Remodeling Your Small Bathroom Quickly and Efficiently

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Your small bathroom can be around one-third the size of your full master bathroom which is 150 square foot. If you base your small bathroom renovation cost against area, then you might assume it can cost around 50% from the total cost of renovating a regular sized bathroom, right?

You would be surprised to know that the cost of your small bathroom remodel will be around 75% to 80% of the overall cost of a master bathroom. Why? That’s because of improper planning and excessive amenities inside your skimpy bathroom.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of factors influencing the overall cost of remodeling your petite bathroom such as upgrade on fixtures, quality of materials, labor cost, and more. For you to ensure, your cost for renovating your shower and bath will be worthwhile, here are some insights imparted by our team of seasoned technicians and designers that you can count on.

Which do you prefer, savings or efficiency?

This is a common dilemma among homeowners, whether you will prioritize cost savings or efficiency in making your small bathroom remodel impressionable and cost-efficient. Generally, you have three choices in undertaking your small bathroom redo: 100% DIY, hiring a general contractor, or a collaboration between you and the contractor.

Truth to be told, most homeowners who have gone 100% DIY for their small bathroom makeover have completed this journey longer than those who have hired a professional contractor. Why? Because contractors have wide experience, complete tools and manpower when it comes to renovations.

Likewise, when you work with a licensed and bonded contractor, you are guaranteed with a safe and premier level of craftsmanship. We have a complete team of designers and technicians that shall efficiently finish your small bathroom redo in the shortest possible time.

What kind of bathroom do you want?

Once you have decided to hire a professional contractor, the second thing you need to ponder is the bathroom type you want to have for your remodeling. Are you going for a powder room or full master bathroom? Below are more details about these two main classification.

Powder rooms

This type is simply composed of a sink and a toilet. There is still ample privacy for powder rooms because it has a door which separates it from your master bathroom and other areas of your house.

When it comes to remodeling, powder rooms are much faster and easier to finish and small bathroom renovation costs will be budget-friendly. Nonetheless, you can do smart decorations on your vanity top to spruce up its aesthetics.

Full Master Bathroom

Meanwhile, your master bathroom has all the amenities and fixtures of a regular-sized bathroom, which includes tub/shower, toilet, and sink. Compared to powder rooms, there is higher foot traffic and frequent usage for a master bathroom.

Consequently, you would have to think about the quality and price of the fixtures and upgrades you want to have when doing your small bathroom renovation for this type. Our designers and technicians will help you in the planning and budgeting process, so that you won’t go beyond your allocated small bathroom renovation cost.

What is the general process when you do a small bathroom makeover?

Regardless of size, the process of remodeling your bathroom is identical for all situations.   For our small bathroom redo on a budget, the entire process are composed of the following sections:

1. Careful Planning

The best tool in ensuring the success and efficiency of your bathroom redo is comprehensive and careful planning. For our planning process, this covers budgeting, 3D designs, layout, estimated project completion time, pre-requisite documents for remodeling (electrical, plumbing, and building permits), suppliers, safety precautionary measures, and other specifics which depend on the client’s prerogative.

In this step, you would have to tell us in advance for specific things (like material and tasks) you want to do on your part for the remodeling and the corresponding discounts we can agree upon for that.

2. Demolition

Once we are done planning for everything, the next thing to do will be bringing down some walls, cabinets, or countertops inside your bathroom. For you to save on cost, you can choose to do this part on your own.

Otherwise, our demolition team can take care of this and we will just have to inform you of the safety precautions we can do to avoid inevitable damages on other sections and accessories inside your shower and bath.

3. Installing Frameworks

After tearing down your bathroom, we will install the necessary framings for structural support. Oftentimes, minimal bathroom makeover will no longer require rough-in frameworks. Nevertheless, we will do what is suitable to ensure safety and sturdiness of work.

4. Electrical and Plumbing Works

Unless you have a medium to professional skills and experience with these areas, we will allow you to handle this. This part is delicate to handle because a minor mistake can  lead to a flooded bathroom or short circuit in the wiring connections. We would never want to gamble on that, as it can compromise the safety of your family. 

5. Installing dry walls

After setting up your pipes and electrical connections, we will efficiently install your drywalls. For you to save on cost, you can choose to have the painting and finishing works on your part.

6. Bathroom countertops and cabinets

Our technicians and designers will help you in choosing the most suitable material for your vanity tops and cabinetry. For a luxurious appeal, you can opt for quartz, marble, or granite vanity tops. Meanwhile, you can have shaker style cabinets for an affordable choice.

7. Bathroom floors

For skimpy bathrooms, we often advise our clients to go for larger tiles to increase a spacious impression. Likewise, go for tiles with bold and modern patterns to pour on colors in your cool and modern bathroom space. Meanwhile, to avoid any slipping, we can install honed finish tiles for your bathroom floors.

8. Upgrading or Updating Bathroom Fixtures

If you have a sufficient budget, you can definitely go for a modern upgrade with the sinks, shower head, and other fixtures inside your master bathroom. In contrast, you can just have an update with the finish or painting of your bathroom fixtures to save on cost.


We hope to have given you insightful ideas on your plan to remodel your small bathroom. In case you have other questions or would like to get a free quote for renovating your shower and bath, feel free to email or call us today.

Dial our hotline and talk to one of our technicians or professional designers anytime.

Feel free to visit us on Twitter!

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