Shower Remodel: Everything you Need to Know About Shower Heads

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Getting remodeling work done on your home is arguably one of the most satisfying things you can do as a homeowner. It’s something that you work hard for and at the end of the day, you can get a new look to your house. While expensive, home remodeling is one of the best things you can spend your money on as an adult.

Your home has a lot of room for improvement. Most of the time, it can get daunting to pick which part of the house you want remodeling work done in the first place. One part of the house that deserves your investment is definitely your bathroom. Whether you’d want a simple bathroom or an elegant one, a good bathroom can make all the difference for a home.

The bathroom may be small but there are a lot of things you can do to improve it. Some get vanity countertops, some get new tiles and walls, and some change the plumbing in their home. An often overlooked part of the bathroom is the shower and it’s definitely something that you shouldn’t skip out on as a homeowner.

The process of picking  a shower head in itself isn’t easy. The selection process is made much harder thanks to the wide array of options available to you. If this is what you are about to do then you are in the right place as we’ve got a list of the best tips for you to pick a shower head on. We know that you only want your money’s worth after all.

Picking a good shower head can make or break your bathroom. What lies ahead is a comprehensive guide on how you can significantly improve your shower remodeling job by picking the best shower head. By the end of this piece, you’ll be having an amazing time in your bathroom because of your shower head choice.

Type Of Shower Heads Available

You didn’t think that there was only one type of shower head, right? The truth is that there are many types of shower heads available and what you get certainly depends on your needs and wants at the time. Here, we’ll discuss each type of shower head and how they can make your time inside the bathroom feel more special.

  • Standard Wall Mount – this is the most basic form of a shower head and it’s most likely the one that’s installed inside your shower when you bought it. It’s cheap, highly functional, but it’s not really pleasing to the eyes as compared to other types of shower heads. However, if you’re into something more simple and cheap, then the standard wall mount shower head is definitely the choice for you.

  • Top Mount – It’s kind of hard to explain what a top mount is. However, you can liken its function to rain. Basically, top mounts are installed on the ceiling of your shower and when turned on, the water will fall down on you ala’ deluge. It’s both functional and beautiful too. What makes it great is that the water completely covers your body as it drops.

  • Sliding Bar –  If you have a lot of people who live in the house, then the sliding bar shower mount is definitely the best shower head for you. Basically, it’s a shower that’s installed on a wall-mounted base. You can slide it up and down depending on your preference and height – hence, we said it’s perfect for houses that house huge families.

  • Handheld – A handheld shower head is like a mix between a bidet and a shower. However, the pressure that comes out of the handheld showerhead is far from being as strong as to what you can get on a bidet. It’s a good shower head to have considering you can remove it and easily clean it as well. It’s versatile, functional, and cheap.

  • Shower Panel systems – If you have the budget to go all out for a shower head, then you might want to get a shower panel system instead. Basically, these are shower heads which act somewhat like a jacuzzi. That being said, each panel can be customized with how much pressure they release, thus giving you a better bath time. Shower panel systems are more expensive but what you get is a highly customizable shower head that’s worth every buck.

  • Aerating – If you want to be more eco-friendly with your choice, we suggest getting aerating shower heads instead. Simply put, these are shower heads that mix both water and air to give you more pressure. Although it feels like it uses more water, aerating shower heads actually use less. This means it’s the eco-friendly option and it can also reduce your water bill significantly.

  • Lighted – Lighted shower heads are a standout simply because they have LEDs that are adjustable and customizable. Think of it as a mood light that can match your bath time. That’s the only special part about lighted shower heads. However, it’s worth noting that you can customize any type of shower head with LEDs too.

As you can see, there are actually quite a few shower types. Picking one completely depends on your budget and your preference. It’s best to explore all options available as some shower heads might be perfect for your bathroom and needs. It all really depends on your choices all in all.

Price Range

The prices of shower heads vary greatly. If you aren’t too picky and are okay with cheap brands made out of cheap materials, you can spend as low as $5 on a shower head. However, you can also spend as high as $1,000 and even beyond for expensive shower heads. For the pricing, it’s all up to you how much you are willing to spend.

Keep in mind that with a high price point comes a lot of benefits such as durability, and quality. It’s all up to you at the end of the day. However, we do suggest getting the high-end shower heads as these offer a lot more for your money and they can last for much longer as well.

Environmental Concerns

The truth is that showers can be one of the most inefficient means to take a bath. Studies have shown again and again that showering consumes a lot of water. This is an important thing to consider because of two things. First off, you wouldn’t want to pick a shower that wastes water because it can greatly increase your utility bill.

Another concern you might have is the fact that you’re an eco-friendly person and you don’t want to live such a big negative impact on the environment. A good shower head shouldn’t have to mean you are wasting shower. It’s always best to ask about the shoe salesmens about which shower heads are more efficient with water.

We suggest getting aerating shower heads instead if this is one of your primary concerns. The truth is that a lot of people are actually worried about how they affect the environment. Getting aerating shower heads is the best option to avoid such problematic cases. At first, it may seem like a small deal but over time, you’ll be more satisfied with your choices by getting aerating shower heads.


Last but not the least, you should definitely consider the brand of the shower head that you choose. It’s just like choosing any other item for your home. You’d only want your money’s worth which is why you get only the best shower heads possible. Some brands are going to be more pricey than others but the return is much greater as well.

Some of the good brands include Kohler Forte, High Sierra Classic, Moen Attract, and many others more. These brands offer the best shower heads in the industry and if you ask us, it’s best to get your showe head from them. That isn’t to say that other brands are bad though. However, getting these brands will definitely make things easier for you in the long run.

You should still explore all the other brands of shower heads out there. Who knows, you might find one that actually satisfies you even if it isn’t a big name,

These are some of the key tips that can help you find the best shower head for your shower remodeling. While comprehensive, this guide is actually fairly simple and all you really need to do is be smart about your choices for the shower head. Hopefully, we’ve done more than enough to keep you satisfied for your shower.

Picking the right shower head isn’t just going to be good for your bathroom, it’s going to be good for your money as well. The tips we’ve given aren’t just about how well these shower heads function, it’s also about whether or not they are worth your money. As always, make sure to test the shower head if possible.

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