shower tiles in different sizes, textures, colors, and patterns. Mix and match for a custom look. Mosaics are a great choice for a one-day install.


Today’s shower fixtures come in many finishes like oil-rubbed bronze, satin nickel, or classic chrome. Select the style you love.


Personalize with shelves for bath products, convenient soap niches, a rainfall showerhead, a handheld shower wand, and more.

Your installer can advise you on design elements that work within the constraints of a one-day project, so don’t be afraid to ask about turning your bathroom dreams into reality!

Bathroom with spacious walk-in shower

Benefits of a One-Day Shower Remodel

Here’s a quick recap of why you should consider a one-day shower install for your next bathroom upgrade:

  • Convenience – minimum disruption to your home and daily routine
  • Speed – complete in just one day!
  • Affordability – higher quality at a lower cost versus traditional renovation
  • Expert Installation – by trusted professionals
  • Customization – options to match your style
  • Quality – durable products engineered to last
  • Warranty – guarantees give peace of mind
  • Improved Shower Function – better than your old model
  • Increased Home Value – bathrooms are one of the top areas to raise resale value
  • An Easy First Step – tackle a quick shower upgrade before committing to a larger-scale remodel

Whether a one-day shower remodel is your only bathroom project or the first phase of a total transformation, it’s a great way to improve this essential space in your home. Talk to a professional installer today about options for designing the shower of your dreams!

Ready for a Shower Upgrade?

If your shower is looking dingy or simply feels outdated, a one-day remodel provides an easy and convenient bathroom refresh. The results are dramatic and the benefits are compelling:

  • A renewed sense of home pride when you see your gorgeous new shower
  • More enjoyable daily routine with an inviting space to start your day
  • Increased home value by improving one of the most important rooms
  • Avoiding the mess and headaches of a large-scale remodel
  • Quality installation with durable products made to last
  • Affordable process compared to full gut renovation
  • Fast results with no disruption to your household

With so many positives, a new shower in a day makes sense for many homeowners. Just think – tomorrow you could have the bathroom of your dreams if you contact a professional installer today! It’s your turn to relax, unwind, and enjoy a little luxury each morning. Stop putting it off and schedule your one-day shower remodel now!

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