The Trending Kitchen Remodeling Styles in 2022

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Before, the kitchen was considered a messy place where you prepare the meals on the house. However, things have greatly changed, because today we treat our kitchen as the focal point for every home.

The aesthetics and functionality of modern kitchen have greatly improved today. We treat it as the center space for interaction while preparing food for the table. To make your full kitchen remodel jaw-dropping, you need to read these trending ideas for your home kitchen remodeling.

Modern Minimalist Design and Texture

Don’t get me wrong but farmhouse kitchen design is still in today. However, with lots of bombardment of bold and complicated designs from the various social media content, people tend to go for a simple and streamlined design.

Consequently, the common baseline for most affordable kitchen renovations is having a simple and contemporary appearance. You can start by choosing neutral or light color tones for your cabinetry and countertops.

When we say streamlined design, it does not literally entail a boring appearance. This simply means using the natural texture of materials in bringing uniqueness and warmth in your modern kitchen remodel. For instance, you can use a rough wood board for your open shelves or butcher blocks.

Smart Kitchen Upgrades

Aside from getting that streamlined modern appearance, you also need to upgrade the technology and functionality in your kitchen, There are several innovations for kitchen appliances, fixtures, and lightings that you can install for your modern kitchen remodel.

You can install chrome-plated faucets which are sensor-driven in allowing water to flow out. Some modern kitchen lights can be readily controlled using your smartphone or through voice activation.

Some modern fridge also has a monitoring system that will check if some of your food and ingredients inside are spoiling already. To save on your electric bills, go for those appliances with inverter technology and check on their energy efficiency ratings.

White Is Still In!

Anywhere you look, you will see that white or a lighter hue for modern kitchen remodel is trending. Why? Because white portrays a sense of purity and a comfortable ambiance for any kitchen space. For a smaller kitchen, choosing a white or light hue provides a visual illusion of a larger space.

If you want to achieve a stark white beauty with less cleaning and maintenance, you can go for the engineered quartz countertop. They can mimic the beauty of Carrara and Calacatta minus the worries of etching. Moreover, there is a finer veining pattern and higher color consistency with quartz kitchen countertops.

Meanwhile, if you love natural stones, then you can go for granite or marble countertops. The exotic beauty of granite natural stone is priceless for your full kitchen remodel. Its durability is parallel to that of quartz, so fewer worries with cuts and chips.

Marble kitchen countertops have bolder veinings and excellent resistance to heat. The innate polished surface of marble contributes to its stunning beauty. Over time, marble develops a light patina which brings natural warmth to your contemporary kitchen.

Smart and Unique Storage Kitchen Compartments

Your kitchen is one of the busiest places, especially for special occasions where you need to prepare different meals on the table. Consequently, you are frequently faced with the challenge of easily looking for your utensils and ingredients in your kitchen. Likewise, there is some space which is underutilized while others are fully loaded with various things for cooking.

To remedy this problem, you need to talk to one of our designers and technicians so they can help you plan an excellent and space-saving smart storage compartments. These creative storage ideas include pull-out trays, dividers for cutlery,spices, and utensils, and roll-out drawers.

Kitchen Flooring – Hardwood or Ceramic

When all your cabinetry, countertops, and fixtures are modern, you can choose to have hardwood floors for your kitchen. It brings warmth and rustic color in your fast kitchen remodeling.

Meanwhile, ceramic tiles are also a popular choice for a modern kitchen remodel. With our latest technology, we can customize the design and pattern of your ceramic kitchen floor tiles to match your cabinetry and countertops.

The natural elegance of hardwood is still timeless but ceramic tiles exhibit better versatility in terms of aesthetics. We can easily customize your ceramic tile to mimic the beauty of natural stone or achieve a geometric pattern.

Go for Gray Cabinetry

If you are tired of looking at white or black kitchen cabinets, then we highly recommend you go for gray cabinets. This color tone fits well with a chrome-plated finish from your appliances and fixtures.

Likewise, you can choose to have a rustic brown or black hardware for your gray kitchen cabinets. Gray or beige are some of the best neutral colors to strike a modern look.

Thick Slab Kitchen Island

Before, kitchen islands are simply an option and installed in smaller surface areas. However, things have changed and your kitchen island becomes a functional centerpiece in a contemporary kitchen.

To make it stand out, you need to choose a thicker slab with fewer seams to strike a smooth and spontaneous feel. To further enhance its aesthetics, you can install a pendant light over your island and some bar stalls on the sides.

Aside from being an attractive focal point, it is highly functional when preparing meals from point A to point B in your kitchen area.


If you need a hand with your affordable kitchen remodel, simply give us a call. We have highly trained and seasoned technicians and designers to help you. We have plenty of high-quality and affordable materials for kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

Call now to ask for a free quote and book appointments or visit us Yelp!

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