Top Kitchen Remodel Trends in Silver Spring MD This 2022

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Getting a kitchen remodel done is a big step towards achieving your dream home but it’s a step that you are going to want to take with a lot of caution and planning. Aside from being a long-term investment, remodeling your kitchen in Silver Spring MD is also an expensive one to make so it’s only a must that you’re getting the most out of the project.

One of the best ways to remotely change your kitchen is by basing the changes that others have made on their kitchens as well. There are reasons why those changes and additions are very popular and you shouldn’t have to experiment with new things all the time. Sometimes, being a copycat does a lot in terms of how you can make your home better.

In Silver Spring MD, there are already a few trends that you should definitely try out. These trends are going to make your home a lot prettier than it is already and it’s going to make your investment worth it. While kitchen remodel trends do come and go, there are some trends that are undoubtedly there to stay for a long time.

It can be tough picking the changes that a remodeling contractors in Silver Spring MD makes for your bathroom but with the right planning and idea, you can make your bathroom into something that stands out in the neighborhood. That and the fact that kitchen remodeling contractors in Silver Spring MD are very talented only means that you are getting the most out of your money.

What better way to kickstart your kitchen remodel by checking out the kitchen remodeling trends in Silver Spring MD. These are going to inspire you to have a better and more amazing kitchen and it’s a must that you consider making these amazing changes for your home. Here’s what those trends are.

Two-Tone Motifs

It used to be that kitchens had one tone. It was either light shaded or dark shaded. It provides a simple yet solid appeal to the kitchen that most people love. However, those one-tone days are long behind us as people are now open to incorporating a blend of colors for their kitchen as well and this is one of the top modern kitchen remodeling trends in Silver Spring MD.

Now, homeowners want to see at least two tones inside their kitchen. A good example is picking white countertops to partner with black kitchen cabinets or vice versa. It creates a unique and modern vibe to the kitchen that’s very trendy nowadays. If you want something that gives your kitchen the modern touch it needs, then this is definitely it.

Don’t limit yourself to black and white though as there are many color options that you definitely need to try. As a general rule of thumb, one color needs to be a lighter shade than the other. The goal here is to make sure that both colors are able to stand out without having to overcome everything else in your kitchen.

Quartz Countertops Are Now In

The two most popular countertop materials used to be marble and granite. However, in the last couple of years, engineered stone countertops like quartz have started to dominate the market as well. Now, quartz is currently the most popular countertop there is and if you’re looking to get a countertop for your home, then this might be the best option yet.

Quartz isn’t a natural stone countertop. Instead, it’s a natural stone that’s crushed and mixed with binding resin to create a durable and waterproof countertop material that’s taking homes by storm. One of the most important parts of quartz countertops is that it comes in a wide variety of colors. Larger than any countertop out there.

Another great thing about quartz is that despite its quality and amazing look, it’s not as expensive as other countertops out there. Before quartz countertops become more expensive than they are now, it would be best to get quartz countertops for your kitchen as these are great investments too. With such a wide selection of colors available, it’s very easy to give it a space inside your home.

Walk-In Pantries

Pantries are becoming more and more essential in the kitchen. It used to be that pantries were small and installed within the kitchen itself. However, now that people are becoming more and more experimental in the kitchen, they want bigger pantries to accommodate all of the ingredients that they have inside the house.

One of the best ways to get the most out of your pantry is by making it a walk-in type of pantry. Walk-in pantries aren’t just easy on the eyes, they are also a great kitchen design trend Silver Spring MD has to offer because it’s very functional too. Ask any walk-in pantry owner and they’ll tell you how great these pantries are.

Walk-in pantries are great because they give you more space to work around in. It’s also a lot easier to organize your goods in pantries as large as this. The only problem we have with walk-in pantries is that it’s not easy to have these built especially if your kitchen has limited space. In most cases, another part of a room will be used to accommodate the pantry.

Double Islands

Kitchen islands are always a safe addition to the kitchen. They are functional and they make use of the floor space well. It used to be that homeowners are happy with a single kitchen island on their home but now, homeowners are picking and adding an extra kitchen island for their kitchen as well.

At first, it will feel like two kitchen islands are more than enough, especially when it comes to the space it takes up inside the kitchen. However, double kitchen islands are worth it because they give you a lot of room to work with whether you are cooking or dining.  It seems more and more like two kitchen islands are definitely the way to go.

One of the kitchen islands can be used for kitchen prepping. THe other can be used for dining instead. This gives you the advantage of working a lot easier inside the kitchen as there’s just a lot of floor area for you to consider inside. It’s a good way to spruce things up inside the kitchen so make sure to consider this.

Mixed Materials

There are many materials that can make up your kitchen. Instead of focusing on just one, it might be a good idea to continue using more than one material for your kitchen. This allows you to be more creative when it comes to design and it gives your kitchen a flair unlike any other as well.

For the countertop, go for something simple like granite or quartz. Then for the finish and kitchen cabinets, go for wood. For the sink and appliances, make sure you get ones that are made out of pure metal. By blending these materials together, you can make your kitchen look more beautiful than ever before.

It can be tough mixing various materials together. However, so long as you know what to do and if you get the help of an interior designer, you can end up getting a very beautiful kitchen.

Wood Finishes

Nowadays, people love rustic and natural finishes in their kitchen fixtures. One of the best finishes to give your kitchen is natural wood. More and more homeowners are picking wood finishes for their cabinets instead of going for solid colors or gradients as colors. What results are beautiful cabinets that blend both modern and traditional design senses.

As it is one of the latest kitchen remodel trends Silver Spring MD has to offer, you’ll find more and more fabricators offering cabinets and other kitchen fixtures that are finished with a coat of varnish instead of some paint. It makes the cabinet look more natural and more valuable at that too.

Regardless if you have a modern or a traditional kitchen, wood finishes are something to consider. They are very easy to partner with other types of kitchen designs too. Aside from cabinets, you should also consider getting wooden countertops. These are beautiful and highly functional as well.

These trends don’t necessarily define what makes a kitchen good or amazing but these do make your kitchen be trendy and valuable at the same time. There are many other kitchen remodeling trends to consider out there and it’s best that you don’t limit yourself to just these. The possibilities are near endless as they say.

At the end of the day, the choice on how you change your bathroom will be completely up to you. While these trends are indeed amazing, it’s still best to turn your bathroom into something that you are bound to love wholeheartedly. Always make sure that you pick the changes that you really want and not just the changes that are trendy.

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