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Doing shower bath remodeling is a challenging task which requires both creativity and budgeting. Before starting your renovation, make sure to plan ahead so you will know how extensive would be to achieve your best shower remodeling project.

Common Question you have to consider

  • What style do you like to have? Classic, Modern, or Mix
  • Is it built-in shelves or freestanding benches?
  • How far will the bathtub and shower be from each other?
  • Do you want a larger shower area?
  • Are you aiming to increase resale value with your shower bath remodeling?
  • Will do some parts of the remodeling?
  • Will you hire a professional designer to get accurate measurements and planning?

Bathroom Style

You need to check on what you want for the new style after your shower bath remodeling project. Is it contemporary, classic, farmhouse, or metallic? If you have a clear picture of what style you want, then the rest of the things follow.

Here are some examples of popular styles for your bathroom remodeling

Seamless Showers

This is also known as “walk-in” where it provides hassle-free access and entry to your shower. This is friendly to older people and those with physical disabilities. It may seem common but several homeowners are still going for this style because of its sleek look.

More Showerheads and out with the Tub

Some homeowners would want their tub removed because it takes so much space. In that case, you can replace your tub with more or a larger shower head in your bathing area. However, if you plan on reselling your home, it is best to still have one tub in one of your bathrooms.

Pastel Hues

Your bathroom is a place to relax and calm your senses as you try to freshen from the exhausting day. For this purpose, you need to choose pastel colors as it lightens up the ambiance in your bathroom.

Likewise, when you use white or pastel colors, you are saving yourself from buying several lightings to keep enough light inside. When you look at pastel hues, you feel that sense of purity while bathing.

Industrial Elements

The industrial elements and fixtures you place in your shower bath remodeling with giving that sleek and modern feeling inside. You just need to balance the industrial touch of steel, bolt and nuts so that it won’t overpower the intended cool feeling that your bathroom wants to provide.

Mediterranean Design

You can also aim for this style when you are an avid fan of the Mediterranean ambiance. You can have quartz, granite, or marble stones for this one. Choose to have those intricate mosaic-like patterns from natural stones. You can also have floor tiles with Mediterranean patterns and arches as well in the bathroom.

Space-Saving Shower Stall

If you have a small bathroom area, then having a shower stall is the best choice to save space. This choice will never be boring when you add some modern elements like a folding seat. Overall, there is a great balance between space-saving and aesthetics.

Smart Storage Compartments

Even if you have a basic small shower remodel, this doesn’t mean aesthetics must be compromised. You can definitely put up smart storage compartments that add beauty to your bathroom. 

To achieve this, you can have drawers incorporated below your vanity counter. You can also have a small wooden or metal frame open-shelf vanity cabinet between the mirrors of your bathroom countertops.

You can also have a bucket tower tied together with rope for storing small things for cosmetics and hygiene. Open shelving built into your shower wall is always a smart way of keeping things near you while bathing.

Use acrylic materials as it is cheaper than glass but still increases the elegance of your shower wall.

Bold Bathroom Floor Patterns

Oftentimes, homeowners tend to forget that you can do something to make your bathroom floors stand out. You can use bathroom tiles with bolder patterns, perhaps, geometric patterns for a contemporary look.

Ensuring a good design starting with your foot, provides an astounding impression for your best shower remodeling. On the other hand, you can choose other tiles or natural stones which has a good mosaic pattern for your flooring.

Installation of High-end Elements

If you have a huge budget for your best shower remodeling, then you can aim for installing high-end bathroom fixtures and elements. Some of the common high-end elements installed in modern bathrooms include steam showers and frameless shower doors.

Your steam shower enhances the stress-relieving effect of bathing and it would cost around $2,500 to $6,200 without the installation cost. Meanwhile, your frameless shower doors would cost around $5,000 including installation cost. This modern fixture provides a sleek entry to your shower area.

Do You Need to Hire A Professional Designer?

It completely depends on the homeowner and the purpose and how extensive is your bathroom remodeling. If the changes to be done are small and can be readily handled on your own, then go for DIY.

Remember, you don’t often do bathroom remodeling because it comes with a hefty cost depending on the fixtures and elements you will be adding. Nevertheless, to minimize mistakes and ensure your renovation increases the overall resale value of your home, better hire a professional designer.

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