Bathroom Remodeling in Wheaton-Glenmont MD

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Remodeling your bathroom can feel overwhelming with so many decisions, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Our team has perfected a systematic approach to bathroom renovations to make the process smoother from start to finish. We’ll collaborate through consultations, design, material selection, and final preparations to provide the expertise and clarity you need to create your dream bathroom sanctuary step-by-step. Our remodeling process focuses on: 

Initial Design Consultation

Meeting you on-site lets us fully understand your vision and goals for a bathroom remodel tailored to your needs. Through open conversation about how you use the space, we’ll grasp what you hope to update and improve. This consultation focused on your lifestyle and expectations allows us to hear all ideas so we can ultimately design the perfect bathroom – whether a spacious and luxurious master retreat, a high-tech space with the latest innovations, or a warm, welcoming family bathroom.

Conceptual Design

Through collaboration, we will develop initial bathroom design concepts drawing from our discussions, site measurements, and your style preferences. Multiple layout options and tailored 3D renderings will showcase arrangements, cabinetry, materials, and lighting plans uniquely suited to how you envision utilizing the space. This process allows deep exploration of ideas before refining an optimal design direction that captures your needs.

Refining the Design

After presenting initial concepts, we’ll incorporate your feedback to refine the bathroom schematics within a week. You’ll provide input on preferred layouts, finishes, and details. We’ll then refine a final conceptual plan aligning with your vision.

Trade Introduction

After finalizing the schematics, we will arrange a site walkthrough with the tradespeople who will work on your bathroom remodel. In one condensed session, you’ll meet our plumbers, electricians, and other partners. This allows everyone to discuss plans, provide feedback, and ensure accurate pricing.

Finalizing Finishes

We have the aesthetic direction for your new bath. Now we’ll choose, price, and document exact tiles, fixtures, and lighting, prioritizing any long-lead times. Whether finalizing in-studio, using trade discounts at showrooms, or both, we’ll guide finishes curating that align with your vision and budget.

Developing Construction Plans

Once fixtures are selected, we will create plans conveying the bath design to the detail needed for construction. Technical drawings are crucial for an elegant, meticulously crafted result. Though we primarily lead this stage, periodic client feedback is required.

Styles Of Bathroom Remodeling

Modern Bathroom

Embodies minimalism with clean lines, frameless showers, floating vanities, vessel sinks, and sleek black or chrome fixtures.

Contemporary Bathroom

Clean lines, neutral colors, frameless glass shower doors, and high-tech fixtures give a contemporary bathroom a sleek, modern look.

Traditional Bathroom

Classic details like subway tiles, clawfoot tubs, pedestal sinks, and bead board wainscoting create an elegant, timeless bathroom.

Transitional Bathroom

Blending elements of traditional and contemporary styles, transitional bathrooms feature both clean lines and classic details.

Bathroom Renovation Features

We specialize in creating dream bathroom retreats with the latest must-have renovation features. Say goodbye to outdated, dysfunctional spaces and hello to spa-inspired oases! From intuitive storage solutions and high-tech additions like integrated audio to relaxation-focused touches like freestanding tubs and frameless glass showers, our innovative designs focus on form, function, and comfort.

Bathroom Vanity

Update your bathroom with a stylish new vanity offering plenty of storage space and an elegant countertop to refresh your sink area.

Bathroom Cabinets

Gain organized storage space with new bathroom cabinets in your choice of materials and sizes, complete with adjustable shelves and durable hardware.

Bathroom Flooring

Durable, attractive new flooring such as water-resistant luxury vinyl plank, tile, or stone will withstand moisture and update the look of your bathroom.

Bathroom Lighting

Improve task lighting, ambiance, and style with new bathroom light fixtures like an overhead light, sconces, or modern LED lights.

Plumbing Fixtures

Replace outdated faucets, showerheads, and other bathroom plumbing with new water-efficient fixtures in sleek, modern styles.


Protect your walls from moisture damage while adding eye-catching style with new backsplash tile behind sinks or tubs.

Bathroom Remodeling Wheaton-Glenmont MD at Its Best

Bathroom Remodeling Wheaton-Glenmont MD at its best. Well-designed and finished bathrooms add much to the beauty and value of your house. So, in addition, to give you a place and make your stay enjoyable and comfortable.

Mega Kitchen and Bath is not only the best service provider of kitchen remodeling in Wheaton-Glenmont MD, but also the best bathroom remodeler in Wheaton-Glenmont MD. We invite you to stroll through our award-winning showroom. Therefore, you can see our perfectly designed displays and have an idea of what you will get.

Professional Bathroom Remodeling Wheaton-Glenmont MD

Our professional and highly experienced designers will guide you through your dream bathroom. One of our top services in Wheaton-Glenmont MD is bathroom design service as well. Therefore, you will get the best possible design ideas for your lovely bathroom remodeling in Wheaton-Glenmont MD. As Mega Kitchen and Bath, we follow the latest trends and design techniques. Our complete bathroom remodeling Wheaton-Glenmont MD service will provide you with everything you need.

With years of experience, Mega Kitchen and Bath is one of the most professional and reliable bathroom remodeling contractors in Wheaton-Glenmont MD. Additionally, experience has taught us the importance of design and planning the job. So, Mega Kitchen and Bath pays due attention to details carefully. The design and planning stage is the first stage. As the second stage is, the choice of materials to ensure the timely completion of the job and the desired result. However, you have to make sure that you have prepared all the important bathroom remodeling permits in Wheaton-Glenmont MD, so the project will run smoothly.

Once we complete the design and choice of the material stage. The job is smooth sailing from start to finish, with satisfaction guaranteed. We are using cost-effective methods and materials to create the best bathroom for your budget and leave a happy customer behind. However, if you need further assistance regarding the truth about bathroom remodeling costs in Wheaton-Glenmont MD, you can always come to us, as we’re always ready to help.

You are always welcome to our showroom to check out lovely bathroom vanities and tubs. Therefore, you will have an idea of the latest bathroom remodeling trends in Wheaton-Glenmont MD, as well as techniques to make everything come together. We are providing all the materials you need with various options. Mega Kitchen and Bath is ready to serve you in Wheaton-Glenmont MD.


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