How to Choose the Best Shower for your Bathroom Remodeling

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There are amazing innovations and types of showers available out there for your modern bathroom remodeling for 2022. Are you prepared of choosing the best one? If not, then you’re in the right spot, as this guide will help you in this endeavor.

We have shared some of our insights and tips coming from our years of experience in bathroom renovations for this read. Mega Kitchen and Bath can be your most exciting contractor to help you with planning for the design and budgeting of your bathroom remodel cost.

Without further delays, let’s start!

Types of Shower for 2022

An efficient shower is an asset for your bathroom renovation as it adds curb appeal and flexible function to your daily relaxation. Here we are featuring the major types of showers you can find in the industry, and hopefully, it can help you out.

Manual Shower

When you want to save on your bathroom remodeling total cost, then going for the standard manual mixer shower is a great choice. It works by readily mixing your hot and cold water in a chamber and then flowing out from your shower head.

Often, you have a valve or dial knob to control the flow of hot or cold water, so you can adjust the final water temperature coming out from your shower head. Besides its more affordable cost, installing it comes quicker and simpler than other types.

Electric Shower

Meanwhile, if you don’t have a supply of hot water, then it becomes immaterial for an electric shower. This is highly recommended for those only having a cold main water supply because this shower type comes with a built-in heater, that can raise your water temperature in an instant. 

Because most of these units are energy-efficient, your bathroom remodeling total cost will be worthwhile for future sake.

Thermostatic Shower

If you want to set your water temperature to a desirable and safe level for your kids, then this shower type best fits your purpose. For those who want a multiple shower head in their newly renovated bath, this shower type will allow you to seamlessly program and set your preferred temperature. 

With the modernity of a thermostatic shower, it can lift your average cost of bathroom remodel for outstanding quality and performance.

Hybrid Digital Shower

On the other side, you can incorporate modern technology into your shower remodel by installing digital showers. With this, we can install a control panel around 10 meters away from your shower area, and it’s where you’ll set your preferred water temperature.

Moreover, using the control panel, you can adjust the flow rate of your shower. Digital showers are an amazing breakthrough for your oasis shower makeover while keeping your master bath remodel cost reasonable.

Eco-Friendly Shower

When you choose this shower type, it means you are using water efficiently, because these types are very cost-efficient with water usage and energy consumption. Technically, some of it can spike your average bath remodel cost, yet you have better long-term savings on your utilities.

Factors You Need To Consider in Choosing Your Best Shower

Nevertheless, you also need to acquaint yourself with the essential variables you need to take in before installing the best shower in your remodel.


It’s the main reason why we need to talk with you, so we can plan out how much are you willing to allocate for your small bath remodel cost? It’s an important thing because it can impact the style and quality of shower we’re going to install in your bathroom. 

If we need to replace your dated fixtures, shower head, and plumbing, then it can substantially increase your full bath remodel cost

Size of Your Bathroom

After price, you’d need to look into your bathroom space, specifically the size of your walk-in shower and tub area. Rule of thumb, the larger your space, the more money you need to invest for your long-term bathroom renovations.

Nevertheless, Mega Kitchen and Bath can make your makeover highly reasonable with our skilled team, advanced technology, and quality materials. In line, walk-in showers are a cost-efficient choice for you; yet to increase the functionality or salability of your property, it’s best to install a freestanding tub next to your shower.

Current Plumbing and Water System

In making sure your shower remodel is successful, we need to have a clear understanding of your current plumbing and water system. With that, we can quickly find a way to solve the issue and complete your shower and tub upgrades.

  • High-pressure system

You have this system when you have a boiler or heating system, yet you lack storage for hot water nor a tank of cold water supply.

  • Low-pressure system

It is the common water pressure system present in most households, where your cold water supply is in your loft, while your hot water tank is in your airing cupboard. To resolve your low-pressure status, we can install a pump to increase the flow rate.

  • Cold mains system

It’s when you only have cold water rising from your main system, which is fit for your electric shower installation. If the flow rate is low, then we can install a water pump to give enough pressure that meets your requirements.

Different Types of Shower Heads in 2022

Technically, you have an array of options for your showerheads in the market, yet choosing the best fit is a great ordeal. In line, here are the three main types of shower heads for you to choose from in the industry.

Shower Taps

It usually comes with your bath taps and we can install a rail that can hold your shower head. When it comes to affordable prices and family-use, it is an excellent option you can consider.

Fixed Shower Head

We usually install this shower head on your ceiling or with an arm and then fixed to the wall. The flow rate of this type is usually one-pattern only, though we can install a control panel to adjust it.

Nevertheless, we can install a handheld shower to pair with your fixed shower overhead for better functionality. So far, the best flow pattern admired by customers is the rainfall effect.

Portable Handheld Shower

Whether you have kids or just a single professional, getting a handheld showerhead makes a huge difference. Why? Because you can easily manipulate water flow to efficiently rinse your body.

Different Types of Shower Enclosure or Door

One-door Quadrant Shower

When you have a small bathroom space, it becomes your best alternative for it can greatly fit in your corner. Moreover, it’s a great choice for a modern minimalist shower remodeling.

Hinged Shower Door

We recommend this type when space isn’t an issue in your shower area and can come for various finishes like brass, stainless steel, or copper. This door type typically opens outward and we can install a bar rail behind your door.

Sliding Door

Meanwhile, if you want a stylish and space-saving shower door, then a sliding glass door will be your perfect choice. We can readily customize the tracks, glass thickness, and finishes of your sliding shower door.

D-Shaped Walk-In Shower

As opposed to using two bathroom walls for your enclosure, this one will only need one wall and the rest are glass enclosures. It’s highly space-saving while bringing modern curb appeal to your shower remodel.

Two-Door Shower

It’s an excellent choice for those with large bathroom space since you’ll be needing a wider area outside your walk-in shower. Further, we can also install another shower door type that folds in itself to maximize your shower space.

Need Professional Assistance?

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