How Much Does A Shower Remodel Cost?

A shower will inevitably start to look dingy, with soap-scummed walls and a tarnished shower head, and at that point, you will likely wonder: how much does a shower remodel cost? Having a good, working shower is important to your quality of life, and finding the shower remodel costs will help you start saving the right amount of money so you can get your shower functioning how it should.

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Many factors will determine the cost of shower remodeling so it is not easy to give a simple answer. For the nation, the average cost of shower remodeling is about $3000, but because of all the elements that make up shower remodeling ideas, you should take that price with a grain of bath salt.

To help you get a better idea of what your shower remodel costs will be we have made this article with a shower remodel broken down into parts and what effects those parts will have on the total cost of the shower remodel. Study this article and apply the items you will need to implement for your project and you will get a better perspective of what you can expect your shower remodel cost could be.

What’s the average cost to remodel a shower?

What’s the average cost to remodel a shower?

We understand how our client’s approach shower remodels, and knowing how much it would be is one of their concerns. If you search online or in remodeling magazines, you will find that the running shower remodeling cost is between $2,000 to $15,000.

The cost to remodel your existing shower greatly depends on what you want to cover for your shower remodel project. Here are items you can save money to reduce average cost:

  • Bathroom floor

  • Tile shower

  • Prefab shower or shower inserts

  • Shower stall

  • Paint bathroom walls

  • Steam shower on sale

Understanding Shower Remodel

Understanding Shower Remodel

Shower remodels are one part of the things done in bathroom renovations. Most of the time, you spend less to remodel a shower than renovate your entire bathroom.

Replacing your old tub and shower tile with a new walk-in shower is trending today. You have many items to include when you remodel a shower:

  • Bath fan

  • Bath fitter

  • New tub

  • Prefab shower with bathroom fan

The cost to remodel a shower adds to bathroom costs. We can give you a free quote for the average cost or per square foot price of remodeling a shower.

What are the types of showers and how much are they?

What are the types of showers and how much are they?

Remodeling a shower is an opportunity for you to modernize your master bathroom. You have tons of ways to do it, a chance of creating an oasis inside your bathroom with luxury materials to spoil yourself. But how many types are there when you plan on remodeling a shower? Let’s quickly go over them below.

Standalone Shower

Shower remodeling is an exciting project, especially if you have limited square feet. To resolve that, you can opt for a shower stall or prefab shower.

This is your perfect choice if you want to keep your shower remodeling cost low while getting the basic benefits of a shower. Prefabricated shower inserts or shower inserts are good when you’re on a budget. They usually cost around $400 to $2,000.

Steam Shower

Steam showers are an excellent addition to your new shower. An additional $2,400 to $10,000 is added to your shower remodeling costs when you add this feature. Also, the cost to install will depend on your shower size.

A hot shower will help you relax tired muscles giving that spa-like benefits every day.

Tub and Shower Combinations

When you don’t want your tub out, this type is a good compromise for your prefabricated shower stalls. You can have a glass enclosure for your tub and shower to have more privacy while adding modernity to it.

Custom Walk Shower

Shower remodeling increases the home value when done right. If you want to personalize the shower valve, shower walls, and other details, a custom walk-in shower is your best bet.

Shower remodeling costs will be higher for this one since most elements will be personalized to match your preference. For instance, you can have a dual shower system or custom shower tile.

How much does it cost to install or replace a shower pan?

How much does it cost to install or replace a shower pan?

When you want to renovate your existing shower, never undermine the small details like your shower pan since that affects the overall function of walk-in showers.

A shower pan acts like a base that channels water to the drain. You have to make sure that it is properly water sealed and installed to avoid leaking. In terms of the cost to install a shower pan, it ranges from $530 to $2,700. You can check below for the various factors that affect the price of shower pan installation.

Size and Type of Shower

If you have the standard shower size 32” x 32” or 36” x 36”, you can expect to spend around $150 to $600 for your shower base. But if you have a tub shower combo with a dimension of 48 by 48 inches, your estimated cost of installing a new shower base is between $200 to $700.

But if your tub and shower combo is custom-type, the cost can bump from $900 to $2,000. That’s because of the additional work needed to construct a custom base for your custom walk-in shower. Depending on your shower type, the more intricate it is, the higher your cost to replace your shower base.

Preparation and Permits

Replacing the base of your walk-in shower is important. If it’s leaking already, the more you need to replace it. Upon doing that, you will have to secure your permit of doing this project with your local office. The usual cost to secure a permit ranges from $30 to $500. But if you are working with a shower remodeler, they will be the ones to process the permit for you.

Choosing the best base for your walk-in shower is just one thing you need to consider. Don’t forget that you also have to factor in the cost of removing your old shower base, its disposal, and the extra fee for plumbing.

So far, the cost of removing your shower base is between $300 to $350 while disposing of it would cost around $250. If you need to relocate your pipes for installing the new base, you will have plumbing costs that are around $600 to $1,600. A new drain line can add $1,000 to $7,000 t your shower remodel costs.

Installation Fee

The overall process of installing shower pans takes around four hours, and labor costs will be around $350 to $600.

Types of Shower Pan

You have plenty of options for the kinds of materials your shower base is made of. Each type has its respective price tag, and you need to consider your budget and purpose in choosing.


This is an affordable type if you’re on a budget. It’s not as durable as stainless steel, yet it can decently survive for a couple of years, and you can repair them easily. The price of a fiberglass shower base is between $150 to $450.

Natural Stone Slab

These are luxurious materials for shower bases. You can have cultured marble and granite, or even quartz. The national average cost of this type ranges from $200 to $1,000. If you want a cheaper stone, ceramic tile can be a fitting choice.

Tile Over Pans

Some pans have extra strength to withstand putting tiles on top of them. For this type, the price ranges from $500 to $800. Custom tile work is oftentimes required for this shower base type.

Cast Iron

This material type is at the higher end since it is more resistant to leaking and heat. You can expect to spend around $800 to $1,300 to install a cast iron base for your shower stall or walk-in showers.

Acrylic Base

If you want to save money, acrylic is one good material for your shower base. An alternative to fiberglass with better resistance from scratch and corrosion. The running price for this shower stall base is around $200 to $620.

How much does it cost to install new shower doors?

How much does it cost to install new shower doors?

Besides your shower base, you also need to pick the right door for your walk-in shower. The door completes the aesthetics of your shower remodel, at the same time, it gives you privacy. Also, your first and last experience always ends with your shower door, so it must be smooth and ergonomic.

Do you know how much you need to spend on a shower door? The price of shower doors fluctuates in every state, yet the average cost ranges from $250 to $380. If you add in labor, that can go up from $500 to $1,000.

Let’s have a quick breakdown of the cost of shower door installation:

Breakdown Shower Door Installation


The material to be used for the door profile and the hardware will affect the total price of your door. Glass door is the staple material used for this matter since it’s water resistant, elegant, and modern to look at.

Labor COsts

The cost to install a shower door can substantially lift shower remodel costs. But it will also depend on what kind of door it would be, as some are harder to install, so they would be more expensive to have.

For instance, the cost to install frameless doors is between $700 to $1,000 while for glass sliding doors, that’s cheaper, around $200 to $400. If you hire a professional, the industry hourly rate is around $60. It usually takes two to four hours to install a shower door, depending on if there are other things to customize there.

Shower Door Type

On average there are around 14 types of shower doors, and they all have their prices, benefits, and setbacks. Let’s enumerate some of the popular ones below:

Frameless Doors

When you want a luxurious appeal with less stress on cleaning and molds, this is the perfect door style for your walk-in shower. You can use this for small and larger bathrooms. It is ergonomic to use while adding a modern feel to any shower type. But the main setback of this is the price, which is around $500 to $1,000.

Semi-frameless Door

You can have this hybrid shower door style. There’s minimal framing done to this door style, and it’s cheaper than the previous one. The cost for you to install a semi-frameless door for your shower stall or steam shower is around $200 to $700.

Glass Framed Door

This is the standard option for most shower stalls and custom walk-in showers. For an affordable price, you can install this with less headache and stress on your budget. Your expected cost to install one is between $190 to $500.

Glass Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are sleek and modern to have for your custom shower and bathroom space. So far, the average cost to install one is around $200 to $400, and if you add in the material, the can total $500 to $700.

Glass Pivoting Doors

This is your perfect option for any shower size and your master bathroom. Your pivoting door can swing in or out to the wall or another glass panel. It’s very ergonomic to use while keeping a sleek design for your contemporary bathroom remodels.

Tub Enclosure

If you can’t still let go of your old tub, you can install a glass tub enclosure for your tub and shower combination. This is your perfect solution to marry privacy to your tub while having the feel of a sleek shower remodel.

Shower remodel cost: Demolition

Shower remodel cost: Demolition

Before you get a new shower put in, you must get the old one out of the way. This is not too difficult of a task, and usually only takes a full day of work. You can expect to pay about $20 an hour for this kind of job, depending on the cost of living in your area.

If your old shower and shower components are still in working order, you may be able to donate them to a used building supply store like Habitat for Humanity. Sometimes they will even help with demolition or will at least haul the good usable items away. This is a great thing to do because it keeps your items out of the landfill and someone else can use them and enjoy them.

Shower remodel cost: Tiling

Shower remodel cost: Tiling

Having tile in a shower is a really beautiful and functional way of making the walls and floor of the shower. The cost of tiling your shower will depend a lot on the type of tiles you choose, with ceramic tiles being the cheapest and marble tiles being the most expensive.

The labor to install the tiles will be about the same for any type of tile, coming in at about $8 per square foot according to The Home Depot, tile costs about $2 per square foot and the grout is about $1.37 per square foot. So for a 10 x 10 shower, the tile installation and materials would cost $1137. Once you know the cost of the tile you want to use, you can plug the cost into this equation and estimate the cost to tile your shower.

If you don’t need a tile shower, a basic prefabricated standing shower stall will cost as low as $800. You can find all types of prefabricated shower stalls to fit your needs.

Shower remodel cost: Shower Head

Shower remodel cost: Shower Head

Choosing the right showerhead for you is going to help you enjoy your showers a lot more. Some people will want an elaborate shower head that sprays from multiple directions, but others will only need a basic model that comfortably sprays water.

For a deluxe showerhead, you can expect to pay several hundred dollars. A minimalist showerhead you can find at any neighborhood hardware store is about $37. You can always shop for items at a used building supply store, where you might find a high-quality shower head for a lower cost and it could have a cool vintage look!

Also, consider that buying a water-saving shower head could help reduce your utility bills and conserve a precious resource. Water-saving shower heads can be just as comfortable as regular shower heads, but help save a lot of valuable water.



The cost to plumb your new shower will depend largely on if your old pipes are good or need to be replaced. If you are putting in all-new pipes, which a lot of older showers will need, you can expect to pay a lot more for a shower remodel, as you will need the expensive labor of a licensed and skilled plumber.

The home advisor estimates that installing a new plumbing fixture could cost between $600 and $1600. If your pipes are good, you may not have to pay much at all to just install a new shower head.

Shower remodel cost: Doors

Shower remodel cost: Doors

Glass shower doors look elegant, and can cost a lot too. According to, shower doors cost $1200 – $1600 on average, but can be had for as low as $300 and as high as $4000. It depends on the size, the thickness of the glass, and the type of hardware you choose.

Installing a normal shower door will cost you about $250-$380. Installing a frameless shower door will cost at least $1000. You can always go with just installing a shower curtain bar that will be very cheap and can look just great.

Also, open showers are very popular at the moment, where there is no barrier between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. With an open shower, you will need to keep everything within the splash zone protected from water.

Shower remodel cost: Grab Bars

Shower remodel cost: Grab Bars

It is really smart to install grab bars in a shower in case anyone should slip and need something to hold onto while bathing. This item doesn’t cost very much, can look very elegant, and will be easy to install.

A stylish grab bar can be purchased for less than $50 and should be another $50 to install. You can also use it to hold items like shampoo bottles. You may have the idea in your head that a grab bar is for a retirement home shower, but they are really a smart way to keep you safe in the shower and can look good too.

Shower remodel cost: Niche

Shower remodel cost: Niche

Remodeling a shower is a great idea if you want to have a beautiful spot to store soaps and other shower goods. They can help if you have a small shower and need extra room.

Installing a shower niche will add from $75 to $300 to the overall cost of your shower remodel. If you are using a more expensive tile for your shower, you can expect the shower niche to add more to the cost overall.

We at Mega Kitchen and Bath would love to help you more in figuring out a precise estimate of the cost to install a new shower. We have tons of experience and references to make you feel safe that we will do a great job in your home.

Feel free to email, call or check us out on Yelp at any time!

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